I see every single aspect of her body. Her imperfect tan lines, her freckles, her scars, her messy hair, her bare face, and I just love every single part of it.

Love doesn’t always has to be sexual. But there’s no denying just how important the pleasures of the flesh are to the relationship. A lot of times, couple swill get together as a result of mutual physical attraction. Their carnal needs as human beings take over and they partake in their aesthetic pleasures.

But when two people come together as a result of mutual physical attraction, something beautiful happens. Love can stem from there; and the development of a romance is one of the most beautiful things that human beings could ever experience.

So it’s important for people to never downplay the importance of sensuality and physical attraction in a relationship. Some people can see it as something that is shallow and superficial, but it doesn’t always have to be. Just because a man is looking at his woman who happens to be nude doesn’t mean that he’s going to have sexual (and what some would consider) impure thoughts.

A lot of times, our feelings of love are able to transcend our carnal desires for sensual pleasures. So here are a few examples of some surprising thoughts that men have whenever they see their naked girlfriends.

1. She really doesn’t understand just how beautiful she looks right now.

2. I see every single aspect of her body. Her imperfect tan lines, her freckles, her scars, her messy hair, her bare face, and I just love every single part of it.

3. I’m trying to rationalize just how lucky I am to have her, but I am at a loss for words. I am blown away by her sheer beauty.

4. I don’t know what I did in life to deserve someone like her. She is just way too good to be with a guy like me.

5. I’m trying with maximum effort to suppress this racing heart of mine. She always gets me so worked up, and I always try my best to maintain my composure. I need to keep it together and maintain my poise.

6. She would be crazy to think that there are any flaws on her body that need correcting. She is absolutely perfect the way that she is.

7. I just want to take her into my arms right here at this very moment.

8. I think of all the beautiful love songs in the world that are dedicated to the most beautiful women in history; and I think about how every single one of these songs can apply to her.

9. Let me just sit here and take a mental picture of this beautifully raw and unfiltered moment. I want to be able to remember everything that I’m seeing right now. I want to be able to relive everything that I’m feeling at this moment as I’m looking at this wonderful human being.

10. I don’t understand why she even needs to ask me if she looks okay every time before we go out. She looks absolutely gorgeous regardless of the time, place, or her choice of clothing. She is an absolute angel.

11. Those eyes are the eyes that I want to be staring into 50 years from now. Those hands are the hands that I want to be holding as I’m walking into my future. Those lips are what I want to be kissing me to sleep every night until eternity.

12. If only she knew just how precious she really is.

13. I just want to drink the sunlight in her skin. I feel like she possess a kind of energy that would be good for anyone.

14. Underneath all the raw and uncontaminated beauty of her looks lies a soul that is just as precious and just as valuable. She doesn’t know that when I look at her naked body, I am also choosing to look an amazing life form.

15. I can’t even think straight right now. She’s just too beautiful for mere thoughts to comprehend.

16. I’m going to do the best I can to keep this precious gift in my life forever.

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