16 sweet things guys do that might go unnoticed

Women usually have no trouble listing things men do that they find annoying. The list can be surprisingly long occasionally. They find men unnerving at times but can’t help loving them all the same. In the midst of all the complaining and whining, a few things that deserve due acknowledgement can easily be ignored. Not all men are the same. And even if you’ve got yourself a really difficult one, even he must a couple of appreciable habits.

Let’s go through a few sweet things guys do that go unnoticed;

1. Not leaving the toilet seat up behind them

Living with your family, on your own and with your girl can all be very different. On your own, you have complete freedom to live whatever way you want to. With your family things are going to be a little different, but it’s with your girl that the living situation goes through drastic changes. They might not come overnight, but if he’s making an effort to make you feel comfortable, appreciate it. Believe it or not, putting the toilet seat down is one of them.

2. Not letting you walk on the outside of the sidewalk

Nothing as dramatic as he’d give his life to save your or something, but this is his way of showing how protective he is of you. He cares about you, and may not always tell you, but he’d always show it. So make sure you pick up on the little things he does for you. Recognize them and be glad.

3. Skipping sleep to talk to you

In all fairness, you’re skipping sleep too. But it wouldn’t affect him much if you didn’t talk to for all those long hours. Guys are usually not big on words any way. These things matter to you the most. He knows how much you love talking each other to sleep. And he wants you to have that. He’s your go-to person and he’s doing his part. – continue reading on next page

4. Calming you down when you’re having a bad dream

You wake up from a bad dream or sleep through it; he’d be holding you close all that time. He embraces you to make you feel safe. It’s so sweet. How can you not see it! If you’re asleep you might not even be aware of how long it took to soothe you. Even if you woke up, chances are you might not remember anything in the morning.

5. The dim-witted stunts

He needs you to believe that he’s the strongest man you’ll ever meet. This is something they’re sensitive about. The numerous ways they prove their strength can get a little out of hands in some instances. They might end up hurting themselves, achieving nothing at all. So do them a favor and don’t ever doubt their strength. It’s in the best interest of everyone involved.

6. The public displays of affection

You love them and probably he does too. But what of the on-lookers? Things get a little more interesting when it’s one of his friends. They’re not going to let him off the hook! The nonsense that he’ll have to put up with cannot be put into words. And it could last for a really, really long time. And you wouldn’t even know about it. All this, for your sake.В – continue reading on next page

7. He knows you, probably even more than you think

He might look distracted or lost in his thoughts, but everything you say or do registers with him. He knows what you like or don’t like. The things that make you smile and the things that make you laugh. The put-offs, the turn-ons. The people you can’t live without and the people you wish were dead. Every little detail!

8. Watching the things you like

If you two have similar tastes, everyone’s a winner. But if you like, say romance mysteries and he’s more of a murder mystery person, there could be a lot of disagreement over what to watch. If he surrenders, and puts up with what you want to watch, instead of not letting you watch peacefully either, he’s a special kind of guy!

9. He’s happy with the little bits of blankets he can get

The blankets always end up on your side. You’re not one to share them in your sleep. If he doesn’t pull them over to his side even when he’s cold, he’s considerate to let you sleep peacefully. Just make sure he doesn’t freeze to death!В – continue reading on next page

10. Carrying your purse for you

He carries a lot of things for you. Because he’s a gentleman. But it’s a little weird for him to be seen carrying your purse around for you. Even though he dreads being seen doing that, he still does it anyway. If only you could read his mind.

11. Protecting you from the sketchy guys

Although he might not even last a second in front of some guys, that wouldn’t stop him for even a second to step between you and that guy. It comes as a reflex to him. To protect you from everything and everyone that might harm you in some way.

12. Making sure you come home to him and a meal when you get home late

Even if you’re not coming home to a home-cooked meal, you have food to eat. He might not be good at cooking, or just tired like yourself. He orders in or picks up food so that you have one less thing to worry about. Moreover, every now and then it’d be something you really like and never something you’d never even look at.В – continue reading on next page

13. Wearing the scent you love

It could be something you got him or something he just bought. He might not even like it as much, but since you like it, he’d wear it frequently, especially on date nights and other important event. After all, you’re the one smelling him, and why not please your senses when he can.

14. Saving you from a bunch of hacked accounts

So an account is just an account right. What difference does it make if the password is as easy as ABC (literally!) or if all the passwords are same. Who’d want to hack your accounts anyway. Enter, your savior. He’d help you with this and save you from the fuss you’re setting yourself up to face.

15. You now know what all those remotes are for

You’re always lost when it comes to remotes. It puts you in a fit when you can’t find the remote you’re looking for and you throw a tantrum. Since he keeps himself concerned with this stuff, he knows and teaches you how to tell them apart.

16. He shaves of his beard

Because you keep complaining how it scratches your face. He half-heartedly gives up his rugged, rogue look for you. He’s equally conscious about his looks as you are. And it takes a lot for him to do it. A little appreciation would be nice.

At the end of the day, it’s the small things that count. If you’re practical enough to not expect a relationship right off the television screen, you’d be happy with all that he does for you. You just need to open your eyes to all of it. Sure he’s not perfect, but he isn’t all that bad either.

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