15 Unusual Signs That You’ve Met A Quality Guy

You’ve met a quality guy.

1. You doubt him but he never seems to give you a reason to do so.

Because of your terrible relationship partners in the fast, you have very low expectations for this guy. You never believe that he is going to be some sort of gamechanger in your love life but he seems to be delivering well for the most part.

2. You expect him to behave badly but he always proves you wrong.

Your toxic partners in the past have tainted your current views of men nowadays and it’s because of this you expect him to behave terribly. But his behavior has proven you wrong. Your expectations are forced to shift because of how great he is.

3. You expect him to break his promises but he always keeps his word.

You’ve heard so many promises from so many different men in the past. And so you’ve also experienced getting your hopes up for a guy only to be disappointed in the end. But somehow, this guy seems to always deliver on his promises.

4. He isn’t the type to play games.

He never makes you feel like he’s playing you. You are never made to feel like he’s putting the moves on you. He treats you like a genuine human being and he is very open about his intentions with you.

5. He makes you realize just how bad your previous relationships were.

By sheer contrast, he makes you hate all of your previous partners so much. He opens your eyes to a whole new perspective of just how amazing relationships could be as long as you’re with the right partner.

6. He remains patient with you no matter how long it may take you to open up.

He understands that you are an emotionally scarred and wounded person. He knows that you have had emotionally traumatic experiences. He would never pressure you to open yourself up when you’re not ready. He is patient and understanding enough to actually take the time to earn your trust.

7. He doesn’t make you feel like you have to apologize for who you are.

In your previous relationships, you always had to apologize because your exes always acted like everything was your fault. They made you believe that your very existence was an inconvenience to them. But things are different with this guy.

8. He would never do anything that would emotionally or physically harm you.

He understands that you have been put through so much pain in your life because of poor relationships with terrible men. He knows that he has to step up and prove to you that not all men would deliberately hurt you at every chance.

9. You become surprised at how easy it is to argue with him.

You still have your arguments but they’re not exactly toxic. You still disagree about a few things as a result of your individuality, but you are never made to feel like your disagreements are real threats to your relationship at all

10. You understand what it means to have someone fight for you.

It’s not just about having fights in the relationship. You discover a whole new meaning to the word fight because of him. You now know how it feels to actually have someone fight for you and for your relationship.

11. He always acts like a true gentleman with you.

Chivalry is not lost with him. He always knows how to conduct himself in a gentlemanly manner. He is a genuinely kind individual who is always looking out for others. He constantly seeks for ways of which he can be of service to the people around him.

12. He is always brutally honest and open with you.

He would never mislead you consistently just to betray you. He would never make you think that his feelings were anything less than real. He is always honest and open with you. He would never lie to you or withhold valuable information from you.

13. He truly respects you as an individual.

He understands that you have your individuality and that you have your own boundaries. He would never want to overstep them. He would never want you to feel like he’s controlling you or taking charge of your life.

14. You understand what it is like to have a person who changes everything about your life.

You now know what it means to have a single person change your life for the better. In the past, it’s either relationships have been mediocre or they have made your life change for the worse. But with this new man, you know that things are only looking up.

15. He sees you all of your flaws, scars, and imperfections and he loves you despite them.

He doesn’t try to change you or turn you into something that you’re not comfortable with being. He sees that you aren’t perfect but he still loves you regardless. He fully accepts who you are and he gives his heart to you entirely.

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