16 Signs to Tell If He is The Perfect Guy

We come across all kinds of people in our lives; some speak to us on a spiritual level while some are not compatible at all. We accept the differences and embrace the similarities and move on with them, but there is always something about this one guy that we feel is made particularly for us and no one else in the whole wide world.

Now how are we supposed to know that he is the right guy for us? We have to see if he has the same taste in music as ours and if he treats animals the same way we do. But it is more than that, at times, when we really have to do something about the relationship we should look for these 16 signs in the guy to be sure about him being the one.

These are all nice and important things/habits that a guy ought to have in order to be the right one.

  1. He’s Fairytale Romantic:

Not all the time, of course, but occasionally he is as romantic as any cartoon guy in the Disney movies who takes the princess’s hand in his and dances all around down. Well, that would be kind of inappropriate, but he can give you roses and decorate the table or the bedroom for you once in a while.

To be the perfect guy, this does not have to be mentioned because it is so mandatory a quality. If he is really into you, he would never think twice to make you feel special, although expecting a lot from him would be the wrong thing to do. Just an occasional romantic dinner or a night out on top of a cliff etc should be enough to let you know that he loves you.

So, if he is a fairytale romantic sometimes, take that as a very good sign!

  1. Always Appreciates Space:

Guys can be very clingy sometimes if they get too attached, just like girls, but if you are not the overly attached girlfriend and understand the meaning of ˜personal space’ while being in a relationship and expect the same from him, you are doing nothing wrong. A little privacy does not hurt even in a relationship. If he agrees with this then he is just the perfect guy, although make sure he does not get the wrong hit from the phrase ˜personal space’, that is where most cheating cases begin too.

You will know the relationship is standing at the perfect position when you both know when to be romantic and when to just let go for a while. He likes it when you cut loose and so do you, it is a great sign and absolutely necessary for a healthy and mature relationship. Cutting loose only means that you both respect each other’s’ personal lives and that is idealistic in a relationship.

  1. Totally Understands Your Fandom About a Franchise:

Oh boy, if you love Harry Potter or The Hunger Games and own every book and accessory related to it and he does not like it, he is a sinner! Get rid of him!

On a serious note, a supportive guy would not only support you in things as serious as education or health but also little things like favorite movies and books. It does not even have to be about supporting’, he just has to listen to you talk about the things you love and are crazy about to make you feel good. He does not necessarily have to have the same taste or the same favorite book/movie. He would understand your reasons to love it even if he cannot relate to them; it has to be as simple as that.

A little appreciation in matters as small as these only shows that he cares for you. If he takes a step further and buys you merchandise of your favorite series then viola! He is the best guy ever!!

  1. He is The Greatest Kisser:

What is a relationship without good, deep kisses? Nothing, my friend, nothing.

You should get the chills when he comes closer to you, signaling that he is going to kiss you. Before being good with his mouth and tongue, he ought to know how to get you ready for it. Sometimes it is about the environment more than the kiss that makes a person go ‘wow’. Therefore, your perfect guy is perfect if he knows the art of kissing. After he has got you already, knowing what to do and where should be elementary.

It is not so necessary a sign but it IS important. So if he is not a good kisser but is willing to learn, stay connected! Wait until he learns with time (make sure only you teach him) and then enjoy all the tongue-rubbing chest-numbing kisses with the perfect guy!

  1. Okay With Both Shaved and Unshaved Legs:

Okay, we admit, it is a noticeable prerequisite for a guy to be perfect for you or anybody. We really cannot maintain hairless legs 24/7 and that should be a thing properly understood by him. He ought to know that shaved legs and only for summer and for date nights. He can ask you to shave them sometimes but should totally understand when you tell him you are too lazy for it at the moment. To be honest, it one hell of a task and since guys do not have to do it, they find it difficult to understand sometimes. But if your guy understands and appreciates both shaved and unshaved legs, he is the one!

Not to forget, shaved legs do look glorious and he deserves them after a lot of patience, so reward him occasionally, or don’t, whatever. He will understand. (That’s what we all say to ourselves, don’t we?!)

  1. He Has To Like Your Friends (Not too much):

It is like a basic rule of relationships to like each other’s friends; some of them, if not all. You know your squad is life and being in a relationship should not ruin or affect your friendship with any of your girls anyway, so introducing your boyfriend to your girlfriends is the ultimate solution. If he likes them, has a positive opinion about them then he is just the guy of your dreams, although make sure he does not like one of your friends more than needed, it might be a problem.

The same goes for you. You do not have to like all of his friends but having a nice opinion about some won’t hurt. It is all given and take. Moreover, it is friends who are always there to help when a relationship goes through a bumpy road so it is always healthy to keep those crazies at your side.

  1. Knows All Your Likes and Dislikes:

The most important sign is here! The guy HAS to know what you like and what you hate because if he won’t, who will? It should be the first and foremost requirement!

Why is it so important? He has to be the one to know when to do what because he is your boyfriend. For instance, if you feel down or upset about something and he knows just the right thing to show you, which always makes you burst out laughing, it would be the perfect scenario. And a perfect scenario is all we all are looking for, aren’t we?

Your allergies and your fetishes, all should be very well-known by him. If you like chocolates or not, if you think Jason Statham movies are the best or if you dislike metal in music, all of the facts should be known and saved in his brain for later use and implementation.

  1. He Gets You:

This might be the most important sign. In a relationship, among all the little things needed to cope up with the other person, the element of basic understanding should be first priority. If there is no understanding, there is no supporting and no trust, therefore understanding is like the root of all of it. Have you ever seen a tree without roots? no, right? So if he understands you, gets you because of the simple reason that he loves you, there does not have to be a stronger reason than that.

Getting you mean trying to understand everything that you do without complaining or judging you. Love grows like that and relationships thrive like that, so if he is all for listening to you explain something you believe in without interrupting then he is a keeper; a keeper who is also a supporter (How rare is that?!)


  1. He is Not Mysterious:

Guys and girls tend to keep their feelings inside and expect their partners to know them magically. Yes, people still do that. No science can solve this mystery as to why people do it. However, if the guy you are with is not used to do this but is very open with his feelings, it means he trusts you with almost everything. And ultimate trust only means a stronger relationship.

Emotions can be tricky to tackle, especially when not shared openly. Guessing what the other person is thinking can be very difficult, obviously, we are no mind readers. If he is open with his feelings, it also means that he understands them himself very well. What can be more attractive than a guy who has everything sorted out?

Even if he is mysterious, you can ask him to open up, and if your requests make him express everything, he really likes you.

  1. He Respects your Parents:

There is something very charming about a guy who respects your parents. It may sound old school but it is really not. We all know the importance of parents or elders in general. A person who does not know how to acknowledge that importance and respect their experience is no good. Especially in a relationship, respecting your partner’s parents has its own charm. It shows that you are actually into the relationship, that you are committed and your respects do not just end at your partner but they extend to everyone he is close to or loves.

Fathers can be very protective, if he behaves in front of your father to assure him that you are in the right hands, he is doing just the right thing. Your father will love him for it and you will too. Mothers can be very sweet, if he behaves accordingly with her and jokes around sometimes, he is an absolute gentleman.

  1. You Like His Friends, Too:

Just like it is important for him to like your friends and get along with them, it is important for you to try to like his friends, too. Liking his friends means validating the guy: if you like his friends, he is obviously a person who keeps a good company. And so, his friendship with people validates him and helps you decide if he is the right guy for you.

Not only will knowing and liking his friends help you validate him but also, you might get some new friends of your own too. If his friends like you back and hang out with you often, who knows you might find your best friend among them? It does not hurt to try. So, mutual friendship is an overall impressive idea and that is inevitable. Moreover, the more common the friends the stronger the relationship, therefore indulge with his friends as much as you can, it will be fun (if he agrees).

  1. Accepts His Mistakes and Knows How To Apologise:

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes in relationships or usually so. What makes a difference is how we face ourselves and our partners when the mistake is discussed or frowned upon with us. The way a person apologizes says a lot about him and tells if he is going to make the same mistake again or not.

One needs a big heart to feel sorry with and accept his mistake. If your guy makes such mistakes but accepts them and heartily apologizes, then he is the one. Do not trust the saying њOnce a liar always a liarќ, it is not true. If a person really loves you and is truly ashamed then he would do anything to show he is sorry.

The best thing about this guy would be that he would convince you no matter how big or silly the mistake would be, he would just know how to make you believe him.


  1. He Knows Being a Girl Can Be Difficult:

You are the luckiest girl on the planet if the guy you are dating is a feminist. You really are fortunate if he believes that women face more challenges than men and that things can be difficult for us. Moreover, if he does not think bad about feminists or calls them ˜feminazis’ like most guys do now without actually knowing what the movement is about, you have got to keep him.

You have found the perfect man if he understands that women have a bit harder time than men and tries to do as much as he can to make things easy for you. A feminist man is no less than a gem, he would never make you feel bad about your ˜girl problems’ or treat them like they are funny. For him, it might be being correct more than being feminist; let him think like that if it does you both good.

  1. He is Up For Challenges:

A true boyfriend or companion knows how to deal with difficult situations in a relationship without having to back off or taking a break. It is the trait of a unique person to always be able to face challenges without whining and complaining and telling the whole world that your relationship is in jeopardy; it is also the mark of a mature person.

If he is up for challenges for you and your relationship with him, he is a gem and should be appreciated. Small fights and quarrels, misunderstandings, etc do not make him go away from you. He sits down and talks to you about them to sort things out so that everything gets back to normal; that is how much he treasures the relationship with you.

Anyway, a guy who runs away from little fights is not a guy worth fighting for. So fight for the guy who fights, it might all be worth it.

  1. He Can Dance With You:

For a relationship to be fun and exciting, both of you should know how to be comfortable around each other. Most people get very uncomfortable when it comes to dancing like a duck in front of someone, afraid they might be judged or be called crazy for it. That should not be the case for a couple. Not only should he be comfortable in showing you his lame moves but also make you want to join him in the house pajama party. Dancing is more about being able to show your stupid side to them than actually dancing. When you are living with a person, spending your whole life with them, being comfortable with almost everything is mandatory.

If you two are comfortable dancing, you will be comfortable doing everything else. The trust level will also rise and so will the dependency, so if he is not afraid to show you his moves in underwear you need to keep him for yourself forever.

  1. He Completes You and You Complete Him:

More than any other sign, the most helpful and prominent one is being emotionally attached to him. If it feels like you complete him and he completes you, keep working on the relationship no matter what because having a connection like that is rare and underrated.

If he calls you just to tell you that he missed you, or texts you to say that he is thinking of you while doing something you did the last time you met, he does think that you complete him. He understands your one-look comments and the meaning of your grimaces. He knows the color you usually don’t like might look good on something. He knows you are moody and he loves it. That, my friend, would be the greatest sign to tell if he is the perfect guy.

Have you seen these signs in the guy you dated or are currently dating? Are these true and helping? We believe that there are some things that make a person special for us, and if not these 16 signs then there must be a whole other set of things that make that guy special for you and only you.

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