15 Ways Our Body Reacts After Heartbreak

Heartbreaks should be considered actual diagnosable diseases that need treatment and people who overcome it should be awarded for their valor. It is not easy to take the pain and manage it well when someone decides to break your heart in pieces one day. It hurts more than it should and it affects us in more ways than we expect.

It is not just our mind that suffers from the emotional trauma but our whole body takes the pain and divides it. If you can’t say how, here are 15 ways in which our body reacts when we are left heartbroken.

  1. Physical Pain:

Your friends will probably make fun of you when you tell them it is not just your heart and mind that is in pain but your whole body hurts. It can be from staying in bed all day etc but most likely it is your brain sending signals to your whole body which you perceive as pain.

There may be nothing wrong with your physical health but the idea of pain greatly takes over your being and you tend to accept it very well. When hearts are broken, our bodies are too.

  1. Stress:

More than any other factor, stress will kick you in the guts and make you feel weaker than you already are. Low motivation to get out of the bed because you are not ready to take the day is an example of how stress will push you down.

Maybe it is the replaying of all the moments you spent with them that is making you stress over everything happening around you excluding them. Maybe it is the mere thought of their eternal absence that is killing you.

  1. Depression:

Depression can be the worst thing to go through after a relationship ends. It is a state of mind that makes you lose hope in every single thing in life and spend your time alone. Depression makes you push people away who are still there for you and does not let you see the goodness in life.

It is the worst thing heartbreak can out you through. When depressed, our body and mind reject every possibility of revival of happiness that we had in huge amounts just some time ago.

  1. Eating Habits:

When you are rejected and told to stay away by the person you thought you were going to spend your whole life with, you take it hard on yourself. We all turn to food for comfort when everything else fails to console our broken heart and we do it without setting any limits. We start developing dangerous eating habits where we eat and eat until we feel good or sleepy.

And we know how excessive eating affects our body. Eating is the most direct way of heartbreaks affecting our body. If we fall in depression, we tend to eat very less. Our diet is negligible and so our body suffers. More or less, the stress makes us alter our eating habits in disastrous ways. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Slow Heartbeat:

Heartbeats can slow down from all the turmoil going on in our body. Some studies suggest that it is possible to have cardiac arrest due to being heartbroken and slow heartbeat is a sign of that happening. It is not very common and since every body works in a different way and takes pain in a different way, it is not the ultimate possibility. But if you feel like your heart is slowing down after taking a blow from your now ex, get a check-up.

  1. Jumbling Up:

Due to having too much on your mind, you will experience jumbling up of thoughts and ideas. You will probably lose track of days and nights and be surprised when someone tells you that the weekend has arrived again.

You will forget what you came for when you open the fridge because your brain is wandering to old memories more often now that you left alone. You will feel like you are going insane but it is just a phase and you should get over it as soon as you accept the reality of the events.

  1. Weak Heart:

This time not physically but in the terms of sensitivity. After someone shatters your heart in pieces, you take too long and try too hard to put all the pieces back together. Even after all the hard work, your heart stays weak for long. Romantic movies, two people hugging each other, dog running to its owner, marriages; everything makes you tear up now more than it did before probably because it reminds you of how happy you used to be.

  1. Sleeplessness:

After all those nights of cuddling with him under the sheets, you find it almost impossible to sleep alone now. The flashbacks keep hitting you every time you try to close your eyes and you spend hours on bed trying to fall asleep only to fail. Sleeplessness can greatly affect how your body works and is not healthy for the heart. It can add to your depression and all the more reason for your days to be slow and lazy.В . – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Late Period:

Your menstrual cycle is likely to change when your hormones react differently. Any noticeable change in your emotions can either shorten or lengthen your menstrual cycle so it is okay if your period gets delayed after the breakup. Although not completely healthy, it is not something to be worried about; you are not pregnant. This is another major and direct way in which heartbreak affects our body.

  1. Loneliness:

When, before, you used to be alone, you were never lonely. But now when you find yourself sitting alone somewhere, the emptiness of the room haunts you makes you want to run away somewhere far away. And even when you are in a crowd, you miss that one person’s presence like it would make the crowd complete. Everything you see around yourself reminds you of him; men’s clothing area, his favorite watch shop, the subway he loved etc.

  1. Hair loss:

Stress makes your hair fall off your head in large amounts. You will notice more hair going down the drain while showering and more hair being collected in your hairbrush. If you freak out when you see these sights, you are doing the right thing. But don’t stress more about the hair fall because you already have enough to stress about. Hair loss tells you how hard you took the human loss; let it help you stress lesser than you do. When you are healthy, your hair is healthy and so is your skin.

  1. Withdrawal:

You refuse to be happy unless it is him telling you so. You reject and you withdraw yourself from the businesses of life unless it is him who is telling you to keep going. You depended on him for comfort and you were the happiest when you were with him but now that you have been pulled off that road, you find it difficult to fit in the new life. The withdrawal eventually goes away and you learn to mix with new people over time. Whatever you do, do not withdraw from life for it is worth more than the guy who left.В . – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Cramps:

People have been observed to get cramps after an emotional setback, just like we get nauseous when we are nervous. Whenever you go down that road to look back at what you had and what you don’t have any more, you can get cramps even when you are off period. Our body reacts to emotional pain in mysterious ways; you might not be able to tell what is going on but there is a chance that it is the heartbreak speaking. Broken heart knows its ways to be noticed.

  1. Sickness:

Have you seen a mother get sick after losing a son? That is how love works. If your love was as strong as a mother’s is for her son, if you loved him more than usual then you might fall sick. Fever creeps in when our body is not behaving normally and that is exactly what happens after our heart is broken. If you have a full sinus, you will get flu quicker than usual. Your body will act all sensitive because of the less active immune system. Heartbreaks are, indeed, a big deal.

  1. Self-Doubt:

Your confidence reaches its lowest level after someone leaves. You start questioning yourself and your actions and hold yourself responsible for what happened. Am I not good enough to date? Do I make a bad girlfriend? Am I not lovable? You will not say it out loud but these questions will stay in you speaking via your actions.

Your self-esteem will decrease and every time something good will happen, you will wonder if it is a dream or reality. Self-doubt may not be visible but it affects the quality of your life invisibly. Buckle up and stand strong in front of everything that comes after heartbreak because you matter. You body does not deserve the trauma, it deserves happiness.

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