16 Things That Happen When You Meet The One

Falling in love can be such a magical experience. There is nothing quite like tumbling head over heels and finding your special someone with whom you can share your adorations with. There are incredible things that happen to you when you find the one. There are plenty of changes that occur, and you’ll notice them right away if you know what you’re looking for. Here are the 16 things that happen when you find the one.

1. Conversations With Each Other Come So Easily

Usually, it’s particularly hard to keep up a conversation with people you have no chemistry with. You constantly find yourself racking your brain trying to come up with a conversation topic. That’s not an issue when you’re with the one you love. Conversations come easy. You click. You understand each other and the best ones even finish each other’s sentences.

2. You Don’t Feel Uncomfortable When You’re Alone With Each Other

It can be very awkward for two random people to be alone in any particular setting. Whether you’re stuck with a stranger in the waiting room of the doctor’s clinic, or you happen to share a seat with someone on the bus. The awkwardness just doesn’t exist with real couples though. The best couples always relish quality alone time together.

3. It’s Always a Fun Time for You When You’re Together

It doesn’t even matter what you’re doing. You could be watching the most boring movie in the world or you could be holding hands together on a super-fast roller coaster. Whenever you’re with each other, it’s always a fun time.

4. Physical Contact Feels Comfortable and Natural

Physical contact can get very awkward and uncomfortable. Just imagine rubbing elbows with a stranger in a cramped subway. Not a good feeling, right? Couples in love don’t have that awkwardness though. Physical contact is as natural as the sky is blue.

5. You Like to Tease Each Other Without Worrying About Getting Hurt

It’s all in good fun. He could be making fun of her birthmark on her shoulder blade. She could be making fun of his terrible morning breath. It wouldn’t matter. When you’re with your significant other, you know that you’re a flawed person and they accept your flaws regardless. – Continue reading on the next page

6. You Want Them to Meet Your Friends

Of course you would want them to meet your friends. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is essentially an extension of you now. Making them meet your friends and the people who enjoy hanging out with is only logical.

7. You Will Also Make an Effort to Meet their Friends

Same reasons as the previous item on this list. But also, you know how important their friends are to them so you actually make an effort for them to meet and like you. You reassure them that you treat them right and are worthy of being in their circle.

8. You Don’t Feel the Urge to Control Yourself When You’re With Them

A lot of times, when you’re with a stranger or with someone you’re trying to impress, you make a conscious effort to control your actions and words. Not when you’re with the one. They are perfectly comfortable with how you choose to present yourself as a person.

9. You Aren’t Afraid to Be Weird in Front of Them

In connection with the previous entry, you can just let yourself loose whenever you’re with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Everyone has quirks, and you are perfectly fine with putting them on full display when you’re together.

10. You Like Everything About Him/Her For No Reason

Smelly feet? Corny jokes? Messy hair? Terrible clothes? No problem. You don’t mind any of these things about your partner. In fact, you love these about them. You love their flaws, their quirks, their characteristics. You love absolutely everything about them.В  – Continue reading on the next page

11. You Can Confidently Call or Message Them Anytime

When you’re just starting out in your dating life, there are so many unwritten rules about proper times for calls and texts. That’s not an issue when you’re deep in a relationship with the one. You call or message each other just about whenever you feel like it, and it’s perfectly fine.

12. You Find Anything They Do Absolutely Funny Even When It’s Not

For every couple madly in love, their boyfriend/girlfriend is the funniest person in the world. You find yourself laughing at just about anything they say and do. They always manage to make you feel happy at any point of the day. They just bring absolute light and brightness to your life.

13. You Immediately Know How the Other One is Feeling

It’s almost like telepathy. It’s so easy for your energies to feed off each other, and feelings are practically worn on sleeves. You can always tell when your bae is feeling happy, sad, or excited. That’s a natural part of growth and development as a couple.

14. You Can Disagree With Each Other Without Hating Each Other

Arguments aren’t uncommon with any relationship. Arguments are a natural aspect of individuality. However, with couples who are deeply in love, arguments don’t mean bad relationships at all. Couples who are confident in their love can have disagreements and arguments every so often without it affecting their relationship.

15. You Find It Easier To Open Yourself Up

This is most especially true for the most guarded people. Being with your loved one makes you feel less vulnerable and closed. You always try to open yourself up and let yourself be absolutely transparent as a human being. You are fine with this because you know that you won’t be judged at all outside the confines of love.

16. Anything Anyone Else Says About Your Relationship Doesn’t Matter To You

It just doesn’t matter. Let all the haters hate. You love and are loved. You have all that you need in life with the love of your life, and anything that anyone else says shouldn’t really matter to you.

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