15 Ways To Tell That He’s Actually In Love With You

If you are reading this article right now, it’s likely that you’re a girl in a relationship with a guy who isn’t necessarily the most open or communicative with his feelings.

And if that’s truly the case, then you might be wanting to rip the hairs out of your own head because of how frustrated you are likely to be. There are so many thoughts that are running through your mind.

You wonder if your guy really does like you or not. You try to think if maybe his feelings for you are real or if he’s just going along with the current.

You always want to be in a relationship with someone who loves you but you just can’t seem to get that kind of assurance from him. You don’t want to dump him either because there is a chance that he loves you but he just doesn’t like to say it or admit it.


That’s okay. You’re not the only girl who happens to be dealing with this dilemma. You have to know that most men in the world just typically aren’t going to be so vocal about how they feel.

And even though that might seem like a problem, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Even though men don’t really like to talk about their feelings, they have a tendency to be very EXPRESSIVE with how they feel about you.

They can be telling you that they love you in other ways. You just have to make sure that you have an eagle eye so that you are not lost on the signs that you should be looking out for.

1. He is always listening to you whenever you talk to him. He really places a lot of importance on what you might have to say.

2. He always keeps his eyes on you and only you. He never really makes you feel like he’s still keeping his options open.

3. He gets nervous whenever he’s with you. It shows that he’s trying to stay mindful of how he is with you because he doesn’t want to give off the wrong impression.

4. He makes an effort to really spend time with you. He carves time out of his schedule just so he can accommodate you into his life. He never wants to make you feel excluded.

5. He stays around. He isn’t the kind of guy who shows up once and then vanishes for long periods of time. He is always consistent with you. He wants to prove his dependability to you.

6. He always laughs and smiles whenever he is around you. That just goes to show that you bring a lot of joy and happiness to his days. You somehow manage to bring positive energy whenever into his life.

7. He goes out of his way to do errands for you and make your life a lot more comfortable. He really prioritizes your well-being and your comfort above other things. He always wants to be of service to you.

8. He holds your hand whenever you walk in public. It might seem like such a simple thing but it actually has heavy implications. It shows that he isn’t afraid of letting people know that he likes you.

9. He initiates and prolongs conversations with you. It means that he genuinely enjoys discussions with you. He always likes to be talking to you and he isn’t shy about it.

10. He introduces you to his closest friends and family. That proves that he doesn’t see you as just some other girl he happens to be dating. He’s serious about keeping you in his life.

11. He shows a willingness to make compromises and sacrifices for you. He wants to make sure that you know that he is willing to put your needs above his own.

12. He really makes you feel like a genuine priority in his life. He isn’t afraid to set aside other people or other endeavors to prioritize the relationship.

13. He tries to always be the best version of himself whenever he’s with you. You somehow inspire him to always be putting his best foot forward. He never wants you to feel like he just takes you for granted.

14. He talks about a future with you. It means that he sees you as more than just a temporary fling. He doesn’t see you as someone who can just casually hook up with and then discard once he’s done.

15. He doesn’t force you into anything. He always makes sure that he treats you with respect and grace. He is always doing his best to act like a true gentleman whenever he’s interacting with you.

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