16 Tips For Making A Long-Term Relationship Work

The most helpful tips for long-term couples!

1. Not all arguments are worth having.

Always learn topick your spots. Yes, you are going to have some arguments here and there butyou have to understand that not all arguments are worth having. If there is anopportunity for you to avoid a pointless argument that carries no weight, thendon’t be afraid to just let it go.

2. Don’t spend every single second of every single daytogether.

Learn to spend time apart from one another.You don’t want to get sick of each other’s company. Also, you have yourindividual lives to live. You can’t afford to not have a life outside of yourrelationship. It would be healthy for you to have nothing going on beyond yourromance.

3. Always maintain open lines of communication.

Always bewilling to talk to one another. You should always make sure that you maintainopen lines of communication in a relationship. You have to be able to make yourpartner feel like you can be approached for a conversation whenever necessary.

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4. Always see each other as equals.

Don’t ever seeyour relationship as a parasitic experiment. Not one person should be leechingoff the other. Not one person should be totally dependent on the other. Youboth have to have equal footing in the relationship. You should both be givingjust as much as you’re receiving.

5. Choose to always be generous without expectations.

Give acompliment without having to fish one for yourself. Buy your partner a presentwithout expecting anything in return. Tell your partner that you are thinkingof them without demanding a reciprocation of that gesture. Just give without expectinganything and return. That’s what love is. – Continue reading on the next page

6. Don’t be afraid to have necessary fights.

While you dohave to pick your spots with fights, it’s good for you guys to have thenecessary fights. Remember that conflict is always going to be inevitable butit can be organized. When you guys have your arguments, make sure that youreally make an effort to hear each other out.

7. Don’t take each other for granted.

Make sure thatyou never take each other for granted. You don’t want to end up regrettinghaving lost something that you never valued.

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8. Don’t go to sleep mad at each other.

Fix everyargument before you go to bed. Resolve every disagreement before you doze off.It’s very important that you go to sleep at night okay with each other. Talk itout and come to a compromise. You don’t always have to agree, bu you have tomake an effort to be on good terms with each other.

9. Be there for each other whenever problems arise.

If your partner comes to you with aproblem, don’t automatically go trying to fix it. Stop trying to come up withsolutions. Just be there for your partner. Let your partner know that you arewilling to help any way you can. But your primary role is that of a supporter.

10. Don’t neglect your individual lives for the sake of therelationship.

Live out yourpersonal life. Follow your dreams. Chase after your personal goals. Justbecause you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you should be giving up who youare as a person. You should still be able to live out the things that you aremost passionate about.

11. Always be willing to make compromises.

Compromise isimportant in any relationship. You will never find a relationship whereincouples will constantly agree on everything. You have to make adjustments foreach other. You have to make a few compromises here and there. you have to bewilling to find a middle ground with one another to promote the harmony of arelationship.

12. Be okay with the idea that you’re not going to agree onsome things.

You’re not going to be agreeing oneverything and that’s okay. You can both just agree to disagree and it wouldn’tmake you any less of a couple. Don’t feel compelled to find a winner in everysingle argument you have.

13. Own up to whenever you’re wrong.

Be accountablefor your actions. Whenever you screw up, own up to it. Don’t go trying to finda scapegoat. Don’t make up any excuses. Don’t sweep your faults under a rug.Acknowledge them and move on to becoming a better and more improved humanbeing.

14. Don’t be afraid to apologize.

Be mature aboutit. Say sorry whenever you screw up. We’re only human. We all make mistakes.Also extend the same courtesy of forgiveness to your partner whenever he/sheapologizes to you. Be accepting of each other’s flaws and just move on.

15. Don’t belittle or demean one another.

Never bring each other down. You shouldalways be trying to push each other to become better people. You should alwaysbe doing your best to lift each other up.

16. Laugh often.

Humor can fixmany problems in a relationship. Remember that as a couple, the ultimate goalyou want for yourselves is happiness and bliss. Keep things light by laughingoften. Be silly with one another. Crack a few jokes here and there. 

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