16 Different Women Reveal The Specific Reasons They Fell In Love With Their Men


“He just had the same sense of humor as me.”

A great sense of humor can go a long way in making a girl fall for you. There are so many girls who get attracted to guys who are able to keep the mood fun and light.

“He did the dishes because he knew how tired I was.”

It’s not just about the physical act of doing the dishes. It’s the meaning that makes up the gesture as a whole. It’s the thought that goes behind the act.

“He genuinely carves time out of his schedule to be with me.”

Time is the single most valuable time that you could ever give another person. And if you make the time to actually be with her, then it’s not something that is going to go unnoticed in her eyes.

“He always comes up with amazing romantic gestures.”

You don’t constantly HAVE to be coming up with romantic gestures left and right. There should always be room for routine and ordinary in a relationship. But it really helps to shake things up every now and then with a grand gesture.

“He knows what to say to lift my mood up whenever I’m sad.”

You don’t have to be good with words to make a girl fall for you; but it really helps if you know what to say to make her feel better whenever she’s feeling down. Sometimes, it boils down to just speaking from your heart.

“He always makes me feel like I can rely on him to be there for me whenever I need him.”

Just make sure that she can always depend on you. You want her to feel confident enough about your place in her life; about how you would come running whenever she calls.

“He proves to be my source of strength.”

You have to be her rock. You don’t necessarily have to fight her battles for her. You don’t have to get the job done on her behalf. But at least give her the strength and motivation to go after her goals and dreams.

“He is so passionate about his hobbies.”

When you let your passion pour forth with your hobbies, she is going to love that about you. She sees that you are capable of being passionate about something; and she thinks that you can be just as passionate about her. There are very little things that are more attractive than a passionate man.

“He really knows how to take care of himself.”

Don’t let yourself go. Always put some effort into taking care of herself. Women tend to trust men who know how to take care of themselves. She would never trust you to take care of her if you can’t even take care of yourself to begin with.

“He puts in the effort to try to keep the flame of the relationship alive.”

You should understand that relationships aren’t easy. There is a lot of effort that goes into trying to make a relationship work. And if you show her that you’re up to the task, she is going to appreciate you greatly for it.

“He always flirts with me just to keep things light and fun.”

Flirting should be a constant in any relationship no matter how long you’ve been together. If you always flirt with her, you are showing her that you don’t take her for granted – and that you are trying to keep her attraction for you at all times.

“He thinks of me even when we’re not together.”

Show her that you think of her by doing random things for her even when she doesn’t ask you to. Text her and ask her how she’s doing. Pick up her up some food at her favorite restaurant when you’re on your way home. Buy her some random flowers just because.

“He always conducts himself like a true gentleman.”

Don’t forget about the rules of chivalry. A girl always love a man with good manners.

“He makes me feel cared for.”

Take care of her. Really make her feel like you are in it for the long haul – that she can always count on you to pick up the slack when she isn’t up for the task.

“He isn’t afraid to show me off to the world.”

Never make her feel like you are ashamed of her. Lift up her spirits and show her off to the world. Wear her proudly on your arm as you stroll the streets together.

“He gives me the freedom to just be myself.”

Allow her to be herself. Give her the space and the freedom that she needs to just be confident in who she is. Don’t make her feel like you think you can control or manipulate her. Give her the respect that she really deserves from you.

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