20 Sketchy Signs That Your Ex Still Hasn’t Moved On From You

Your ex still hasn’t moved on from you.

Breakups aren’t always going to be so clean and effortless. In fact, a lot of breakups are just downright messy and ugly. And sometimes, they can be so toxic to the point where you just really want to rid yourself of all the toxicity and move on to better things. You want to leave your ex in the rear view mirror and you never want to look back. You make the choice to just call it quits and you try your best to stand strong by that decision.  

But what if your ex hasn’t gotten over you just yet? What if he’s still trying to put the moves on you? What if he still wants to give things another try? How can you tell? What can you do? Well, read on to find out the signs that your ex still hasn’t moved on from you.

1.tHe still goes out of his way to try and make contact with you in any shape or form.

2.tHe makes a genuine effort into trying to bump into you in public places as if by accident.

3.tHe makes passive-aggressive posts on his social media platforms that are really addressed to you.

4.tHe somehow manages to show up for you during your most vulnerable moments.

5.tHe still makes an effort to keep in touch with your closest friends and family.

6.tHe asks your mutual friends about you because he constantly wants updates regarding your life.

7.tHe brings up nostalgic memories of your good times together whenever you get the opportunity to talk.

8.tHe makes an effort to be sweet and romantic with you whenever you’re talking.

9.tHe doesn’t really try to see or entertain other girls even though you’ve been broken up for a long time already.

10.tIf he does manage to try dating another girl, it’s a girl who could virtually pass as a carbon copy of you because he still wants someone who is exactly like you.

11.tHe makes an extra effort to try and catch up with you during the holiday season.

12.tHe acts completely weird, silly, and just plain unnatural whenever he gets around you.

13.tHe still engages in the activities that he used to do when you were still together.

14.tHe makes a conscious effort to try to make you jealous.

15.tYour gut is telling you that he’s not over you just yet.

16.tHe tells you consistently that he’s very upset with you and that he hates you. But that’s not the case. He hates that he isn’t with you. If he really did hate you, he wouldn’t be talking to you anymore.

17.tHe does his best to maintain open communication lines with you even after you’ve broken up.

18.tHe outright tells you that he still needs you to be with him.

19.tHe tries to completely block and erase all signs of your existence from his life because to him, a life where he can’t be in a relationship with you is a terrible life to have.

20.tHe will try to spread bad rumors about you to make it seem like he won the breakup.

So that’s essentially it. You just have to make sure that you stay vigilant. Try to keep an eye out for some of those signs so that you can get a better read of the situation you’re in. Once you have a good idea of where your ex stands with regards to your current situation, then you can come to a decision on what you want to do about it. If you feel like you want to give things another try, then go ahead and get after it.

You already know that your ex wants the same things anyway. But if you know that you no longer want anything to do with your ex and they’re still exhibiting these signs, then you can either just outright reject them or just make an effort to stay as far away from them as possible. You can’t let yourself be a slave to the situation. You can’t allow yourself to be the one who is manipulated here. The ball is in your court and you get to decide what you want to do with it.

Breakups are never easy. You fall in love with someone and you have to call it quits because things get so difficult. So you can’t be too weirded out if you ever find out that your ex is still harboring some major feelings for you. But that doesn’t mean that your ex is entitled to you having to reciprocate those feelings. You still get to decide what you want to do. You still have the final say here. Just try to figure out what you want and then do whatever your heart tells you to do. Always try to pursue happiness.

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