18 Things Every Libran Woman Knows To Be True

Any Libra ladies in the house?

We all have come across a gazillion articles and stories on Zodiac signs and no matter what we believe in, we do get intrigued and read them. That’s because at the end, they do get pretty interesting and are quite true about a lot of things. Well, let’s just make it a gazillion and one with this article. At least for all the Libran women out there.

This is not one of those serious articles stating facts and stuff about your Zodiac sign or telling your horoscope, instead, it’s an article filled with sarcasm and about the 18 most common things that all Libran women will find in themselves. Now I’m not any expert in astrology, but I can say this from experience of being a Libran for 21 years and searches that stars can tell a lot about you, even better than you can.

Libra is the best Zodiac sign to be, we get this a lot, right? I mean we do have our own disputes but it is awesome being a Libran. And I’m sure all you women reading this are going to agree with the following 18 things we share:

 1. We are way too uncertain about, well, everything!

From a dress to a slice of pizza or even a relationship, we can’t just decide right away what to do without arguing with ourselves a million times in our heads about anything. There is not a single thing you can drop or try getting back without a detailed train of thought.

 2. It usually takes a longer time, say a year, to adapt a new habit or lifestyle

It isn’t easy for you to make a change to your day-to-day activities and habits, you like to keep things as they are. But once you make that change and eventually adapt to the new one, it lasts forever.

 3. It really is everlasting!

You keep your friendships alive your whole life, you love dressing the same way. You believe in loving the same person, giving them all it takes. You don’t belong to the dating bunch.

 4. You stick to your decisions no matter what.

You always stay with what’s right. You like to go through the facts and then encourage what’s true.

 5. Your wardrobe has a huge number of black elegant dresses.

You don’t follow the trends and fashion blindly. You go with what’s comfortable yet graceful. Bold colours and designs are certainly not parts of your look. You like to stay in vogue because you have your own unique fashion statement.

 6. Classic, elegant and attractive” defines your sense of style.

You really like to keep things simple with a touch of grace and elegance.

 7. You like keeping people easy and relaxed in your company.

You are a better listener, therefore, friends and family like being around you. You always give an ear to those who are feeling depressed or have something to share. You never leave anyone hanging.

 8. You are a combination of being the laziest person on the planet and a go-getter.

Sometimes you do things in a do or die manner. However, you like to stay in your comfort zone as well.

 9. You are great at winning arguments.

You are talented with proving the facts that are true. You can easily make any person believe what’s right and what’s wrong. But you also don’t feel ashamed of confessing when you have done something incorrectly.

 10. You like to take time off socially to revive and refresh.

However, you like spreading positive vibes around you. You like to keep you own space and give time to yourself instead of just always letting other people constantly barge into your life.

 11. One man, forever!

You love that special one eternally. You may act like you enjoy dating but deep down inside you cannot get over that one person, ever, no matter what.

 12. Your soul is devoted to everything calm and soothing.

You appreciate the beauty around you like nature. You like to behave nicely with people around you. The aura of your soul is green. It promotes a healthy atmosphere for people around you.

 13. You have a motherly persona.

It doesn’t matter whether you have your own children or not, you always have a caring attitude towards kids. You take care of your siblings just like a mother to her children.

 14. You like being independent in all walks of life.

You don’t like depending on others for your basic needs or any big favors. You are self-sufficient and always live an independent life.

 15. You excel in arts and design with headship and authority.

You are more of an objective person. You have a creative mind and artistic hands but you prove to be good in business and trading too. (Deadly combination, for sure.)

 16. It is often hard for you to express what you really feel inside.

That’s the toughest job for us Librans. You try to hide your true emotions just because you think other people might take you wrong. You’d rather stay silent, forever.

 17. You like to spend excessively on your own self.

You love living a luxurious life and spending quality time alone like enjoying a nice bubble bath, having a candlelit dinner with a friend or enjoying a nice treat alone.

 18. You are quite playful and flirty.

Not only with the ones you know, but actually with everyone you meet. You hardly even notice when you flirt with someone just because you treat everyone the same way. This can become problematic for you at times. It’s kind of a compulsive disorder.

Do you find these traits in you too? Have they defined your personality in any way?

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