21 realistic New Year resolutions every man and woman should strive for

A new year is a great time to filter all the wrongs out of your life and bring changes for the good. The most practical way is to start with small achievable goals. Small or big, an achievement is an achievement. It gives your ego a boost once you get used to the feeling of accomplishment you will strive hard to get the best for yourself. Remember these resolutions are for you!

  1. Stick to the resolution

The first part of your resolution should be to stick with the resolution no matter what. Keep your goals simple and keep your mind clear start with a, I can do it! Once you have done a few, you yourself would be eager to finish the list.

  1. Do a little something extra for yourself

You need to know and acknowledge that you are important. Give yourself a treat; go to a Spa get a massage, buy yourself a dress or a pair of shoes, get a haircut style your hair do anything that makes you feel good. This will give you the kind of boost you need to get through the rest of the list!

  1. Quit an addiction

I will not ask you to quit a serious addiction like smoking or drinking, because that would be nearly impossible. I have an eating addiction and obviously I cannot quit my addiction right away I don’t have the determination it would take. So I sat down and made a list of things that are really fattening and I cannot keep away from. I decided that I am going to quit drinking coke.

  1. Build confidence

You need to build confidence about one thing you feel most insecure about. I feel very venerable without my eyeliner and I have decided that I will go without eyeliner for a whole entire week.

  1. Join a gym and lose that belly

This one is an absolute necessity for some of us. I know that it hurts when people judge you for being unhealthy, but what hurts the most is how difficult it has become to carry out simple chores and how we struggle with our own bodies on daily basis. I have put on over 20 pounds over the last year. This might be due to the four miscarriages I have had but I need to lose weight, for myself!

  1. You need to get a job

For those of you who don’t have a job, get one even if it’s small and pays less. Doing something is better than doing nothing, plus the experience will help you get a better job.

  1. Pay off any debts that you might have

Pay them off! Pay them all off; just trust me on this you will go to bed such a content man. The job will help you in paying them all off.

  1. Start saving money you might need it someday

I absolutely suck at this; I need to learn how to save. I will be a broke ass if I don’t learn to save up soon!

  1. Try to improve your grades

For those of you who go to schools and collages you need to improve your grades maybe not straight A’s but how about a C or B? Start off little and then transition to the big things.

  1. Go on a vacation

Go somewhere you love, with friends or family. Vacate yourself from the stressful situations you endure every day. A positive change will always bring out the best in you.

  1. Explore dream discover

The world is beautiful and you need to learn more about it. You don’t actually need to go outdoors if you don’t have the time to. Join an appreciation club maybe?

  1. Get struck by a cupid

Are you in love? Go confess it to her. Life is too small to wait, it doesn’t give second chances! Are you already with someone? Try to fall in love with your partner all over again and find a new reason to love her or him!

13. Try to help someone

Okay, this one is an absolute favourite of mine! Help someone every day you can do it! It’s not hard at all and totally worth it. You will go to bed thinking I did something good and meaningful today!

  1. Try not to waste water

Do you know millions of men, women and children die every day from thirst? So save water, a glass you conserve today might save someone’s life!

15. Be responsible

Even if it’s something you did wrong, own up to it. Humans make mistakes and that’s okay. Try to make things right.

16. Conquer your tantrums

I don’t have any specific tantrums but if you do, do this next time you are about to throw a fit. Bite onto your pillow as hard as you can, and you will instantly feel a calm come over you. This worked for me when I was a child! Remember to make sure it’s your pillow.

  1. Be productive do something

Do something productive every day. Wash the dishes, clean your room, give someone useful advice, help your parents out, walk the dog, take out the trash or any similar task. Be the best of who you are!

  1. Stop littering

This is probably the easiest of them all; stop littering, it’s a very bad thing to do. So, next time you have a strong urge to throw you junk all around the place don’t, throw it in the nearest dustbin or hold it until you find one.

  1. Overcome a fear

Face your fears, or do something daring. This doesn’t mean you jump off a building if you fear heights but if it’s serious, seek therapy.

20. Unleash the hidden angel in you

Be the courteous little thing that you are and be nice to people. Start by wearing a smile on your face, or hold the door open for someone. It can be anything and you should be proud of it. A warm good morning or a sweet good night won’t hurt anyone.

21. You need to learn how to manage time

You need to be punctual, heck I need to be punctual! Start by this if you can do it in 5 minutes, do it right now!

22. Let go of the pain

Let go of one thing that brings a lot of heart ache to you! It could be a bad job, a toxic relationship or anything else. If you can’t let go, talk about it all with someone who has experience and gives the best advice.

Don’t justВ stopВ here. Once you are done with the little things, move to the bigger ones.

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