17 Clear Signs That You’ve Been Sleeping With Your Soulmate

The whole “friends with benefits” setup are very much real and so many couples seem to be engaging in it nowadays. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with that. Of course, people should always be free to explore their sexuality. We are all sexual creatures and we all deserve to discover our own bodies in the form of sex with others. However, sometimes, a lot of people have to resort to being in relationships before they can become physically intimate with someone.

And that can be a problem. Not everyone is going to be willing to go through the inevitable drama and hassles that are involved in romantic relationships. Some people just want the sexual benefits. And that’s where the whole “friends with benefits” idea step in. It’s two people who agree to engage in sexual relations with one another without any of the romantic stuff. And typically, that kind of setup shouldn’t really be a problem.

But what if feelings start to get involved?

That’s when it becomes tricky. What if you’ve been sleeping with someone because you have such great sexual chemistry only to discover that you’re each other’s soulmates after all? You would never want to miss out on an opportunity at really being with your soulmate on a close and intimate level. That is why if you notice that a lot of the signs here apply to you and your partner, then it’s likely that you are having sex with your soulmate.

  1. Either one of you blurts out “I love you” by accident during sex and the other one is likely to feel the same thing as well.
  2. You both have an assigned area of the bed. When you are done having sex, you don’t necessarily get up and leave. You roll over to your assigned area.
  3. You get really turned on by even the simplest things that they do. They don’t even have to be sexual in nature. It could be something as simple as just humming along to a song.
  4. You never really have any trouble with just baring your entire body to them. You feel so comfortable with just stripping naked in front of them.
  5. Instead of just looking at each other’s bodies the whole time that you’re making love, you really make it a point to stare into each other’s eyes. That’s a level of trust and comfort that you’ve established with one another.
  6. You don’t really pay much attention to the little insecurities that you usually have to deal with in your daily life. You don’t care about whether your hair is done or if you smell good or not.
  7. You have a really dynamic sexual energy that can shift from being almost wild and animal-like to soft and gentle.
  8. You are both able to tell whenever the other is turned on just by looking into each other’s eyes. You both know each other so well at this point.
  9. You are both comfortable with having awkward moments with one another. Even while you’re having sex, you have learned to just laugh at all the awkwardness rather than take it to heart. You don’t let the awkwardness affect the moment in a negative manner.
  10. You don’t really feel like your ego is hurt whenever your efforts to initiate sex are thwarted. You are completely confident that your partner still finds you sexy even when they’re not always in the mood for some action.
  11. You find so much joy and happiness in all the pre and post-sex activities that you guys have. Stuff like foreplay and post-sex cuddling really does appeal to you just as much as the actual sex itself.
  12. You think that their naked body might be one of the most beautiful things that you have ever seen in your life.
  13. You find that porn just doesn’t work for you at this point. You always find yourself gravitating towards thoughts of your partner whenever you try to get off.
  14. You no longer have to give them any verbal or tactile cues as to what you want from them in the bedroom. They already know what you want. You already know how to make one another happy.
  15. You don’t treat sex as if it were just a mere chore or an item that you need to check off your list. It’s something that the both of you really try to appreciate and value as much as possible. Neither of you takes it for granted.
  16. You both do your parts in pleasing one another. It’s not about mere self-pleasure when you guys have. You are always generous and mindful of the sexual needs of your partner.
  17. You can’t really picture yourself having sex with any other person anymore.
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