24-Year-Old Model Posts Sterilization Photoshoot Saying “I’m excited to take control of my own body”

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Motherhood is a beautiful and challenging path in life; it’s a woman’s choice. It ultimately falls down on how a woman wants to live her life – such is the story of today’s model & influence who went through a sterilization procedure and posted a celebratory photoshoot.

Abby Ramsay is from the USA; she’s a 24-year-old model, actress & activist. She is very vocal about what she wants in life, and we’re here for it! She decided that having babies wasn’t something she wanted to go through in life and got sterilization done.

In a celebratory photoshoot, she’s all-smiles and revealing her sterilization certificate. In her journey, it took her six years and a lot of doctors who didn’t listen to her. After a long and troubling journey, she finally found a doctor who agreed!

She wrote her story on Instagram, saying:

“If you know me, you know that I decided to live the child free life since I was at least 16. When I turned 19 I decided to start looking into permanent sterilization. The first OBGYN I brought this up to told me I needed therapy (I was already getting therapy at the time) and told me she would not discuss it with me. Another basically just blamed all my problems on hormones and sent me away with birth control pills, even though I told her multiple times that they made me violently ill. Another said that no one should ever get a surgery they don’t absolutely need (even after I brought up plastic surgery and my family history of ovarian cancer which the surgery would also help prevent). Many of these meetings left me frustrated at the least and traumatized at the most. I was infantilized and not listened to and not takes seriously. I was told I was too young to make such a permanent decision and then told I should have a baby in the same breath, as if that was somehow less permanent. Finally in December I found a doctor who listened to me, and even figured out why I have been in so much pain for years! My surgery is scheduled for February 4th, and I can’t describe the relief and excitement and nerves that I feel. I know my body, and I know what is right for me, and I want to thank my doctors for recognizing that and working with my needs. We need more doctors like that.”
“Wish me luck in my surgery and I’ll probably be pretty MIA during my first week or two of recovery.”

She also posted a video on TikTok where a lot of her followers unanimously supported her decision and shared their own stories.

user1628274487468 wrote:

“I’m so tired of being told no, denied year after year”

Filipa Alves showed immense support:

“Deciding not to have babies should be equally respected! Nobody is going to question for 6 years if a woman really wants to get pregnant.”

yggdrasilgaia shared her own story:

“i m French, and sterilized, and proud of it. congratulations #chilfreebychoice”

While a mother, Who, also showed support and love:

“I love being a mother I do but I feel every woman should be able to do what they want without question. YOU know YOUR mind and body. Happy for you!🥰”

You can follow Abby Ramsay’s journey on Instagram & TikTok.

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Abby Ramsey on Instagram

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  1. Very good for her.

    I tried and tried and then was talked into having just the one little child.

    What a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, I love my child but know that my family of origin are all a bit, how should I say it, off or odd.

    Also I wanted to be taken seriously for wanting to further my career such as it was and now its caput, gone completely.

  2. I commend her for being strong & diligent in her decision. I am a mother & grandmother. When a man wants to leave, you now have no choice but to support your children. Nobody squawks at that. It’s your body & your decision, bottom line. I’d rather see more women stand by their choice to bear children or not, than to see women struggling, children abused, or left behind. So yes, I think she’s great for her choice decision. More power to her.

    1. No but a hysterectomy is…..depending on what was causing her pain that could be how she was sterilized.

  3. You do not need to have a surgical procedure to never have children. This is very typical of Ego testicle people especially when they make it public like that. If you’re really doing it because you feel the need to do it then do it and shut up about it.

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