15 Ways To Create The Best Relationship Of Your Life

Does true love exist? Can we tell if our relationship with our loved one is perfect? What can we do to make it perfect? These are some of the questions that we ask ourselves every day and seek advice from others to make every moment magical with our partner. It turns out that making a relationship perfect is not as hard as it seems. It just takes 15 easy but essential steps to create the best relationship of your life:

  1. Seek love:

There is no need for sitting around and waiting for the person to just appear in your life. Go out, talk to people you are attracted to and interact with them so you get to know them better. Good people do not just appear out of thin air, you have to strive a little to find them.

2. ˜We met, we clicked’:

There is no such thing as clicking with someone in the first meeting. This kind of fling is short-lived and is temporary. To have a good relationship, you have to develop understanding and easy communication with your partner. Share your likes, your dislikes, things that are common between you too and even those that show how opposite you two are. After all opposite attracts!

3. Don’t expect your partner to understand what’s going in your head when you’re troubled:

The best way to express your concerns is to simply talk about it. Your partner, no matter how close he/she is to you, is not a mind reader. – Continue reading on the next page

4. An affectionate touch is better than a thousand words:

If you sense your partner is worried about something and is not just ready to share, do not force him/her to. Give them time. Meanwhile be supportive and be there for them. Holding hands, a kiss on the forehead, a bear hug is all they want and it paves way for them to open up with you.

5. Do not be a mystery to your partner:

Openness is a key component in having a great relationship. People have a misconception that the more mysterious they will be the more their partner will be drawn towards them. Being a riddle in fact drives your partner adrift and he/she feels detached from you. Be open and be yourself.

6. Always have at least one medium of communication open even if you’re mad at each other:

Having a fight is not the end. When you’re mad give space to your partner to realize and understand his/her mistake but do not cut them off completely. Make sure you do not close all the doors of communication for them to get back to you because if they really want to be with you, they will always want to talk about it.

7. Be open about the effect your partner has on you especially when you’re alone:

Does he/she intimidate you? Do you feel special around them? Do they make your heart skip a beat or their occasional sneers scare you away? Tell your partner what you feel in their presence. Be open about the kind of effect they have on you and if you like or dislike it. This is essential when you two are alone because that is the time when you’re really close and are most vulnerable.В  – Continue reading on the next page

8. Fights are healthy for a relationship only if they last for short moments:

Fighting with your partner on legit things actually makes you closer to them. This way they get to know your side of story and make sure to be careful in future. Never talk about old fights or flaws of your partner while you are discussing your current problems. Opening a Pandora box only worsens the situation. Make sure the fight is short-lived and resolve the issue quickly.

9. Learn more about your partner through non-verbal communication:

Pay close attention to your partner’s ways of doing routine things. You learn more by observing than by asking and your partner will cherish you if you understand certain gestures that they want you to at specific moments.

10. Express your emotions:

Not expressing what you really feel deep down will eventually make your relationship dry and lifeless. If you feel like crying, do cry and let it all out. Do not be emotionally unavailable to your partner when he/she does the same.

11. When it’s the right time, talk about unresolved issues and emotional traumas:

Talking about your childhood traumas or anything that keeps nagging the back of your head helps you connect to your partner on a much deeper level. If you think your partner has something disturbing to share, be empathetic and make your partner feel that whatever they say is important to you.В  – Continue reading on the next page

12. Make love, do not just have sex!

Lovemaking is as important as anything in a relationship. Make sure you connect with your partner while lovemaking and do not just get it over with because you were horny.

13. Share your experiences on dealing with stress:

Sharing about stuff that shows how you have progressed through life and overcome the hardships actually increases the amount of respect you have for each other. Respecting each other is very important to have a long-term relationship because everyone at some point gets tired of being snapped at.

14. Have concerns about future:

What is better than planning your future with your partner? Build a life together so you know its importance and it will be hard for you to let go of each other that way. Living together yet having different goals can end up in fights and separation.

15. Do not let the excitement die:

Plan surprises, exchange gifts even if they are as small as tiny notes tucked in their clothes or cupboards telling them how much you love them. Keeping the essence of love and romance fresh will make you go a long way in your relationship.

After all it’s all about loving someone unconditionally.

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