17 People Share How They Love Teasing their Partners by Doing Things They Don’t Like

One of the best traits of a happy relationship is a healthy sense of humor – when two people can learn to laugh with each other without hurting each other’s feelings. A healthy sense of humor helps couples live a joyous life together where they tease each other in good fun.

Today’s story comes from renowned relationship author Sophia Benoit – she writes for Bustle & GQ Magazine, and has also written a book called “WELL, THIS IS EXHAUSTING.”

Sophia posted a tweet talking about how much fun it is when you do something your partner doesn’t like, just to tease them.

Her tweet got viral and a lot of people shared how they enjoy teasing their partners, here are seventeen of the best replies on her thread.

1. This person annoys their partner through the power of messed up grammar.

2. This man loves living dangerously.

3. This woman teased her husband about his t-shirt, he then wore it daily.

4. This person loves teasing through toilet paper confusion.

5. This man loves using an accent that annoys his partner.

6. This man loves messing up subtitles for his wife.

7. This husband, too, loves living dangerously.

8. This man has no regrets over annoying his partner, and we’re here for it!

9. This woman changes the languages settings on appliances.

10. This woman annoys her boyfriend in multiple ways.

11. This husband shares a decade of teasing his wife & we love it!

12. This person teases with a Scottish accent.

13. This husband loves annoying his wife through back pats.

14. This husband takes it to the next level.

15. This man’s wife made a huge mistake.

16. We got a lot of people teasing with accents.

17. This husband has a fine sense of humor.

You can read all of the replies on Twitter here.

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Sophia Benoit on Twitter

Images via Sophia Benoit on Twitter

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