16 signs he is really into you

Sometimes, you just can’t figure out if a guy is into you or not and you’re swamped with thoughts. You are in a dilemma and you ask yourself, how to be absolutely sure?

Well, here are some clues that might give you an answer.

  1. His body language says it all:

He tries his best to catch a glimpse of you no matter where you are, he looks at you and when you catch him staring at you he turns away. When you’re around him he sits angled towards you and gets a little nervous every time you see him. He fixes his hair, applies a little scent that you like because he wants to look attractive for you.

Some guys maintain an eye to eye contact, pass a smile that just sways your heart away trust me, that’s the easiest and the most obvious thing that he can do to make you feel that he is attracted to you.

There are some guys who are too shy to maintain an eye contact with you but you can pretty much figure out that they are attracted to you by the way they smile when they look at you or the way that they behave when they’re with you.

Such guys might just lean in when they’re talking to you to show that they’re interested in whatever you say and when they’re with you, nothing around them in more important.

  1. He is very chivalrous with you:

When he’s around you, he’s the best-behaved person on earth. He has his own way of treating you like a princess. He’ll hold the door for you, he serves you tea or he just simply acts like a gentleman when you’re around.

He tries to be at the best of his behavior and you might not admit it but you actually like his courtesy. He might have a very hard to get look when he’s with his friends but when he is with you, he just shows you the sweetest part of his personality.

  1. He tries to stay in contact:

No matter how busy his schedule is, he will still take out time to drop a text or call you. He will make sure that he doesn’t get on your nerves while he’s doing that but he will leave a sweet little message to tell you that he’s thinking of you.

He finds an excuse to strike up a conversation and provides a valid excuse to ask for your number. For a starter, he might just add you on Facebook or comment on any random Instagram picture of yours to grab your attention. Get the hint ladies, he definitely feels for you if he’s trying too hard to find means to talk to you. – Continue reading on next page

  1. He tries to match interests with you:

He stalks you on your social accounts, tries to find your interests and tries to match his interests with you. Trust me, even if he doesn’t have slightest interest in the movies you like, he will still watch it or listen to your favorite genre of music so that you have something common to talk about.

He will play your favorite songs at the right time and place or talk about the books you like to win your heart. He keeps an eye on something that grabbed your attention and it becomes his new favorite thing.

  1. He is very protective about you:

You’re standing at a very crowded place and he goes ahead of you and pushes away the crowd to make space for you or he will slightly put his arm around you or walk in such a way that nobody gets to touch or push you.

The muscles on his face cringe when some guy is staring at you or he punches someone in the face if they talk against you. He takes a stand for you when you need his support. He just can’t tolerate that someone is talking about you or looking at you the way he does.

  1. He notices when you’re sad:

He keenly observes your moods and he knows when you’re sad without you even telling it. He makes his best efforts to cheer you up, he gives his shoulder to cry on and he is ready to listen to what’s bothering you.

The best part is that he will do anything to make you happy from taking you to shopping or watching a movie with you. If he knows which thing is bothering you he just tries to fix it. He will do absolutely anything to make you happy.

  1. He gives you compliments:

Even if you’re having a bad hair day or you are not wearing any makeup on, he will appreciate how you look. He thinks that you’re beautiful just the way you are and expresses it in words and his behavior. On days, when you don’t feel like changing your pajamas, he will give you the same affectionate smile even if you look like a mess and he doesn’t pretend about it, he actually means it.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. He finds reasons to touch you:

Although this hint can be very misleading sometimes but the guy who really likes you will think a lot and take baby steps while making physical contact. He just doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or look desperate. He will at first start with high-fives or punches or slightly keeping his hand on yours.

He keeps his arm around your shoulder trying to act a little protective but it might just be a reason to touch you. He will act playful sometimes and mess your hair or pull your cheeks. However, if this touch is escalating quickly, backing out of it is a safer option.

  1. He will give excuses to meet you:

May it be an assignment, movie, lunch or a book fair he will find reasons to meet you more often. He might not call it a date but he might just buy two tickets for a concert that you always wanted to attend or go out on a lunch with you to celebrate his promotion (that never happened).

He takes out time to meet you or even if he finds you somewhere around the corner he will spare a minute or two just to talk to you even if he’s in a hurry. Cherish those extra minutes that he gives you because that is what tells you that you are special to him.

  1. He talks about his family:

Guys normally don’t talk to any girl about their family. If a guy is telling you about his family, his siblings and every detail about his family members he is definitely into you. He will tell you about his memories, his favorite family moments and his bond with every family member. This shows that he wants you in his life and he wants you to get familiar and involved with his family members.

  1. Discusses his future plans:

This is a very obvious hint that shows that he wants you to be a part of his future. A guy never discusses his future with someone whom he doesn’t intend to spend his future with. If he wants to see his future with you, he will very openly and honestly discuss his future plans with you from his career to his dreams and his idea of a perfect family. He will get your opinion on everything.

  1. He makes effort:

He tries his best to keep your bond strong and healthy. He invests his time, emotions and energy to bring a smile on your face and to spend a little time with you. He will drive for three hours to see you if you’re ill or take a day off on your birthday so you can spend a day together.

He will never complain about how tired he is if you want to have an ice-cream after work. He will go for a shopping trip even if he had a leg day at gym.В – Continue reading on next page

  1. His friends know that he likes you:

If you like someone, your friends can sense it before you even mention it to them. A Similar situation arises when a boy likes a girl, his whole group can sense his likeness towards her. When you’re with him or just passing by him, notice his friends.

If they exchange looks or pass a smile you know that this guy has feelings for you and his friends know it. They might tease him a little and smirk when you pass by him. They can tell you about his feelings before he musters up courage to tell you himself.

  1. He acts natural around you:

When he’s around you, he opens his heart and his real self to you. He might be very tough from the outside but in front of you, he confesses that he’s scared of needles. He doesn’t play hard to get instead he’s very humble with you.

He is very honest about his likes and dislikes. He believes in being true to each other instead of pretending to be a perfect being.

  1. He respects your family and friends:

If a guy really likes you, he tries to be good to your family and friends. He takes interest in knowing about your family and friends. He shows concern about your family and asks about them often. When he meets your friends, he treats them with respect and tries to leave a good impression.

  1. He makes you feel special:

He doesn’t need a Facebook reminder on your birthday. He will make sure that he is the first one to wish you on your birthday and he makes sure that he invites your dearest ones to your birthday surprise party. He sometimes even remembers your dentist appointments and offers. He respects your ideas and beliefs even if he doesn’t agree with them.

If you can’t manage to take time out to meet him, he doesn’t get annoyed and he respects your commitments. He cherishes the time that he gets to spend with you and treats you well. He makes sure that he doesn’t do anything which you don’t like and he wants to make you feel comfortable around him.

He gives you little signs about how he likes the way you flip your hair or he likes the fragrance that you wear if he notices the little things about you and goes out-of-the-way to make you feel special then these are the obvious hints that he likes you.

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