17-Year-Old Shocked at the Negative Comments After Her Boyfriend’s Mom Shares Their Homecoming Photos

Featured Images via Grace Brumfield on TikTok & Instagram

This story comes from Alabama, USA. It’s about a 17-year-old, Grace Brumfield, a social media influencer on TikTok and a junior at high school. Grace is in a beautiful and loving relationship with her boyfriend Zach.

She and her boyfriend, Zach, went to their homecoming looking like a gorgeous couple. Grace was wearing a beautiful black dress inspired by Lady Diana.

The couple did a cute photoshoot for homecoming, and Zach’s mother, loving the photos, posted them on a Facebook group to share her happiness. But instead of happiness, she was met with a lot of negativity.

Grace Responds to the Negative Comments

Grace posted a video on her TikTok that has now received over 12 million views. She describes how she was going for the Lady Diana look:

“I loved how my pics for homecoming came out,”

She then goes on to show all of the negative comments Zach’s mom received when all she was trying to do was show how proud she was of her son and his girlfriend – we truly live in a world where negativity can come from just around the corner.

But Grace didn’t let those comments let her down. In her video, she showed those comments, and her expression along with those comments says it all.

Why can’t people just be happy for others?

Nope, the dress is not inappropriate – it’s gorgeous.

We’re pretty sure her parents loved her in that amazing dress.

This one was just too much. Grace’s reaction is exactly how we’re feeling.

Nope, it’s not ridiculous.

Grace, you look truly radiant, and we simply love your dress! We also love how you didn’t let any of these negative comments let you down – you do you, Queen!

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Grace Brumfield on TikTok

Images & Featured Images via Grace Brumfield on TikTok & Instagram

    1. I think she looks beautiful! And getting r*ped has nothing to do with the clothes you wear!! Girls dress like this all the time today I don’t think it’s 1950 anymore. I am a mother of 2 girls and I was proud of how beautiful they looked when they dressed as such!! Maybe you mothers out there need to get in with the fashion world a bit. and as far as you young girls go that are offended, it’s because your outdated mothers won’t allow you to wear something so beautiful! Or your just plain jealous that you don’t look like that even if you do put the dress on!!

      1. Those mothers and fathers need to be concerned of how they’re raising their sons! Disrespectful boys, and men will try getting sex without any thought of what type of dress a girl has on. Also: Girls without morals come in all kinds of clothing. Girls need to get real love from fathers so they don’t mistake sex is love

  1. You looked amazing, girl!! Don’t let anyone sway you in other ways. These attitudes of women blaming women for dressing nice, for looking hot, for being themselves is one of societies biggest flaws. The women that made those awful remarks were made to feel ashamed of themselves. Don’t let a few party poopers ruin your fun. Haters gonna hate.

  2. The hell what they’re talking against what you dressed. You look Beautiful and FABULOUS. There’s nothing wrong with it. They are just jealous because they cannot wear like that and they wish they have a body like yours. And also they rant at you because of what? And what is the reason! funny huh! Girl, I have a 17-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, and a 3year old girl. I asked them about their opinion about your appearance on your dress. Their reaction. YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! That’s my kids.

  3. Ur picture came out gorgeous People will always judge regardless… especially,when it’s negative U did an awesome job n responding positive!!! Like Taylor Swift says Haters Make Me Famous ❤️

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous and nothing inappropriate about that dress, there are absolutely no private parts showing and for the lady who said the thing about rape, men rape for power and control it has nothing to do with the way women dress 80 year old women sleeping in their homes have been raped, so you’re disturbing even saying that! I have 2 daughters and love when they dress up this way! Be proud of yourself and

  5. I didnt even notice how short the dress was. I had to go back to see what people were talking about. U are beautiful.! Do u! People will always have something to say.

  6. Beautiful couple, with an amazing outlook! I love the outfits and the positive energy! Jealous people need to get a life! Keep being happy you two young teens 💜!

  7. I think she looks stunning and every person who shouts negativity is just so consumed in their own crap world that they can’t give a compliment. I have short dresses.. that black dress is not short.

  8. She simply looks beautiful and what she’s wearing doesn’t look trashy she doesn’t need other’s approval, This is not about what she’s wearing but the memories of her & her boyfriend beautiful home coming and how proud a parent was to share it with others

  9. People need to mind their own damn business. And Rhonda Flesner needs to stop talking like she is apart of rape culture if I guy can walk around in short shorts and no shirt on why can’t a woman if she wanted to. People are disgusting!!!!!

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