18 Unromantic Signs That You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Even the most boring activities are a lot of fun.

  1. Even the most boring activities are a lot of fun. You don’t mind having to clean the house. You have lots of fun when you go grocery shopping. There is minimal hassle whenever you’re doing your taxes. It really doesn’t matter to you what you’re doing so as long as you’re doing it together.
  2. You could be eating dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town or you could be munching on cheap delivery pizza while lounging on the couch. You really couldn’t care less. You don’t always have to be out on the fanciest dates and eating the most expensive food. What’s important is that you are sharing a meal with one another.
  3. You don’t have to worry about how you look when you’re sleeping next to each other. You could have your mouth open and your saliva could be pouring down like a waterfall but it doesn’t really matter. You and your partner just love the fact that you get to go to bed every night with each other.
  4. He could be wearing the most dapper suit in the world; all decked out with a Hugo Boss tie and some fancy Cole Haans. She could be wearing the prettiest Versace dress in the world. Or, you could both be in a simple tee and sweatpants. It doesn’t matter. For each of you, you are prettiest when you are your simplest self.
  5. Sure, the lavish and expensive gifts are great. He loves that fancy wristwatch that you bought for him. And she loves that really nice necklace that you gave her for your anniversary. But none of that can ever match up to the simple and meaningful gestures that you do for each other on a daily basis. Sometimes, a heartfelt handwritten note could be worth more than the most expensive Rolex.
  6. You aren’t afraid of calling each other out. You know you have a partner who is okay with being called out. You have a relationship that allows for you to be completely honest with each other even when the truth can be difficult to hear.
  7. Your public image as a couple doesn’t mean much to you. You don’t feel the need to try to do PDA just to let your friends know how in love you are. You are very secure in the strength of your relationship and you don’t feel the need to prove it to anyone.
  8. You aren’t disgusted at the thought of each other’s bodily functions anymore. So she gets menstruation every month. Big deal. So he poops with the bathroom door open sometimes. No worries. You aren’t grossed out at the thought of each other actually being human.
  9. You have developed a semblance of a secret language that can be spoken and understood only by the two of you.
  10. You know each other so well that you can practically answer questions on behalf of one another. It seems like a simple thing, but it is a direct manifestation of how close you have grown together.
  11. You have some developed terms of endearment with each other and each of them have some special stories behind it. You have shared many memories with one another and they are special only to you.
  12. When your partner gets sick, you don’t get grossed out. It’s not icky for you. Instead, you start feeling sympathetic. Your maternal or paternal instincts kick in and you try to take care of your partner the best way that you can.
  13. You annoy each other every once in a while. Maybe sometimes a little more than usual. But that’s okay. You can even be honest about it with one another. That’s fine because you know that your relationship is built to withstand occasional annoyances.
  14. There’s no need for you to make small talk in order to repress the awkwardness of a situation. You are perfectly content with sitting in silence together without having to speak. There is no awkwardness between the two of you at all. Your bond transcends mere words.
  15. In fact, some of the most memorable moments in your relationship are those times where you aren’t even necessarily speaking to each other. You could both just be sitting there; enjoying each other’s company without having to utter a word.
  16. You make little pacts with each other and you never betray them. You don’t go to watch this movie alone because you know that she said she wants to watch it with you. You don’t visit a particular restaurant with your friends without forgetting to pack his favorite food for him because you know that he loves that place.
  17. You make each other laugh constantly. There is never a shortage of humor in the relationship.
  18. No matter what you do, no matter where you are, or no matter how you’re feeling; the only thing important for you is that you have each other.
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