18 Real Signs You’re Definitely In Love With Him

1. You are excited at the idea of sharing a future with him.

You just can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him already. Even though your future is uncertain, you know that you’re always going to be looking forward to being with him all of the time.

2. You find yourself thinking of him a lot even when you’re not together.

Your mind just naturally wanders to the thought of him even when you’re not spending time with one another. In the moments that you’re apart, you think about the next time you’re going to be together.

3. You talk to your friends about him a lot.

You know that you’re in love with a guy when he’s constantly the topic of conversations that you have with other people. He excites you so much to the point that you can’t seem to talk about anything else.

4. You like to spend a lot of your time with him.

You know that your time is precious and that it’s incredibly limited. But still, you choose to spend time with him because he is just so important to you.

5. You have a limitless kind of curiosity with him.

You want to get to know him as much as possible. You really want to know every little thing that makes up his entire existence. You don’t want to feel like there is anything about him that you don’t know about.

6. You don’t have any problems making sacrifices for him.

You know that you would willingly put his needs above your own; that you would be willing to do whatever it takes to make things work with him.

7. You never feel like you’re in danger when he’s with you.

You have finally found out what it means to find home in another person. You always feel safe and secure in his company. You know that no harm could ever come of you when you’re together.

8. You lose track of time whenever you’re together.

Einstein’s theory of relativity is very strong with you. Whenever you spend time with him, everything just seems to pass you by so quickly. You enjoy the time that you spend together so much.

9. You have great attention-to-detail when it comes to him.

You really take notice of the little things with him because you know that you wouldn’t want him to feel like you’re just taking him for granted.

10. You have more developed energy for life.

You are generally just more motivated to do more things now. You have boundless energy and you feel like you can really take on the world because your partner inspires you to do so.

11. You adopt a more positive outlook on the world.

Because of him, you really see the beauty of the world. You have a greater appreciation for all of the great things that life has to offer you and you always try to exude positive energy.

12. You know that you aren’t blind to his faults and imperfections.

You know that the love is real because you aren’t blinding yourself to bad facets of his personality. You see him for who he really is – complete with all of his flaws.

13. You feel like you can open up to him about absolutely anything.

You know that you can always rely on him to never betray you; to never hold anything that you might say against you. You can be completely blunt and honest with him without having to be afraid of how he’s going to react.

14. You have difficulty concentrating on tasks that don’t concern him.

You are always thinking about him; and so you have difficulty focusing on tasks and jobs that don’t evolve him. Your mind always finds a way to wander back to him somehow.

15. You find yourself constantly reminiscing about your fondest memories.

It’s as if all the greatest moments in your life always include him. It’s like you are always going to be able to find happiness in the thought of you being together.

16. You want to introduce him to your closest friends and family.

You want to integrate him into your social life. You want him to feel as included as possible; and that involves making sure that the most important people in your life know how important he is to you as well.

17. You want your life to be an open book with him.

You don’t feel like you want to be hiding anything from him. You want him to be able to see you for who you really are. You don’t want him to be looking at you through any filters.

18. You go to him for everything.

You automatically turn to him whenever you have news to share – whether it be good or bad. You run to him when you achieve something great in life. You also go to him when you’re sad and you need a shoulder to cry on. He’s essentially your go-to guy for anything.


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