25 Signs That The Person You’re Sleeping With Is The One You’re Meant To Be With Forever

So how do you know if you and the person that you’re having all of this casual sex with are actually meant to be together?

Sometimes, the person that you’re having a lot of fun in the sack with is actually the person that you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with. These days, it’s a growing trend for people to engage in the pleasures of the skin without necessarily establishing any form of emotional attachment.

A lot of youngsters these days are so fond of friends with benefits kind of scenario and it’s not that hard to see why. Sex is fun and pleasurable drama is not. You get all the benefits of a real relationship with all of the fun sex, but you don’t have to deal with the annoying drama and stress. It seems like a good idea, right?

But there’s no denying the possibility that these friends with benefits will eventually develop real feelings for one another. Physical intimacy and chemistry is a very good foundation for building a really strong emotional connection. A lot of people can have these physical connections grow into something that is heavier and real whether they want it to or not.

So how do you know if you and the person that you’re having all of this casual sex with are actually meant to be together? Well, there are some signs that you can keep an eye out for. So if you find yourself or your partner guilty of a lot of the items on this list, then you have to face the facts. Your casual relationship isn’t as casual as you really think. There is some real potential there and whether or not you guys act on it is up to you.

1. Either of you says I love you right in the middle of the lovemaking. It’s an even bigger sign if it’s a true statement even outside of the bedroom.

2. You have both established the designated sides of the bed where each one is supposed to lay after the deed is done.

3. You feel certain arousal around your partner even when they aren’t doing particularly sexy things. It means that your attraction has extended beyond the physical.

4. You both feel at home and comfortable even when you’re just staring at each other’s naked bodies.

5. You actually look into each other’s eyes in the middle of lovemaking. You stare deep into each other’s souls to feel each other out.

6. You never feel like you have to do too much to impress one another. Everything comes naturally to you

7. Your sexual explorations don’t always have to be exciting and exhilarating. You still have those nights where you are slow, gentle, and really intimate.

8. You automatically know whenever the other is feeling turned on and horny.

9. You rarely feel any sense of embarrassment with one another anymore.

10. You don’t get hurt or seriously affected whenever you are denied sex because you know that you’re still eventually going to get it on in the future. You just have to wait.

11. You never leave the bedroom or the house immediately after finishing the deed. You stay for a while and you might even engage in some cuddling or spooning sessions.

12. You consider your partner’s naked body to be incredibly pleasing to the eyes.

13. Whenever you try to masturbate, porn is no longer a necessity. You are perfectly fine with imagining the idea of having sex with your partner.

14. You don’t really feel the need to discuss strategies or game plans before getting it on. You both know how best to please one another and all of these things can be left unsaid.

15. Sex is never an activity that either of you has to really force.

16. You have a special song you like to play while making love.

17. You really don’t resort to calling the deed fucking. You prefer making love.

18. You don’t mind doing it with each other even when the girl is on her period.

19. You have your own private albums in your cellphones of videos and pictures of you being sexy with one another.

20. You’ve practically done it in every corner of your apartment or home.

21. You’ve even probably done it out in public already maybe even more than once.

22. You are both very mindful of how the other is feeling during sex because the pleasure of the other is just as important as your own personal pleasure.

23. You stop whenever your partner asks you for a break.

24. You both willingly go down on one another. No questions asked.

25. You do it with the lights on because neither of you has anything to hide from the other anymore.

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