Man, 24, Who Married Grandma-Of-17 Responds To People Trolling Their Age Gap

This is a story of a man named Quran and a woman named Cheryl. Quran is 24-years-old and Cheryl is 61-years-old, the couple shares a 37-year-gap. They regularly post about their relationship on TikTok and are usually met with more hate than love.

Cheryl, who’s a grandmother to 17 children, met Quran when he was working for Cheryl’s son at a restaurant. They didn’t develop feelings back then. But in late 2020, they met again and really hit it off emotionally.

On 3rd September, they tied the knot and live-streamed the wedding on their TikTok. The couple was met with more negative remarks than acceptance from a wide audience.

Here are some of the negative comments from their TikTok stream:

“This is sick”

“You’re a fossil”

“You should get Botox”

“He’s using you”

It wasn’t all bad, though. There were some good people among those watching, they shared some positive views on the event:

“Here’s the thing, they hate but if you two are happy and love each other that’s all that should matter! Keep doing you.”

“So sweet. Don’t hate on them for their relationship it’s their choice not yours, so stay out of it. If you don’t like it then keep scrolling, I’m tired of it.”

Quran spoke about plans of live-streaming their wedding on TikTok:

“We were live on TikTok for the wedding.

“We had the wedding in Tennessee. My best friends were there and we went to bones bbq joint after and got a very good meal.

While speaking about their relationship and the love they share, Quran said:

“I have never felt the way I feel for anyone like I do Cheryl.

“I don’t think it was love at first sight because I was 15 when we met but when I was 23 we connected on a more spiritual level, which allowed us to get to know each other and bond and that was where our love really got strong.”

While there will always be negativity in this world, what makes us proud is the support the couple has received from some of the good people out there.

It is not anyone else’s decision to tell you what to do about your love-life, if you really love someone you can’t let others decide for you. This couple proves just that. They continue to post on TikTok about their daily lives, regardless of what people say.

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  1. The haters would really dislike JESUS and he was here before us all how can you hate love that has nothing to do with age my mother always said if you have nothing good to say then say nothing, they love each other and that enough.

  2. I’m 41 and my fiance is 29 we met and connected right of and from then on haven’t been able to be separated our wedding is this may 22 and so excited to be saying I do to my soulmate/best friend so for those age race nothing matters it’s what’s in your heart you both look happy I love and will outlast the haters don’t listen we get that I get that I’m dried up granny looking we’ve had the comments and look we don’t care we don’t have to answer to anyone neither do you guys best wishes and a long happy life

  3. Seriously why people gotta say nasty things about other people’s lives is beyond my comprehension. If it doesn’t effect you directly keep your negativity to yourself.

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