18 Clear Signs That You’ve Found Your BFF

You’ve found your BFF.

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow. 
William Shakespeare

No one could possibly ever have a happy life without first experiencing what it means to have a friend. We have all had friends and these friends have enriched our lives in ways that we can’t even keep track of any longer. There were some temporary friends. 

There are still some permanent ones. And there are some friends who we’re eventually going to have to let go and say goodbye to. There are some close friends who have drifted apart. And there are some casual friends who grow to become like siblings to us. There are some friends who were there for us during significant phases of our lives. And there are those that are always there for us no matter what.

But in that haystack of friends, there is always that one person who just so happens to be needle in that haystack. This is the BFF. This is the best friend forever. This is the one person who is probably the closest thing that you have to family without the two of you actually being related to one another. This is that special friend with whom you automatically run to when you want to share big news or important secrets. This is the friend who immediately springs to mind whenever you want to make plans for the weekend. This is the friend who is so incredibly special to you and who you would do practically anything for. 

This is the friend whose shoulders you cry on when your sadness it too much to bear. This is the friend who you know you can have fights with but still eventually find a way to make up after. This is the friend who sticks by your side even when you feel like the entire world is against you. Now this friend can take the shape or form of anyone in your life. And when you are lucky enough to actually find that friend for yourself, make sure to never let that friend go. There’s a reason why they call it best friends forever.

These are 18 signs that you are absolute BFF’s with one another:

1.tYou know that you can both come clean to one another about whatever is in your heart without fear of being judged.

2.tThis is a person you know you can be absolutely crazy with because they are the exact same when they’re with you.

3.tEvery time that something significant happens in your life, this is the person you automatically want to share that news with.

4.tYou know that you don’t have to worry about buying expensive or lavish gifts for this person on birthdays or holidays because they would much rather have something meaningful from you.

5.tThis is a person who is going to put up with all of your annoying habits and personality traits because overall you know that you put up just as much from them.

6.tThis is someone who you know would practically do anything for you if you asked.

7.tYou know that you can automatically call this person whenever you need to talk because they will listen to you no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

8.tWhen necessary, you know that this person would also risk their life for you.

9.tThis is your go-to person for gossip.

10.tThis person is never going to judge you or make you feel insecure, but they also won’t be afraid to call you out whenever necessary. They will be honest to you even when no else wants to be.

11.tThis is a person who is always going to be checking up on you because they are consistently concerned with your well-being.

12.tYou know that you can tease this person however much you want because you know that they would never hate you for it.

13.tYou can play practical jokes on one another because both of you know that neither of you are going to get mad about it.

14.tThis is a person whose company you always seem to want to keep regardless of how you’re feeling.

15.tYou know that you can find as much success in life as possible and this person will never grow jealous of you. They will share in your happiness because they know that it would be the same for you as well.

16.tThis is that one person who really knows just what to say or do to bring a smile to your face even when you’re in the foulest of moods.

17.tBoth of you feel like you could just walk over to each other’s place unannounced and it would be okay.

18.tYou know that your life would be incomplete without this person there.

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