16 Thoughts That Go Through A Man’s Head When He Sees His Undressed Girlfriend

I see every single aspect of her body. Her imperfect tan lines, her freckles, her scars, her messy hair, her bare face, and I just love every single part of it.

Love doesn’t always has to be sexual. But there’s no denying just how important the pleasures of the flesh are to the relationship. A lot of times, couple swill get together as a result of mutual physical attraction. Their carnal needs as human beings take over and they partake in their aesthetic pleasures.

But when two people come together as a result of mutual physical attraction, something beautiful happens. Love can stem from there; and the development of a romance is one of the most beautiful things that human beings could ever experience.

So it’s important for people to never downplay the importance of sensuality and physical attraction in a relationship. Some people can see it as something that is shallow and superficial, but it doesn’t always have to be. Just because a man is looking at his woman who happens to be nude doesn’t mean that he’s going to have sexual (and what some would consider) impure thoughts.

A lot of times, our feelings of love are able to transcend our carnal desires for sensual pleasures. So here are a few examples of some surprising thoughts that men have whenever they see their naked girlfriends.

1. She really doesn’t understand just how beautiful she looks right now.

2. I see every single aspect of her body. Her imperfect tan lines, her freckles, her scars, her messy hair, her bare face, and I just love every single part of it.

3. I’m trying to rationalize just how lucky I am to have her, but I am at a loss for words. I am blown away by her sheer beauty.

4. I don’t know what I did in life to deserve someone like her. She is just way too good to be with a guy like me.

5. I’m trying with maximum effort to suppress this racing heart of mine. She always gets me so worked up, and I always try my best to maintain my composure. I need to keep it together and maintain my poise.

6. She would be crazy to think that there are any flaws on her body that need correcting. She is absolutely perfect the way that she is.

7. I just want to take her into my arms right here at this very moment.

8. I think of all the beautiful love songs in the world that are dedicated to the most beautiful women in history; and I think about how every single one of these songs can apply to her.

9. Let me just sit here and take a mental picture of this beautifully raw and unfiltered moment. I want to be able to remember everything that I’m seeing right now. I want to be able to relive everything that I’m feeling at this moment as I’m looking at this wonderful human being.

10. I don’t understand why she even needs to ask me if she looks okay every time before we go out. She looks absolutely gorgeous regardless of the time, place, or her choice of clothing. She is an absolute angel.

11. Those eyes are the eyes that I want to be staring into 50 years from now. Those hands are the hands that I want to be holding as I’m walking into my future. Those lips are what I want to be kissing me to sleep every night until eternity.

12. If only she knew just how precious she really is.

13. I just want to drink the sunlight in her skin. I feel like she possess a kind of energy that would be good for anyone.

14. Underneath all the raw and uncontaminated beauty of her looks lies a soul that is just as precious and just as valuable. She doesn’t know that when I look at her naked body, I am also choosing to look an amazing life form.

15. I can’t even think straight right now. She’s just too beautiful for mere thoughts to comprehend.

16. I’m going to do the best I can to keep this precious gift in my life forever.

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  1. Yea thats men with women who are beautiful and have figuares to show off. When ur not so skinny then get an article on here for bug women.

    1. My man says those things to me and about me and I’m a curvey girl… Trust me they’d rather hold hug and love someone with some meat on their bones then someone they might brake….and confidence is better than a perfect body…love yourself

  2. All those thoughts are beautiful and romantic out of a true romance novel but for the purpose of the article and teach women not to have delusional expectations… Perhaps it would have been better to actually interview & survey what men actually think about. Truthfully every man is different but boobs are boobs and ass is a tight butt crack that looks like cleavage. Thick or thin, if they desire you they won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

  3. To each his own, every man will say those things about his women if he truly loves her, it’s not about what others think, it’s about what he sees, every woman is different and men choices vary ,so in each man eyes, he sees his woman as an angel ,whether she is fat, thin etc

  4. When I had a young body men looked at me with lust. Now a older body and working out alot ,I do it for myself,all the while gradually accepting my age. My body is not what it use to be ,more important to be healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually. Focus on my passions and helping others. It doesn’t have to be about me anymore! I’m positive if a man athenticly connects with a woman no matter what she looks like he feels desire and admiration. Point.dont give your body to just any man ,stay the course,love life be your best friend,everything else follows?

  5. I’ve seen this in movies, but apparently I am considered to be a ‘beautiful’ woman – I’ve never had any guy say this to me.
    Unfortunately I’ve never had the chance in life to feel like a guy is actually thinking of that about me.
    I’ve been in abusive relationships where I’ve felt the guy is thinking the total opposite.
    So, advice to younger women/girls reading this – Not all guys are like what you see on Netflix/movies, etc.
    They are paid actors, paid to read a script. Watch documentaries and listen at school.
    There is bad in people too. Be careful.
    But hell, if you can meet a guy like the above, tell me how to get there.

  6. Karron Fisher, I really love why you had to say. I’m 41, have had two kids and am now just beginning to realize the importance of what you said, especially with two young daughters watching me. Yes, of course, we all would love for our partner to see us an beautiful and perfect, just the way we are, but the reality is, we live in a very externally focused, superficial culture and men are hard-wired (woman too) to focus WAY TOO MUCH on the shell, as opposed to the soul/spirit within and how to develop our personalities and let *that* unique beauty shone. I want to be healthy and fit and strong and I’ve always tried to take good care of my skin and physical health but EVERYTHING fades with age! It’s undeniable. And my hope (at least) is that the man I have spent the last 17 years building a life with, will remember the life we’ve built, the many wonderful times we’ve shared, the beautiful daughters we’ve raised, the hard times we’ve fought our way through, the ways we have enhanced one another’s lives for the better and the ways we’ve challenged one another to grow. As sad as it makes me, he’s just NOT going to look at my naked body the way he did when we were 24. God (or who or whatever you believe in) did not design it this way and no Botox or amount of plastic surgery can change that. Oh he chided TJ leave more or cheat on me for a 22 year old when I’m 60, we’ll, frankly, that speaks far more to his character than mine. I’m still going to continue working toward loving and respecting myself and him to the best of my ability because THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES in this life. Why any sane 22 year old would want him at 60, well, Heaven only knows. But my hope and prayers are that, by then, the love -and devotion I have shown him and the countless memories we have made and the hard times we’ve seen one another through, will prevent him from hurting me in such a deep betrayal, which, in my opinion, May, in time, be forgjvecale, but can never be forgotten nor can the trust ever be regained in the same way. I tell my daughters, someone’s trust is an invaluable gift. If you betray it, you may spend a lifetime trying to get it back. You may never get it back. Hold it gently and with honor and love. No ones is perfect but I believe, in a committed relationship ship, what we’re hoping for is more than how a man (or woman) sees her partner when naked. Instead, what I am attempted
    To build, both with my partner and within myself, is lifelong love, respect and friendship. The body will fade. The heart and the immeasurable love it can contain, is what it’s really all about ????

  7. Hello

    Greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    I just read your article. Very very interesting. So truthfully. She asked me if her body is still attractive for a 45 woman. It is! I look at her in amazement. I can drown in her eyes. When I touch the skin of her hand, her cheek it is like touching an angle.
    I know this sounds corny. If you love your spouse, your épouse, you accept her the way she is. No changes. No lifting buttocks, breasts, eyebrows, no botox. You take each other the way you are. That’s the beauty. The beauty of growing together, aging together (physical and mental).
    Just accept what He gave us. And no, only looking at her sexually? No. She is perfect the way she is. Even in the morning, even during bad hair days.

  8. While reading the article I see my beautiful angel, my fiance in each statement. When I look at her I am humbled knowing how blessed I am that she is my soulmate.

  9. If the internet was always right this article would be true but its not. Thoughts change, people change, but what you think more or less stays the same. If you truly think your husband/wife is less pretty than a year before, you might have the wrong person to spend your life with. Only God truly knows if you have the right person.

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