22 Signs You’re Going To Marry Your Boyfriend Someday

Don’t, ever, let him go!

You have been with your dream guy for a while now and things cannot possibly go better. It’s only natural that you are now thinking of spending the rest of your life with him because why won’t you? He has been giving you everything that you ever wanted and needed in a partner. He treats you like a princess and you feel like you are the only girl in the world. While all these things are great, marriage is a huge commitment and before embarking on this life journey, one has to be sure. Till death do us part is one of the most sacred pledges and before you make one, you have to be absolutely sure.

We have gathered a few universal signs of the man you should definitely marry:

1. You are the only girl in the world

He makes you feel like you are his entire universe, you are the only girl he sees. When you are around him, the world ceases to exist and all his energies are a focus on you and his relationship with you. He treats you the way you need to be treated without you having to ask him. He knows what you want and when you want it. To him, you are the only human on this planet.

2. He wants to share everything with you first.

You dream guy only needs your validation and due to that reason, he shares everything with you first. News of a promotion, argument with a co-worker, flat-tire and all aspects of his life are shared with you first and it doesn’t matter if those things are big or small, you are the first person to know them always.

3. You come first

He provides you with all the comfort and happiness that you need. He has put your needs and happiness above his all and he always will do his utmost efforts for you. Making sacrifices for you will make him happy and he will do things that he knows will make you proud.

4. Spending time with you is one of his top priorities

He loves spending time with you to a point where you are certain that he will never have enough of you. When you two are together boredom does not dare to come near. The time spent together is magical even the silences are meaningful and comforting because you two feel secure in each other’s company. And you know what? You are right, this feeling will never change, it will only grow stronger with time.

5. Communication is as effective as it can be

The communication between you and your partner is as comfortable and effective as it can get. You two feel comfy while sharing anything with one another. There is no communication gap or fear while voicing your opinions and differences.c

6. Unconditional Acceptance

He does not care about your past or your bad habits. To him, you are perfect and in the present, you two have your own little world where no outside visitors are allowed. You two accept each other unconditionally and it doesn’t matter what people think or say about you. All you care about is the respect you hold for one another.

7. Respect

You two respect one another and all things encompassing the self. You do not try to change one another and you respect one another’s’ opinion enough to not manipulate into changing each other’s behavior. The level of respect is so high that you two end up supporting everything the other has to do or say.

8. No insecurity

There is absolutely no insecurity in your relationship because you two know that there is no way you won’t end up together. The two of you are sure of the future and there is no jealousy or insecurity. You have invested too much love and hard work into the relationship that neither of you can break the other person’s trust.

9. Trust

The level of mutual trust is so high that you two can stay away for the week but don’t feel like the other person is doing something they shouldn’t be doing. You two tell one another everything and there are no secrets. Even the passwords are known.

10. Sexual attraction

After all this time, you two are still physically drawn to one another all the time to a point where your friends have jokingly complained that you two can’t keep your hand off one another. There is still that spark of physical intimacy and you two engage in such activities whenever the need arises.

11. Emotional attraction

As well as physical attraction, the emotional attraction is still alive if not stronger. You two rely on each other for your emotional needs and in fact, he is the only person who can fulfill the emotional intimacy aspect of your life. No man has or ever come close to being this emotionally attached to you.

12. Listening

He listens to you without judgment. He is a great listener when it comes to you even if he is deaf with others. Even if you have to talk about some of the relationship aspects that are bothering you, he will listen without getting defensive or offended. In fact, nothing offends him anymore because he understands you so well and always knows where something is coming from.

13. Handling arguments the right way

As is the case with all relationships, arguments are a natural part of cohabitation. Humans argue, so do couples. But in your case, he handles the arguments elegantly and makes sure that they never go out of hand. Even when he counter-argues he makes sure that he doesn’t say anything to hurt you.

14. The future

Your future with him seems bright. Every time you two talk about it, you see yourselves happy and contented. Moreover, you two talk about the future frequently and plan things together all the time.

15. Respects your family and friends

Your dream guy respects your family and your friends. In fact, they are quite fond of him and love his company. Why won’t they? He is a charming guy and everybody sees how much he loves and adores you. When you two are together, your family and friends can actually feel the chemistry in the air.

16. Emotional consistency

He is always emotionally stable. He is an individual and not just a product of his various phases. He knows what he wants in life and knows how to get it. He is decisive and follows through. He does not have sudden temper outbursts and he definitely does not scare you with his aggression.

17. Ambition

He has the ambition to grow. He cares about his future and often talks about his plans to climb the career ladder. He is not lazy or comfortable in his little corner. He wants to achieve things in life and he believes in constant growth. He understands that comfort is the killer of creativity and therefore, he always goes out of his comfort zone for both you and his career.

18. He inspires you

His ambition and spark make you want to improve yourself too. He inspires you to do all the things that you had always wanted to do but were too scared to. Now, things are different and you have his full support and you can do anything!

19. You talk about having a family

He knows how much you like kids and wants to have your own someday. You know he will be a great father to your children. When you imagine a future with him, you imagine a happy and healthy family and deep down, you know that it is not just in your imagination but it definitely will come true one day.

20. Decision making is mutual

He always asks for your opinion before deciding on anything. He doesn’t do it in a co-dependent way, even though he is perfectly capable of taking his own decisions, he consults you first. And so do you, all the decisions taken in your household are based on mutual consideration.

21. Friendship

Most importantly, he is your friend. You can talk to him about anything and at the end of the day, you know he is there for you at all costs. He will listen to you and provide a shoulder of support when you need it the most.

22. No bodily insecurities

Okay! This one is a little gross but true. You two are perfect with each other’s natural bodily processes. No longer you need to leave the room to burp or fart. No longer you have to close the door while using the restroom and no longer you need to dress up or put makeup on when you really don’t want to. There is comfort in knowing that you are accepted even in your natural cavemen attitude.

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