25 Differences Between ˜Single You’ And ˜Girlfriend You’

Isn’t it wonderful to be in love? Yes, it’s wonderful, it’s amazing! Your whole life changes when you find the right person. The journey to bliss isn’t necessarily easy but it holds a lot of good lessons. I fell in love when I was very young, life since has never been the same. I have changed a lot when it comes to my relationship with my family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them but I love my man more! I am so clingy I sometimes wonder how my partner deals with me.

My friends call me all the time but I hang up so quickly. It was a bumpy road in the beginning but it’s all good now. I have found my soulmate and couldn’t be happier. Sometimes, I miss the single life but when I actually think about it, nah, not really.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for the people who are rocking the bachelorette life. I am the kind of romantic who yearns for love. If I were single, I seriously would have been a cat-woman because ˜I need to love people’. Cats are people too, okay? Well, all that being said, here is a list of things that differentiate my single life from my girlfriend life.

  1. The single me, used to work out three days a week.

The girlfriend me, considers sexy time a workout!

  1. The single me, kept count of her calories.

The girlfriend me, eats whatever the heck she wants!

  1. The single me, listened to romantic songs and watched romantic movies.

The girlfriend me, lives the romantic life every day.

  1. The single me, secretly hated on all the happy couples

The girlfriend me, is the happy couple hated on.

  1. The single me, wore cute sexy outfits to get attention.

The girlfriend me, dresses up modestly because only my man has the right to see me!

  1. The single me, listened to everyone attentively.

The girlfriend me, stares intensely at people when they are talking, trying to understand what they are saying because the heart won’t let the brain process a thing!

  1. The single me, goes to sleep whenever and where ever she wants.

The girlfriend me, can only fall sleep in his arms.

  1. The single me, hated office and couldn’t wait to go home and have dinner and watch a movie.

The girlfriend me, still hates office but can’t wait to go home and spend time with the man of her dreams.

  1. The single me, didn’t respect men much.

The girlfriend me, thinks that men are the most beautiful creations out there.

  1. The single me, hated games, Xbox etc.

The girlfriend me, owns an Xbox and plays better than the player himself.

  1. The single me, was insecure and conservative.

The girlfriend me, is the most confident chick on the block.

  1. The single me, is delusional and lonely sometimes.

The girlfriend me, is complete and happy.

  1. The single me, has second thoughts about how she looks.

The girlfriend me, thinks that she is the sexiest person born to date.

  1. The single me, is reckless, loud and hurtful sometimes.

The girlfriend me, is a better human being.

  1. The single me, never went into the kitchen.

The girlfriend me, cooks religiously when it’s her turn.

  1. The single me, called her friends and gossiped for hours.

The girlfriend me, cringes at the thought of gossip with anyone except her partner.

  1. The single me, had sleep overs and loved pillow fights.

The girlfriend me, gets uneasy hugging anyone except her partner.

  1. The single me, loved to party all night long.

The girlfriend me, hardly goes out without her partner.

  1. The single me, was a clumsy dancer.

The girlfriend me, dances all night long on hot numbers with her partner.

  1. The single me, never cursed in her life.

The girlfriend me, knows every curse in the book and uses them, whenever she pleases.

  1. The single me, listened to her friends cry about how bad their exes treated them.

The girlfriend, me secretly thanks God for Giving her the best partner ever.

  1. The single me, saved money and went on lunch dates with friends.

The girlfriend me, is escorted to lunch and dinner dates by her partner every week.

  1. The single me, spent on makeup and jewellery.

The girlfriend me, ends up buying things for her man!

  1. The single me, attended surprise birthday parties.

The girlfriend me, is the one planning the surprise birthday parties.

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Girls, how many of these things can you guys relate to? Share your changes with me in the comments below!

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