2 Things Happen when he holds you or hugs you. Understand the magic!

Among the many cravings in a relationship, embraces by your lover are the most wanted ones. Both the partners like it equally; being so close to them that you can feel their skin on yours and the warmth of their body; it is a lovely feeling, indeed. The picture of two people embracing each other is ever so comforting for both the eyes and the heart. When you look at such a picture, you just want to keep looking at it forever, and stay in the perfect world that an embrace creates around it for a finite period of time. That very depiction of closeness makes you wish for eternal happiness and love for the two people and you cannot hold yourself from wanting the same for yourself.

Magic happens when a guy embraces his girl. That embrace may last only for some moments but the magic it blossoms stays in the air and around for long. There cannot be a better way to express your love to a person; embracing them says it all. Even if your feelings are unsaid and you are trying to hold it in for some reason, you embracing her will say it. It is a language understood by every emotional being. Love is in its most innocent and purest form when a guy embraces his girl. Something incredible happens when he does so, something that is far away from logic and reasoning, something that you and I cannot explain, something that no one but only the two people embracing can understand, and something that makes them want more of it.

It is undeniable that you love his breath on your neck and his fingers among yours. Intimacy, happiness and comfort are some beautiful elements by which embraces are adorned and embraces, themselves, are the most subtle and soothing way of telling someone that they mean the world to you. That ˜incredible’ something that happens when a guy embraces a girl is indescribable and can only be felt, no matter how hard you try to tell your friend how it felt when he hugged you from behind. You will always feel his hands covering you when you will talk about it and you will always fail to explain to her how it exactly felt. You will be all smiles and your cheeks will blush of all the reminders and remainders of that embrace. Then again, your friend won’t ask more because the language of love and embrace is a language understood by every emotional being.


Do you ever feel like disappearing somewhere when you see two people embracing? Or do you feel like staying in the moment forever when your own man embraces you? I bet you do. No matter how realistic we are and how much we stay out of fantasies, the thought of an intimate embrace melts us, or me, at least. The wish to disappear upon seeing two people hugging is because of the perfect and flawless world they create around themselves while killing distances. We treasure that intimacy and the impeccably adorable environment and so we wish for it to stay the same, forever. Being ˜close’ to a person is magical, and the proof of it is that even when we are miles away from a person, physically, our hearts beat with theirs,

we say that we are ˜close’ to them. Closeness is underrated. The feeling of being close, both spiritually and physically, to a person should be cherished more so that embraces can be embraced even more, so that the incredible things that happen when a guy embraces a girl happen more often and so that the world could become a better place. On a less serious note, I have seen people who wish to be an octopus just so they could hug four or more people at a time. Embracing is just amazing, literally!

1. When He Wraps His Arms around Her

Sometimes, it is better to put love into embrace rather than in words. People may forget what you said, but they never forget how you made them feel, that is why the feeling of intimacy and comfort remain after a long time of hugging and cuddling. When a guy embraces his girl, he hugs her from behind and wraps her with his arms and then his whole body, he heals her and himself. Whatever insecurities or whatever problems juggle in their brains settle down in peace when he embraces his first woman, the closeness kills them all and the feeling of someone looking into you makes you feel better. We, humans, have the abilities to feel and to be empathetic therefore we crave another person’s heat and touch and need someone to soothe us in times of hardships.

Even if life is free of any huge problems, there is always something that worries us, but it all vanishes away when we are embraced. So, one of the incredible things that happen when a man embraces a woman is that both of them forget their worries and dive into calmness and quiet. When he hugs her and wraps her around with his body, he makes a circle, of which she is the center. They are two halves when they are away and when they get close, they complete the circle and become one. It is a circle of love and tenderness, compassion and passion and emotions and satisfaction. It is an unintended confirmation and a well-intended message that says, I am here for you., the circle they make is the ultimate expression of love.

He unknowingly tells her that she is the center of her world and no matter where he goes, he finds her, that everything in this world reminds him of her, and that his world will be hollow and empty without her, that he could not survive. He puts her in the center as if protecting her from everything bad that can possibly harm her. It is also one of the many ways to tell her that he cannot see her suffering and that he would be there to protect her, no matter what. He would love her, he would keep her happy and healthy and his world will always revolve around her. He speaks the language of love with her as he embraces her, and she understands it all very well. None of them speaks, or talks, yet both of them feel everything and opt to keep feeling it.

The warmth and the silence emanating from his hands and her body mesmerize them, and just like I said, they wish to stay like that forever. We have all wanted to pause life at a certain moment, a moment that made us feel better than anything we have ever felt; that same moment is felt by the man who embraces his woman and the woman who is embraced by her man. They wish by the core of their heart for life to stay as peaceful and problem-free as it is in the moment. The silence that prevails in their minds and the sea of continuous thoughts that calms down in their bodies is what makes them want more.

We love an escape from what takes away our happiness, and embraces are those escapes. They are the doors to an unlimited supply of a different kind of freedom. Embraces are freedom yet they bind us in two arms, embraces are openness yet they keep us close to a person, embraces are wider views yet all we can see while being embraced is the face of the person, embraces are like the best music ever yet the only thing we can listen to is his heartbeat.

2. Vulnerability, Comfort and Silence

While he embraces her, both of them are vulnerable, so vulnerable that they actually feel their emotions leaving their bodies and going into theirs, they feel a little afraid for their deep buried insecurities will pass onto him/her and they will read it. It is very humanly to fear vulnerability and if two people feel that fear while embracing, it is a sign that their love has taken over that hug. Sometimes, we also fear letting our inner child out in front of people. While he hugs you and you absolutely love the hug and are not ashamed of loving it, then it also tells that you are your true self in front of him. It is one of the most incredible things that happen when a man embraces his woman; she throws off all the masks and masquerades and is not afraid of letting them go.

Also, the man chooses to do the same, since he opts to hug her in the first place. He, too, is not afraid of letting go of his insecurities and share them with her. Being vulnerable is beautiful; emotionally depending on another person is not a weakness but something that makes us stronger. The word ˜vulnerable’ may sound like your inner being opening up stark naked to the whole world, but actually it is something that makes you comfortable and stronger as you let another person share your being.

Bil Keane quotes, A hug is like a Boomerang “ you get it back right away.

Another incredible thing that happens when a man embraces a woman is that they discover their levels of comfort. The embrace is as comfortable as soft bed full of feathers, no matter what he or she is wearing. Embracing provides comfort not because his woolen shirt is soft, but because his chest is so close to yours, because you feel like you are hidden away from the cruel world and you are safer than ever here, right here in his arms. The blanket of silence adds to the comfort and peace of an embrace. The world suddenly gets better and you feel lucky, for being pampered like this. Just standing and doing nothing had never been so comfortable before.

Silence is what makes the embrace even more beautiful. Just two souls glued to each other, listening to each other’s heartbeats and breaths, understanding the emotions without having to say anything at all. Nothing could be more natural. We often find it difficult to express what is in our hearts by words, so we take the help of actions. We want to stay quiet but we want to say everything at the same time, that is when embracing seems the most useful and effective thing to do. Silence is already a great virtue, combining it with the tenderness of an embrace just makes it greater and more soothing. Embracing the person you love is one of the best feelings in the world. No matter how many problems you are going through with them, a good warm hug or a long cuddle makes you happy and provides peace. Indeed, incredible things happen when a man embraces his woman.

Often, hugging your partner at the end of a long, tiresome day’s like¦ eating marshmallows with hot cocoa as you sit by a nice, warm fire on a cold winter night; like hearing your favorite song after years and singing alone to it even though you do not remember the lyrics; like looking up at the evening sky and stretching your hands up to feeling you can grab and pull it towards you; like a bird perched on your shoulder whispering to you that yes, everything will be alright, no matter what happens.

Loving embraces shared with your partner are living testament to the fact that everything will settle itself down in the right way in the end, that it’ll be okay in the end; and if it’s not okay then it’s not the end. The right sorts of embraces shared with the right person speak the words and emotions which the heart already knows. So the silence screaming inside the pits of your head and heart rises up like a phoenix from its ashes when you embrace the person you love.

As The Cure sang,

Remembering you fallen into my arms,

Crying for the death of your heart,

You were stone-white so delicate,

Lost in the cold,

You were always so lost in the dark¦

So when you share your inner emotions with your partner with a warm and loving embrace acting as the channeling link between you two, you find a way to be bigger and brighter and wider than snow indeed. You know those moments when you tell your partner something very intimate and personal and either one of you gets so overwhelmed with emotions that they emit from your being like wild rays shooting off from the sun in every direction? Well, what happens to those emotions then, most of the time? Ever noticed that? Yes, an embrace “ most of the time anyway.

You open this side of you, a side you had closed a long time ago but then you let it all out, and you notice the words as they leave you “ how rusted they are “ and the next thing you know, your arms are wrapped around that person or vice versa. Because simply put, those kinds of emotions jut out of you like a hungry storm and the only place they find to shelter themselves is that warm space between hearts and minds of two people who truly, genuinely love and want the best for each other. We all need these shelters in our rusted lives, shelters to calm these storms and floods of emotions, don’t you think?

There’s nothing in the world two people embracing each other with compassion want in that moment than to feel each other in their hearts. It’s like in a way, silently, this is what both the hearts and hence the feelings of two people locked in a loving embrace are whispering to each other:

Wait for me there, I will not fail; to meet thee in that hollow wail.

-Lord Byron

Embraces with your loved one also have some biological advantages, if you come to think of it. For instance, in agreement to some research done in the past, a chemical is released when two people embrace each other and this hormone has proven to reduce stress levels. In other words, it quiets down all those screechy voices in your head that are either telling you life sucks or that make you lapse into a sea of depression.

When you hug the person you love, a certain takes over your mind “ it’s those voices in your head quieting down and you feel at peace, in a way. Ever notice that? So one way or the other, a hug is a safe haven especially in moments when your mind feels like a pandemonium club; when your soul is shackled by so in restlessness from all sides and when your heartstrings are way too broken. Words more than often limit the love you wish to pour on your partner “ a love purer than the morning sky, a love louder than life itself. And there’s no better way to express that than a silent embrace shared with them where you let your guard down and openly invite them to explore your vulnerability.

Because, there is no running when your partner has you in the safety and warmth of their embrace, what with all the right pressure just when you need it to bring the tiredness out of you and make you feel loved and cared for. Having one-night stands is easier; sex is never a question of feelings when both the people involved know there is no long-lasting goal or love or any such thing involved. It is one thing to be naked physically and just stay in it for the physical part of it; everyone can do it. But it is entirely something else to strip down those bandages from off your soul, let someone in and become a part of them and let them be a part of you as you both embrace each other with that louder-than-life love.

Now that is exposing yourself in the truest sense of the word. Not many can do it. So this is what a hug with your partner makes you do: expose the best and the worst parts of you but having them being caressed with the loving and thoughtful touch of your partner. So last but not the least, why do you need that warm, peaceful and loving embrace from your guy no matter the what and the how and the why behind it might be? Well, these lyrics could not define it any better:

Just wrap me in your arms, in your arms

I don’t wanna be nowhere else

Take me from the dark, from the dark

I ain’t gonna make it myself

Put your arms around me

Let your love surround me

I am lost.

– Can You Hold Me, NF

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  1. He never hugs me. When I hug him, he just stands there stiff and does not meld into the hug. There is no emotional feeling I get from him.
    There is definitely something wrong here.

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