20 Things That A Man Will Do If He Truly Loves You With All Of His Heart

Sometimes, you’re just not going to be sure whether the guy you’re with is truly in love with you or not. Sure, he can say that he loves you. But you also know that there are so many guys out there who are toxic and manipulative; guys who would say whatever just to get a girl to trust them. And you don’t want to fall victim to such a man. But you don’t want to be closing yourself off to a man’s love entirely either.

So, what do you do?

Well, you only ever want to be investing yourself in a guy who you know is truly in love with you. And how would you be able to tell? Well, this article is going to try to give you a clearer picture of what this man truly looks like. A man who truly loves you is a man who wouldn’t hesitate to do these things:

1. He acts nicely towards your friends because it’s important to him that they have a good impression of him.

2. He really makes it a point to plan amazing date nights with you because he never wants you to feel like he takes you for granted or that you’re not worth the effort.

3. He doesn’t really hold you back when you want to let loose and have fun at the bar. And if you get drunk, he always makes sure to take care of you and get you home safely.

4. He waits for you to get home before he watches the latest Game of Thrones episode because he knows that you want to watch it together with him even though he’s itching to see it already.

5. He brags about you to his friends and family because he is genuinely proud of everything that you are and all the things that you accomplish in your life.

6. He willingly takes a million photos of you whenever you ask him to even though he knows you’re only doing it for your Instagram feed.

7. He lets you choose the movies that you’re going to see for date night even though he isn’t really fond of your choices. He just wants to spend time with you.

8. He gives you a lot of surprise kisses and hugs just so that you know that he’s always willing to get affectionate with you.

9. He lets you take a bite of his food even though he’s really hungry because he knows that you really do love eating.

10. He makes it a point to ensure that your family has a favorable view of him. He knows that it’s so important to you that your family actually likes him.

11. He always supports you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. He never wants to serve as a kind of shackle or barrier that will keep you from achieving your heart’s deepest desires.

12. He accompanies you to events and parties that even you don’t want to go to just because he doesn’t want you to feel like you’re alone. He’s always willing plus one for you.

13. He cooks dinner for you and he makes sure it’s ready by the time you get home so that you won’t have to worry about it after a long and tiring day at work.

14. He buys you random gifts or flower bouquets on random days because he doesn’t think that expressions of love should only be reserved for special occasions.

15. He always makes sure to text you first thing in the morning whenever he wakes up and he always texts you goodnight before he falls asleep.

16. He has a light and funny conversation with you to brighten up your mood but he’s also willing to have deep and serious conversations with you about life and the universe.

17. He constantly reassures you that the two of you have a future together and he always shows a willingness to talk about your plans as a couple.

18. He never holds back his feelings for you. He doesn’t shy away from letting it be known to you and to the world just how much he loves you.

19. He always stays patient with you even when you are at your absolute worst. He never makes you feel bad or guilty for making mistakes or for being human. He makes you feel loved and accepted regardless of your shortcomings.

20. He shows a willingness to put your needs above his own. He’s become completely selfless and he always makes sure that your needs are being met and that your expectations are being fulfilled.

  1. Well it can be true only when a man truly loves you for real buh so many men outside there can pretend to be even more than those two things just to see the color of your panties alone.. If you want to know more message me at Facebook Umar Ladan,buh this is wah I’ll tell you about love…………….
    Love is a temporary scam created through by mind friction dah confuses the human heart and conphisticate it into a mental disorder which brings a very tin line between hate n like.

  2. I am inspired of what I am reading right now…
    I was deprived by most of the things listed in here because of letting him manipulate my life, and I thought it’s love but now, I felt sorry because I thought wrong…

    At last, I started again for my restored life… and reading an English write ups is the new start. I almost forgot reading but now, I regained what I have lost…

  3. It would be nice if women would recognize, appreciate and reciprocate when we do all of these things and more.

    1. It sure would be would nice to find a man who recognizes those of us who actually are that way…

  4. I’m torn on this… He seemed to check al boxes, until I got to numbers 19 and 20. (and he’s been wishy-washy lately on number 17).
    17 out of 20 on this list can’t be all that bad can it????

  5. It’s hard to believe that men like this actually exist nowadays. Most will check off a lot of these points but eventually get complacent. Once they feel that they have your heart they start to decrease their efforts and get comfortable with you. I’m a giver. I’m all in when I’m in love. It’s been hard to find someone who reciprocates the same way.

  6. Strange he does not do any of them but he said we are boyfriend and girlfriend. I just don’t believe it. We are just friends. And not with benefits either.

  7. My ex did all of this…but he’s a narrastics..and all narrastics do this they are very good at this so I don’t believe this

  8. My husband used to do all those things when we were dating. But some how as my husband he forgets that I would love to feel special too . He got in this routine of playing video games and working and then it’s like I have been replaced with all videos and games on it Xbox and phone I feel like I have been kicked in the heart because I love my husband but to become second to everything. Plus when you ask him to help around the house he literally blames you for shit falling apart and telling you it’s your fault. But the he finds out what happened and it is still considered to be your fault because no matter what it’s just your fault like any other situation. I can’t mess up like a human. But he can mess up all the time because he is human. I’m supposed to be a perfect wife who doesn’t do anything wrong . I have to cook clean and do laundry plus have a job to support my family. And that just is not enough for him .

    1. AGREE….. as we get older (I’m 68) we realize that what is done in the beginning of a relationship is due to infatuation and trying to impress the other. THEN real life and truthful selves come out….. 🤷‍♀️😎🤪

  9. Wow, I’m listening to the comments my heart goes out to everyone who doesn’t believe that good men do exist. You have to first love yourself and know your worth, be confident in who you are. Don’t look for someone to make you happy or to make you feel good about yourself . Be patient 🙏 it’s a good thing.

    1. Good men DO EXIST, but once the relationship is established, you stop trying to impress each other.

  10. to whoever wrote this out believe it – get real…
    1.) the guy described here doesn’t exist
    2.) even if he does, the only woman who deserves him is the one willing to do the same in return… so ask yourself: would you? …because if not that but you’re expecting it then you’re just spoiled entitled princess looking for a slave, so best stop dreaming and get real 😛

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