25 Important Inspirational Quotes About Life

inspirational quotes about life

This article is going to cover all of the ins and outs of some of the best inspirational quotes about life. Relationship Rules are the number one source of some fantastic and original quotes that inspire millions of our users worldwide.

We have made a massive collection of inspirational quotes on life that will surely help inspire you into breaking that barrier in your way and move on towards your goal in life.

Some of the greatest writers take part in inspiring people’s lives with their words and stories. They also have a lot of very moving motivational quotes that will help you move forward in life and make you achieve your dreams.

We also collect the best quotes to help you get through the daily ins and outs of life, the necessary ups and downs that are faced by all of us regularly and may bring you down, these motivational quotes may help you get back up on your feet again.

We also have a lot of amazing quotes about life, derived from people’s stories and real problems that they had faced in life. Relationship Rules also collects the best meaningful quotes that bring clarity and meaning to our lives with their truths and knowledge. We also cover a lot of quotes on happiness; these happy quotes are bound to bring you out of your blues and put a big smile on your face as you read them.

I, personally, was never someone who used to read quotes online for inspiration. I used to think they were just words on an image, put together so that people would follow that person and make them famous. I was wrong.

People put their time and energy into making these inspirational and moving quotes so that their audience would take something from them and learn from them. Images are the most widely used mode of communication online, and putting motivational and moving words on them multiplies their reach to the masses.

Here is the definitive-best inspirational quote you can find anywhere:

Maya Angelou Quote

This is one of my favorite quotes by Maya Angelou. The famous American poet is expressing her feelings towards a meaningful and happy life. She’s trying to divert her reader’s minds towards the fact that life isn’t just to be lived by surviving, without emotions, without love, life is to be LIVED. By that, she means that all of us need love, kindness, humor, and feelings in our lives if we want to live it the way it was meant to be lived.

We can’t turn into robots and lead monotonous days until our lives end; we need to enjoy and cherish each moment life throws at us. We need to take both the good and the bad, happily.

Below, you will find some of the best and hand-picked quotes from the internet. We will cover almost all aspects of life in these quotes. Heartbreaks, moving on, breakups, getting married, being motivated, getting a new job, etc. you name it.

We will try to update this list as often as possible. Hoping that you’ll learn something from them and take something from them that helps you lead a better life.

Oscar Wilde Quote

In this quote, writer Oscar Wilde is trying to tell his readers to be themselves. Being unique is a gift we all are born with, and we usually ignore that gift to follow in someone else’s footsteps or to be someone we’re not. All of us need to be unique; that’s what makes us human.

William W. Purkey Quote

In this inspirational quote, William Purkey speaks about not being scared of being different. He’s talking about being your authentic self; he’s talking about dancing like no one is watching, he wants you to be your true self without being worried about what the rest of the world will think of say — a truly moving and inspirational quote.

Mahatma Gandhi Quote

Mahatma Gandhi truly changed worlds; he was a true inspiration to all of humanity. Here, he’s trying to make you understand that nothing comes without putting in an effort. If you want to see anything happen, you need to get up and make it happen!

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote

Eleanor Roosevelt comes back with a fantastic, inspirational quote where she’s telling you how important you are. She’s telling the world that everyone is their boss, and no one can make you feel bad without you ALLOWING them to do so.

Dr. Seuss Quote

Dr. Seuss is one of the biggest creators of change for children. He’s talking about being yourself and saying what you want to say. Your real friends will be okay with what you are, and those who aren’t are the ones who never mattered.

Amelia Barr Quote

Amelia Barr is talking about the inspiring beauty in the simple things of life. Being simple is one of the best ways to lead a happy and meaningful life.

Harvey Fierstein Quote

Harvey brings another inspirational quote on life; he’s talking about being yourself and being unique in every sense of the word. He’s saying that only YOU have the power to define yourself, no one else.

Bertrand Russell Quote

Mr. Bertrand Russell is talking about the beauty of the world and the magic it holds within for all of us to enjoy, if only we stopped our everyday stresses and paid attention to them.

James Cameron Quote

Mr. James Cameron, the phenomenal movie producer, comes with a beautiful quote that will inspire you. He’s talking about goals in life and how to set them. Most of the time, we set unrealistic goals for our lives, and we get upset once we fail.

Malala Yousafzai Quote

I’m a personal fan of Malala and everything she represents. She’s talking about getting up and going towards our goals daily, that’s the only way we will reach our dreams.

Gerard Way Quote

Mr. Gerard Way is talking about our deeds and the way we live our lives. He’s telling us that we should fill our lives with meaningful and inspiring events, that if we were to see our little movie, it’s motivating.

Rocky Quote

This is one of my favorite movie quotes, Rocky is talking about sheer strength, and it’s so inspiring! He wants us to be strong enough to get hit and still not fall. No matter what life throws your way, always get up and keep going forward!

Unknown Quote

The internet is filled with quotes from unknown sources. But they are still gems that we can’t ignore. Here, the writer is trying to tell people not to regret a single day in the life. They’re saying that everything is for a reason, good days will bring joy and bad days will bring experiences, nothing is wasted.

William James Quote

Mr. William James is trying to tell his readers not to be afraid of living. Life is worth living. If you have even the smallest ounce of faith in that fact, it will become your reality.

Unknown Quote

Another inspirational quote from an unknown author where the moments of life are explained. The author is trying to say that you don’t need to give up, it will all become evident when the time comes, and your efforts won’t be wasted, don’t give up.

Earl Nightingale Quote

Mr. Earl is telling his readers to go on adventures in life. He’s talking about having a plan and a direction, then all you need is the courage to get to your destination in life.

Walt Whitman Quote

Mr. Walt Whitman talks about light and dark in this inspirational quote. He’s saying that we need to keep going towards the light if we want to move away from darkness in our lives. The sun that never goes out, it’s always there shining on us.

Thomas Jefferson Quote

Mr. Thomas Jefferson was never shy of speaking his mind and thoughts. His words are always an inspiration to us all. Here, he’s talking about how unimportant worldly things are in life and how a simple idea can mean more than material things, so true!

E.E. Cummings Quote

Mr. Cummings is imploring his readers to believe in themselves in this fantastic and truly inspiring quote.

Josiah Gilbert Holland

Josiah Gilbert is talking about the realities of being successful in this inspirational quote. There is, indeed, no simple and easy way to achieve anything in life. It all requires a lot of effort, and a lot of sacrifices need to be made!

Erma Bombeck Quote

Erma Bombeck is talking about her relationship with God in this quote. Live your life like you don’t have any regrets when you die.

Will Rogers Quote

Mr. Will Rogers comes back with an inspiring quote on the money. Most of us waste money, he’s telling us to keep it in our pockets if we want it to double! A funny take on a somber topic of life.

Will Rogers Quotes

Jim Morrison, the lead of the famous rock band ‘The Doors,’ talks about being brave in life and fighting your fears.

Jim Morrison Quote

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