21 Moments in a Relationship that Prove You Are TOTALLY a Couple

You are THE couple.

Relationships have these little spontaneous cheesy moments that are awfully ridiculous but are also those that make you realize how badly you love and are used to that person.

We are sure you can relate to most of them if you have/had the element of comfort with your partner in the relationship.

  1. Silly Arguments:

That moment when you two actually fight over things as small as pillows and keys and who loves who more; you actually fight to prove that you love them more than they do when you already know that there is no competition and the reason why you are continuing with the silly argument is not known to either of you.

  1. Enjoying Procrastinating:

When you two just sit on the couch doing nothing and enjoying it together. You give them this expression that says, I love you for being useless with me in this moment and their face goes like, me too. You love doing nothing with them because they make you feel proud of it.

  1. Totally Random Thoughts:

When you are walking on the street or doing some work and a memory of something funny that happened or you did with them pops up in your mind and you uncontrollably laugh out loud, getting everyone’s attention. You may feel embarrassed that very moment but you know you are going to laugh again.

  1. Keep Going:

You text them and you tell them about the funny thing that you can’t stop laughing about, because you want them to laugh with you. And when you are done talking about that funny thing, you try to keep the conversation going because you just love feeling their presence around you. 

  1. True Story:

When one of you says something dramatically romantic like, You mean the world to me or I don’t think I can live without you, you realize that you actually mean those things. You feel that all the cheesy one-liners in movies are actually true when it comes to you and him/her.

  1. A Little Something:

You find yourself smiling widely on almost anything he/she says in the day just because you cannot stop thinking about how great they are and how quickly they can change your mood. Just a little text from them like miss ya or See you tonight makes your whole day.

  1. That’s Us:

When you are watching a movie or anything on TV with them and a romantic or intimate scene comes up, you intuitively look at them just to find them looking at you. You two share an expression that says, That’s totally us and go back to watching it because that is kind of embarrassing.

  1. Cheesy is Good:

The You hang up-No, you hang up moment that you once thought was a stupid thing to do now becomes routine because you actually do not want to stop talking to them. It may be the cheesiest thing to do and you may feel embarrassed in front of people but who cares? It is you and your love.

  1. Can’t Get Enough:

When minutes after finally hanging up the call, one of you calls again just to say Good night or I love you because you forgot to say it the last time. And no, you just could not go to sleep without saying Good Night and I love you because it is a habit.

  1. Share a Laugh:

When one of you is in the bathroom and sends a text or a funny picture to the other one to laugh alone first and then together later, because at first, you were eager to share the funny thing with them but you also wanted to be there to see their reaction. 

  1. Share Everything:

You want to share everything with them that happens in the day. You want them to be the first one to listen to good news or even bad news even if it won’t make any difference. You want to share with them the little things that make you happy because they don’t make you as happy as they do when he/she listens to it.

  1. Nothing Beats You:

When you have had a long day and all you want to do is to hug them and lie in their arms until you sleep. You realize while listening to their heartbeat that you will always crave this sound and that there will never be anyone else that will make you feel as comfortable as them.

  1. Tears of Joy:

When you find yourself tearing up while only thinking about your relationship, which means that you have finally known how it feels like to cry out of joy and what your relationship is worth. You like that joy more than anything you have ever found peace in.

  1. You Start Believing:

When you are generally grateful for everything in your life and your outlook about everything changes because you finally feel like what the universe ever did for you helped you have this amazing relationship. You start believing in patterns, you feel love for life and Everything happens for a reason becomes your motto.

  1. No Empty Future:

When you start considering meeting them the best thing to have happened to you. You think more and more about how was life before and you compare before and after, that is when you realize that finding them was a key moment in your life. You cannot imagine a life without them. You cannot think of an empty future. 

  1. Their Absence:

When they are going out of town for a while and you do all kinds of things to tell them how much you are going to miss them, besides saying it again and again. You go at lengths to express your attachment and find it hard to not miss them when they finally leave.

  1. Strength and Bond:

When they randomly squeeze your hand tight and you think that the power with which you are holding hands defines the strength of your bond and you never want to be weak.

  1. Always Up-and-going:

For you, normal becomes boring. You get used to spending time with them which, in your opinion, is the best time you spend. And hen they are not around and everything is normal, it is pretty boring and plain.

  1. Harder than Imagined:

When being alone teaches lessons. You stay alone for a while and you realize that it is harder than you had imagined. So you realize that life is perfect with them and you would always prefer being with them. You may have been ‘me time’ lover but not anymore.

  1. You Worry:

When he/she gets stuck in a situation and you cannot reach them so you start presuming and imagining possible and impossible things that could have gone wrong. You pray and hope that they are fine and nothing goes wrong, because they are a part of you now.

  1. Life and Death Together:

When you think of dying, it is with them. You find yourself hoping that when you two die, it is together, holding hands like in ‘The Notebook’. That seems pretty sane to you, because you cannot imagine living without each other.

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