21-Year-Old Australian Influencer Left with “Forehead Horns” After Eyebrow Lift Goes Wrong

Featured Images via Jessie Carr on TikTok & Instagram

This story comes from Sydney, Australia. It’s about a 21-year-old influencer, Jessie Carr, who got an eyebrow lift procedure done called the Fox Eye Thread Lift – it’s supposed to raise your eyebrows much like a fox, as the name states.

But things went horribly wrong, her procedure left her with swollen forehead edges that looked like horns. She spent around $2000 to get the procedure done and was expecting amazing results, but it went the other way and she ended up regretting it.

Jessie, posting a video on TikTok, showed what the fox eye thread lift did to her face.

Jessie got this eyebrow lift done back in October, 2021. The procedure consists of biodegradable threads that are inserted into the skin and it’s very widely used by celebrities and influencers with amazing results – such was not the case with Jessie. The threads ended up causing massive swelling on her forehead.

Jessie, making the best out of her situation, posted another video on TikTok where she jokingly wrote:

“When you have plans to go out this weekend but realise you’re still gonna look like megamind by then”

Jessie decided to get the threads removed by her surgeons and got a refund of $1100 for going through this traumatizing and painful ordeal. Her threads could either be removed surgically or be dissolved inside of her skin through a procedure called Ultaformer – she chose the latter.

She shares how it’s not worth it to go through this:

‘It’s definitely not worth it, it doesn’t work and it left me looking botched like this!’

Even though Jessie’s procedure didn’t go as planned, we simply love how she stayed smiling throughout the process and got it taken care of by standing strong. You keep doing you, queen!

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Jessie Carr on TikTok

Images & Featured Images via Jessie Carr on TikTok & Instagram

  1. Wowww…Sorry, girl, your obsession for “false” beauty turned your facial look like a white gorilla…I was looking at your old and original look and you’re beautiful – just beautiful on the outside, but I don’t know inside…You must be snorting cocaine when you decided to do what you did on your old beautiful face…!! But did you ask your “stupid doctor” if the procedure can be reversed?

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