21 Skeletons in Your Relationship Closet You Barely Talk About

Many a times in our relationship, we do not pay heed to this-is-how-it-should-go part. What we ignore comes crawling back to us full circle. We remain silent on things that matter. This silence leads to a sense of loneliness, like a flower growing in our heart except that this flower does not need watering. The silence keeps it growing. Love, of whatever kind or definition, becomes more like a ghost: we talk about it without seeing it. This makes us think anything outside of romantic love is mediocre, a lie making the truth of love seem fragile all because we choose to remain silent on things that matter.

1. Too much of anything saps the mind’s vigor. Why would relationships be any different? A seed we all want planted in our soul’s Eden. There comes a point when we feel like we are putting too much into our relationship.

The phrase "relationships are hard" may seem an understatement sometimes, but it rings true when you work day in day out for your relationship. You will feel like it is "not going anywhere."

2. You might see someone who you will form an infatuation with. But you may find yourself asking, ‘Am I meant to be with this person?’. Not sharing this with your partner won’t give you assurance of their love for you… something that could really bring your head back from the clouds, making you see your relationship’s solidity.

3. Your significant other will sometimes take their anger out on you, you being their only vessel. This can make you feel over-burdened.

4. Romance is a candy all lovers bite on. It turns sour in the process too. Romantic relationships are all the more hard to maintain because both persons involved experience things at a heightened level.

5. Wanting to be with your partner and wanting to be alone at the same time is a common dilemma which leads you hanging in the middle.

6. In relationships where ego and doubt still survive, persons involved might have second thoughts about how love is supposed to save the day. Maybe my days cannot be saved after all, is what they start to think at one point.

7. Bitterness of reality might get to you. We cannot always build a concept of what we want from the future based on the present direction our relationship is taking. Love is a game. Not everyone can play it. Yet, we do not say what we should when its rules really begin to drill us.

8. Cooperation is water for a relationship to grow. If both partners agree to disagree, they will both end up in a forest of their own, no help from the other.

9. Confrontations are often ignored and matters are made all the more worse that way. It is always better to let everything out in the open.

10. Being in a relationship does not, in any way, erase or lessen your individuality. The fact that you have to bend your life to match your partner’s can be unacceptable for you. It would be like snatching stars from a sky… a sky your significant other might not even believe exists in the first place.

11. Miscommunication of conversations between your partner leads to more misunderstanding.

12. We all feel lost sometimes; and many a times when we feel the urge to be alone, it is when we inherently desire to be found somehow. The fact that we want our partner to just realise it by themselves – and when they don’t – makes us feel all the more frustrated.

13. Accepting yourself first will make your partner accept you too. Otherwise, it will only disintegrate the relationship.

14. Comparing your relationship with others’ can be damaging.

15. Truth becomes a multi faced concept in relationships. You may want the truth but not want to hear it. Likewise, you will want to speak truthfully but it will not come out as clearly as you would like it to be.

16. Materialism might get in the way of a healthy relationship. They will lay a repugnant curtain on the love you started out thinking as "pure."

17. Full-time investment in a relationship can make you feel suffocated. You will long for personal freedom.

18. Often, your past might haunt you hence hindering your capability to be more in your current relationship.

19.В  In the process of tending to your partner’s emotional state, you might lose track of your own.

20. Often, what you feel is beneficial for you might not be so for your significant other. Walking towards the road to somewhere good might be the road that takes you away from your partner.

21. Dissimilarities exist between persons in a relationship but love seldom resolves them. Only logic and hard work can.

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