18-Year-Old Influencer Defends Relationship with 60-Year-Old Man Amid Criticism

Keisha Louise, who is 18 years old and lives in Irvine, Scotland, is a popular fitness influencer on TikTok. She often posts videos on her account @nikeishalouise, giving glimpses of her life with her 60-year-old boyfriend, Dimitrios Fotis.

The couple seems really happy and frequently shares videos of their workouts at the gym. They seem to have connected through their shared interest in fitness and healthy eating.

However, some people on the internet are saying negative things about their relationship, thinking it’s not right.

Keisha and Dimitrios started dating around the beginning of 2022, and they’ve been a couple for almost two years, as per Keisha’s statement. Despite their time together, their relationship has faced strong criticism on social media, with numerous trolls leaving negative comments under their videos.

One person accused Keisha of being a “gold digger,” saying, “This is really now money can buy happiness.”

Another simply wrote, “Old,” making Keisha respond with, “Young and handsome actually.”

Someone else mentioned, “I got muted just for innocently saying it’s sweet that she was on a live with her grampa!! How childish. I didn’t know they were a couple!! Salty much.”

“Good luck changing his nappy when you’re 30,” another troll commented.

“I don’t understand why girls marry men twice and thrice their age. Like why? In this case, I am fairly certain this girl married this 60-year-old guy for his money. What other reason she could have to be with a man three times her age??????” asked another.

Instead of ignoring the mean comments, Keisha has shared more details about their relationship and even posted videos of their everyday lives.

Fortunately, some people have been more understanding of their unique relationship, and a few even shared that they also have a significant age difference with their partners.

One supportive comment read: “This is the cutest, this is true love age is just a number people need to stop being so quick to judge if you’re happy, girl, you’re happy.”

Another commented, “As long as ur both happy ignore what anyone else has to say that’s negative, this is adorable you both look so happy xx.”

A third follower wrote on her latest TikTok video, “The only thing that matters is that your both happy, forget what others have too say. Love this.”

“Don’t listen to the haters . If he treats you good that’s all that matters xx,” said another.

”I understand everyone questioning the huge age gap buf u do BOTH look HAPPY TOGETHER,” someone remarked.

In response, Louise shared, “This man has showed me love like no other and treated me like I should be treated. Two years and I’ve never felt so secure.”

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Source: TikTok

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