20 Signs They’re Cheating On You

In relationships, sometimes, things don’t work out the way that you want them to. Sometimes, you’re going to have to deal with the fact that people make mistakes and sometimes screw up. However, there are certain screwups in relationships that are forgivable. Maybe they forgot to pick up the laundry. Perhaps they raised their voice at you out of frustration. They might have said the wrong thing while talking to you. These are all little things that one can easily move past from. However, it’s completely different when someone makes the mistake of cheating in a relationship.

There are no ifs, and, or buts about it. When someone cheats in a relationship, they are in the wrong. They are the one who screwed up. And it can really hurt to discover that the person you loved has cheated on you. It can sometimes feel like your entire world has just been flipped on its own head. And while there is no way to ever eliminate the pain of getting cheated on completely, there is a way that you would be able to alleviate it: expectation.

In cases of cheating, it’s not just the act of being betrayed that can cause you pain. It’s the fact that you’ve been made a fool out of all this time that can really hurt. However, if you are able to sniff out the clues yourself, then maybe you can start to condition your heart to the prospect of your partner cheating on you. Then, maybe, it becomes easier to bear once you discover more about their infidelity.

It’s difficult to accept, let alone process the bitter truth that your partner is cheating on you. Because you don’t expect them to hurt you in any imaginable way, it seems surreal when you find out about it. It’s even worse when you confront them and they deny it. You know deep down that they’re keeping something from you and the relationship is not what it used to be, but you keep shrugging off that feeling. You keep telling yourself that it’s probably nothing and your mind is playing games with you. Maybe so, but if that feeling persists, you should do something about it. There’s a good chance that your partner is cheating on you if you start noticing the following signs:

1. They feel like you’re interrogating them

Even if it’s something as simple as asking them about their day, they get irritated and try to make you feel bad for your harmless inquiry. You may think that they’re in a mood, but can someone be irritable all the time? I don’t think so. If they’re unable to answer innocent questions, it’s a pretty clear sign that they are in fact hiding something from you. And it would be your biggest mistake to ignore it.

2. They dodge your calls when they’re out

Lately, they fail to find time to answer your calls or get back to you. The reason usually is work or friends or family. And if they don’t call you back, it’s because they conveniently forgot to do so. No one would fail to notice the change. The person, who was once comfortable talking to you around their friends and family, suddenly doesn’t feel the same way anymore. Maybe it’s time you get them to see you and talk about it.

3. They avoid seeing you

Well if anything, this definitely should be a wake-up call. Yes, people get busy, too busy at times, but if they can find time for everyone else but you, it’s pretty obvious that something’s off about the situation. That friend who they’re supposedly always meeting, maybe it’s a time you knew a little more about the friend.

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