25 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Naturally, no one ever wants to find themselves getting cheated on. However, sometimes, you just can’t help but let that fear and insecurity seep into your mind. Do you ever find yourself thinking about whether your husband is cheating on you or not?

It’s really a terrible experience to go through whenever you have the love of your life cheat on you. And it’s not just actually knowing that you’ve been betrayed by the one you love. It’s the accumulated stress and tension that is built up over the time that you grow suspect of his unfaithfulness.

Maybe he has been exhibiting a few sketch signs lately that have given you substantial cause for worry. Maybe he has been spending more and more late nights at the office. Perhaps he has grown distant and emotionally closed off towards you. Maybe he doesn’t show his affection towards you as much as he used to. Perhaps you stumbled across some very suspicious message threads in his phone or computer. Or maybe your instincts are just telling you that things aren’t quite right in your relationship.

Whatever the case, it’s always important for you to remember to keep things together and not jump to conclusions. You don’t want to be assuming the worst if you’re not getting the whole story just yet. Yes, you know that you trust your instincts and they haven’t really been wrong too many times in the past. But you don’t want to let your paranoia get the better of you either. You still have to make sure that you sit and think about what your next move is going to be.

There are certain signs that you can look out for to know whether your husband is cheating on you or not. And you just have to make sure that you are vigilant enough to actually take notice of these signs should they ever apply to your husband.

You never want to be confronting your husband with a lot of unsubstantiated allegations surrounding their unfaithfulness and infidelity. Remember that there is indeed a possibility for you to be wrong about this and you’re going to end up causing damage to a relationship even when there wasn’t really anything wrong with it, to begin with.

But you also don’t want to be going on for years in your marriage with a guy who is just blatantly making a fool out of you either. If you notice that your husband is actually guilty of a lot of the signs that will be highlighted in this piece, then it is very much likely that he really is cheating on you.

25 Signs That He’s Cheating On You

  1. He goes to the gym a lot more.
  2. He makes it a point to never bring you along during work gatherings.
  3. He gets really irritable and moody with you.
  4. He avoids situations wherein the two of you are forced to be alone.
  5. He refrains from getting physically intimate with you.
  6. He doesn’t do anything generous or thoughtful for you in the relationship.
  7. He doesn’t look you straight in the eyes when he’s talking to you.
  8. He acts selfish and self-obsessed in the relationship.
  9. He shies away from talks about the future with you.
  10. He keeps secrets from you.
  11. He claims that he is being forced to travel a lot more.
  12. He seems to get busier all of a sudden.
  13. He asks you to give him more alone time than before.
  14. He decides to get into new hobbies and interests.
  15. He doesn’t try to initiate sex with you anymore.
  16. He takes on some new mannerisms and catchphrases.
  17. He deletes the messages on his phone.
  18. He walks into another room just to receive a phone call from someone else.
  19. He starts using the second cellphone in his daily routine.
  20. He actually sets up a second email address.
  21. He smells of a different scent that you’re not familiar with.
  22. He doesn’t express an interest in the people who are closest to your heart.
  23. He keeps on bringing up this one girl’s name in particular.
  24. He goes out to run an errand but it takes him longer than you know it should.
  25. He gets really defensive whenever you ask him questions about what he’s been doing.

What to do if your husband is a cheater:

If you find that a lot of the things here apply to your man, then it’s likely that he’s being unfaithful towards you. However, the difficulty doesn’t stop here. It’s now time for you to assess whether or not he’s still worth trying to fix things over or if you should just walk away from the relationship altogether.

Whatever the case, it’s important that you always choose what’s best for you and your heart.

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