15 Things To Say If You Want Your Guy To Fall In Love With You

As women, there are always certain things that we like to hear from our men. You always love it whenever he is kind enough to tell you that you like pretty right after you finish getting ready. You secretly get all giddy inside whenever he admires how smart you are after you come up with a great idea. You live for the moments where he tells you that you’re the best girl he knows and that he’s so lucky to just have you in his life. There are certain feelings that you get when you hear him tell you these things;

when you are privileged enough to have a guy who isn’t afraid of uttering sweet nothings to you. You get an ego boost and you consider yourself so lucky to be in such an amazing relationship with a great guy. And it’s like every time they tell us these things, we feel ourselves getting closer and closer to them. But we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that guys aren’t like us in that regard. Your man is also going to want to hear about how much you love him. He is also going to want to get those sweet words of comfort, validation, and reassurance for you about the strength of his love.

He is still going to want to hear you tell him just how lucky you are to have him. It’s going to fuel his sense of purpose. It’s going to motivate him to be a better man for you. You have to keep in mind that even though men typically don’t like putting themselves in a vulnerable position, they are choosing to do so in a relationship with you. They are opening up to you; and you have to be able to give him something so that he doesn’t feel betrayed. You have to be able to show him that his efforts don’t go unnoticed and that you’re deeply appreciative of everything that he does for you.

As you get deeper and deeper into a relationship, things are going to stabilize; and with that stability can come boredom and repetition. With that stability can come predictability. And that’s not always going to be a good thing for relationships. Yes, it’s good to always look for stability in your love; but you must also always make it a point to continually refresh your love for one another. You must always be building on your passion and your intimacy. You must always be thinking of new ways to really connect and bond with one another as couple. You have to grow and you have o evolve.

You can’t be content with just doing things the same way over and over again. And that isn’t really as hard or as difficult as most people make it out to be. Sometimes, it can be as simple as uttering a few of these phrases to your man every now and then. Make sure that your relationship doesn’t get stuck in a rut; and say these things to your man to make him fall more and more in love with you.

1.      “I’m really lucky to have you in my life.”

2.      “I’m so proud of the guy that you have become.”

3.      “You always know how to treat me like a real princess.”

4.      “I cooked you your favorite meal. It’s waiting for you when you get home.”

5.      “Wow. Your efforts in the gym have really been paying off.”

6.      “I need you to come help me with this.”

7.      “Please forgive me. I promise I’ll do better next time.”

8.      “You are going to make a great dad to our future kids/You are going to make a great future husband.”

9.      “Go and have a night out with your buddies.”

10. “You really are so talented.”

11. “You’re as handsome now as the day when I first met you.”

12. “I have a date planned out for us. Are you free to go out with me?”

13. “You’re absolutely right.”

14. “I’m always going to be on your side.”

15. “I’m desperately in love with you.”

Those are only 15 examples. And you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to those options. You can always get creative. After all, you know your relationship best. You know your man best. The most important thing here isn’t necessarily just about what you say; it’s also how you say it. You have to make sure that you are always being sincere and genuine. You have to make sure that you really feel and mean what you say. Otherwise, he’s going to be able to see right through you. Keep it real. Stay true. Be as honest with him as possible. And let him see just how much you really care about making him feel loved.

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