14 Admissions From Men About What Makes You A Great Kisser

What makes you a great kisser?

As a thoughtful and generous human being, you are naturally predisposed to always wondering about what other people think of you; especially the people who matter most to you in life. As a woman, it can be very frustrating for you whenever your man is reluctant to open up about what he feels about you. You just wish you could pry his skull open and examine his brain for yourself. But you can’t exactly impose your will on him. If he’s really too shy to open up about what he really thinks and feels about you, then you have to do the digging yourself.

As far as kissing is concerned, he has his likes and his dislikes. That’s for certain. There may be certain moves and approaches that you do to him that really make him livid with elation. And there may also be some kissing techniques that you employ which he isn’t really fond of. If you’re at a loss, then this article is most definitely for you. Here are legitimate admissions from real men on what they look for in a kiss with the women they love the most.

1. Kissing isn’t just for the mouth.

Don’t limit yourself to merely kissing his lips. Let your kissing prowess unleash itself on his ears, his neck, his cheeks, his shoulders, his chest and anywhere else that your imagination might take you. It’s going to keep him stimulated and interested whenever you mix things up a bit.

2. Light biting is always encouraged.

Be playful. Be fun. Be spontaneous. If you bite his lip just ever so gently, it’s going to catch him off guard but he’s most definitely going to like it. Just make sure to not overdo it. Remember that you’re trying to turn him on, you don’t want to eat his mouth up.

3. Let him take the lead.

Men always like to be in control. It’s just an undisputable attachment to their egos. What you need to do at the very least is to make him BELIEVE that he actually is in control whenever you are kissing. If he wants to be a little aggressive, let him. It’s going to make him happier.

4. Keep it varied and diverse.

Don’t go into the same kind of kissing routine every single time you’re having a make-out session. Keep things fresh and lively. Mix it up a little bit. Add some new moves every once in a while. Adjust the intensity levels whenever necessary. Don’t settle for being stagnant.

5. Play around and experiment a little bit.

Do some things that he wouldn’t expect you to do whenever you’re kissing. Remember that it’s okay for you to be looking to alleviate the pressure and sexual tension. It doesn’t always have to be hot, steamy, and passionate. There are times wherein keeping it light and playful will make him happy.

6. Make use of your hands.

Don’t be a robot. Again, kissing isn’t only done with the lips. Use your hands to caress his face or mess up his fair. Pull his body close to yours. Touch him in places that he likes to be touched. Don’t be afraid to get heavy handed.

7. Keep those eyes closed.

No man wants to be kissing a girl who is merely staring back at him. Keep those eyes closed and let your bodies experience the full sensations of the kiss. Kiss with your skin, not with your eyes.

8. Put some effort into the lead-up to a kiss.

As much as he says he doesn’t like foreplay, don’t believe him. The kiss is almost always going to be so much better if you know how to tug at his strings in the moments leading up to him. Simple hand gestures, eye contact, and a few touches will be enough to ignite his spirit before you actually kiss.

9. Moaning is good.

Make it a subtle moan. Let him know that your feelings and emotions are overloading your system a little bit by releasing a nice little moan during your make-out sessions.

10. Keep that breath fresh.

Breath-mints, mouthwash, and good oral hygiene are your best friends before you embark on a nice kissing session. No one wants to be kissing you if you have garlic breath. Make sure you keep that mouth clean and fresh by having a nice oral hygiene kit ready at all times.

11. Keep saliva levels to a minimum.

Don’t drown him with your saliva. It’s a constant killer when it comes to kissing sessions. It’s going to be difficult for him to get aroused if he’s trying too hard not to drown in your saliva.

12. Lip balm is your best friend.

He wants nice, soft, and luscious lips. He’s not looking to be kissing sandpaper. Take care of those chapped lips by investing in some lip balm.

13. Surprise kisses are always a good idea.

Surprise him with a kiss! The best kinds of kisses are often the ones that catch him off-guard.

14. Be confident.

Own up to your capabilities. Let your love pour forth. Be confident in the idea that you are kissing a man who loves you and who is deeply attracted to you.

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