18 Things You Are Bound To Learn When You Are Finally In A Strong Relationship

How many of these lessons have you learned?

1.tIf a person genuinely wants to be in a relationship with you, then they would make the effort to actually be with you. They wouldn’t be giving up at the first signs of difficulty. They would willingly weather the storm just to get a shot at making things work with you.

2.tIf a person isn’t entirely sure about wanting to be with you, then they will find a way to test you somehow. They can’t come to a definitive conclusion with regards to how they might feel about you and so they will put you through some sort of trial. They will try to test the waters with you and see if there’s something there that’s actually worth betting on. They won’t necessarily commit to you just yet because they aren’t sure if you are actually worth it. And so they will try to change the topic whenever you ask them about where they stand in your relationship.

3.tTiming doesn’t matter all too much as they would have you believe. It’s good when you’re in a relationship at the right time; but it’s even better when you’re in a relationship with the right person.

4.tWhenever you’re with the person you’re truly in love with, you start to understand what it really means to prioritize someone else’s needs above your own; to prioritize the relationship above your own self.

5.tHaving a romantic partnership with a person is always great. But having a solid friendship as the foundation of being with someone you’re romantically involved with is always going to be the ideal scenario.

6.tYou don’t necessarily have to lose your sense of individuality if you’re going to fall in love with someone. You don’t have to lose your sense of self just because you’re in a relationship. Allowing yourself to get lost in your relationship is actually a choice that you make and it’s a choice that you shouldn’t be making at all. You don’t have to give up fundamental aspects of who you are just so you can accommodate another person into your life.

7.tThe best relationships are always the ones that don’t hold you back from being who you want to be. The best relationships are the ones that motivate and push you to become a person you never could have ever imagined becoming.

8.tBeing in a great relationship also teaches you the value of being sensitive. A lot of people will say that sensitivity is a weakness, but it isn’t. In fact, the strongest people are those who aren’t afraid to be in touch with their own feelings.

9.tThe idea that love alone is enough to sustain you is wrong and you shouldn’t buy into it. Relationships are always so much more complicated than that. It takes so much more than just love to make a relationship between two imperfect individuals work. Love is futile in a relationship where there is no commitment, effort, drive, intimacy, compatibility, and the willingness to make things work.

10.tCompatibility in a relationship isn’t always something that sprouts up naturally. But it’s definitely something that can be built between two people if you just try hard enough.

11.tLove isn’t always going to come whenever you call for it. It comes when it decides to come.

12.tWhen love does come knocking on your door, it is rarely ever going to look like the love that you imagined for yourself in your head.

13.tYou aren’t necessarily going to feel the magic and wonder that you expected to feel in the early stages of love and that’s normal.

14.tYou just have to always trust in the idea that the right love is there for you; and you just have to be patient and faithful enough to wait for it to present itself to you. You never really know what’s best for you until you get the chance to look back at the past.

15.tYou can’t use your relationship or your significant other as the final piece to your puzzle. A relationship isn’t going to give you the sense of completion that you so desperately want for yourself. A single person isn’t going to be able to fill the hole that you have in your life.

16.tYou aren’t going to have too many doubts about spending the rest of your life with the person you’re meant to be with. As clich as it may sound, when you know, then you know.

17.t It’s okay to have expectations going into a relationship. What isn’t okay is when your expectations are just downright unreasonable and impractical. And also, it’s okay for expectations to change and evolve as you age through your relationship with one another. Expectations are dynamic and they are supposed to adapt to the growing nature of your relationship.

18.tYou don’t find true love. You find something that looks like love, and you work like hell to make sure that it turns into something special.

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