25 Little Signs That You’ve Definitely Found Your Person

Sometimes, you need a little sign that you’ve found your person. And a lot of the time, you might be looking in all of the wrong places. Sure, it’s always nice when you have a relationship with someone willing to make all of the big and grand gestures. However, that makes up for very little in a relationship. What you have to realize is that it’s mostly about the little things that take place in your relationship daily.

You can get so lost in trying to focus on the big things that you end up overlooking the little things. And that’s a big mistake. You always want to make sure that you stay mindful of the few things and that you don’t take them for granted. After all, the little things are ultimately what make up the relationship as a whole. And if you fail to take notice of these little things, then you’re necessarily missing out on the bulk of your relationship.

You never want to take your partner for granted. And if you find that a lot of these things apply to both you and your partner in your relationship, then you have reason to be happy. You have found your person.


1. You find yourself laughing a lot whenever the two of you spend time with one another.

2. The two of you genuinely enjoy running errands and doing chores together because you get to spend more time with one another.

3. You both find it more enjoyable to stay at home with one another than to go out and party with friends.

4. You look forward to traffic jams and long car rides because you get more time to be alone with one another.

5. One of you tries to stay up late at night so that you would be able to keep the other company.

6. You take notice of all the littlest and simplest details about each other because you love every single part of it.

7. The two of you make it a point to keep track of everything that the other is saying so that you can use it for future reference.

8. You try to enjoy the things that your partner is into even though you’re not particularly interested or passionate about them.

9. You share a lot of inside jokes because comedy is your thing, and you both understand that having a healthy sense of humor is essential.

10. You leave each other some small and cute handwritten notes consistently so that you can give each other little surprises.

11. Whenever you go out and have a date, you always make it a point to put your phones away so that you can still focus on one another.

12. You throw each other random compliments out of the blue just for the sake of making the other feel good.

13. The two of you know that you have a constant travel buddy in each other whenever either one of you feels like going on some adventure.

14. You stay up all night just talking to one another because it’s genuinely one of your most favorite things to do in life.

15. You say thank you even for the most straightforward and littlest stuff because you never want your partner to feel like their efforts are unappreciated.

16. The two of you always make it a point to tag each other on funny posts and memes on Instagram or Facebook so that you can make the other laugh.

17. You keep each other in the loop about one another’s lives because you never want the other to feel like they’re merely spectating.

18. Whenever one of you goes through some severe challenge, the other one is always there to make sure that anxiety and worry don’t creep in.

19. The two of you can spend hours just sitting in bed and watching YouTube videos together without getting bored.

20. You always make it a point to teach each other and to learn from one another so that you are continually growing in your love.

21. You can finish each other’s sentences because you both know each other that well.

22. When one of you gets drunk, you always know what the other is going to be there to make sure that you don’t get hurt or do anything stupid.

23. You know that you can vent to one another about absolutely anything without feeling judged or criticized.

24. You make it a point to always spend lots of time with one another no matter how busy you might get.

25. You tell each other that you’re still going to be there for one another no matter what.

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