25 Ways You Can Be Intimate With Your Guy Without Having Sex

Sex isn’t everything.


1.    Cuddle with him, and instead of him spooning you, you be the one to spoon him. Let him know that he can feel completely safe and at home in your arms. Let him know that you have the power and love to protect him as well.

2.       Play with his hair. Rummage with it. Run your fingers through it. It’s very simple but it’s also very intimate.

3.       Draw shapes and figures on his back with your fingers. Whatever “art” you make doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you’re playing with his back. And you’re using your fingers to do it.

4.    Hold his hand whenever he’s driving. Or if he’s driving a stick shift and his hands are full, put your hands on his thigh. Nothing sexual necessarily has to come out of it. But you’re just letting him know that you’re there. You don’t even have to say anything.

5.      If he has a beard, then go ahead and stroke it. It’s the same sensation he gets whenever you play with his hair. It’s very simple and also very intimate.

6.       Play with his fingers and the back of his palm whenever you’re holding his hand. Don’t just hold his hand. Put some little activity and movement in there.

7.       Rub and massage his muscles. Make him feel that you appreciate his male form in all of its glory. Let him know that you are appreciative of his efforts in the gym. Squeeze his muscles and test how rock hard they are.

8.       Sleep on his chest whenever you’re in bed together. Or if he’s sitting on the couch, sleep on his lap. It’s a manifestation of how comfortable and safe you are in his presence.

9.       Kiss him on the shoulder. It doesn’t even necessarily have to lead anywhere. It doesn’t have to serve as some prelude to sex. It can be just something sweet, romantic, and intimate that the two of you share together.

10.   Give him surprise hugs from behind. He is always going to love your random outbursts of affection and intimacy. It tells him that your love for him is consistent – even when he least expects it.

11.   Cuddle while in bed. But instead of the usual way that you guys cuddle; cuddle in such a way that the two of you are facing one another while you’re doing it. This is a great way to cuddle because it gives you a chance to kiss one another while you’re in an embrace.

12.   Rest your head on his shoulder whenever you are seated beside one another. It’s another great way to et him know just how much you care about him.

13.   Sit on his lap or let him embrace you from behind on the couch as you’re binge-watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix. You don’t even have to say anything to one another. You are expressing your love through your physical closeness.

14.   Nuzzle your head into his neck as if you were two playful lion cubs.

15.   Keep brushing up against his body whenever you’re walking alongside one another or when you’re standing in public together. It’s that feeling of physical closeness that makes him think that it’s just the two of you even when you’re surrounded by a large group of people. That’s real intimacy.

16.   Sit down on the floor and sit in between his legs and lean back into him. Let him know that you always trust him to support you in whatever position.

17.   Give him a slap on the butt every once in a while. It’s a playful way of expressing affection. It’s also kind of innocently kinky.

18.   Massage his head. Boys really like it when you give them scalp massages. It helps relax them. And you also get to play with his hair more.

19.   Stroke and caress his arm. Usually, he’s probably the one who is always stroking and caressing you. Return the favor and see how he likes it. It’s going to drive him nuts with pleasure.

20.   Just lean into his chest with your head and try to make out his heartbeat. Connect your temple to his heart – the most important organ in his body.

21.   Squeeze his hand whenever you’re holding hands. Let him know that you’re not just holding his hand for the hell of it. Make him really feel that you don’t take his physical touch for granted.

22.   Give him back scratches. All men secretly love back scratches.

23.   Blow him a kiss whenever you say goodbye to one another.

24.   Help fix his tie in the morning just before he’s about to leave for work.

25.   Give him a very soft and tender kiss on his forehead – and really make him feel how much you love him.

  1. Yes well it says 2012 ..maybe then most of these things worked but not so much now here we are 2020 ..

    1. When did intimacy, especially towards the man, become outdated and why would someone ever it would?
      I know that I said “towards the man”, because the article was in reference of the woman’s intimate feelings towards her man, but intimacy should ALWAYS go both ways, for the relationship to flourish.

  2. I totally do most of these things , I didn’t know it was about intimacy I just thought the man should be treated as I want to be treated. I also thought I as just being silly and he seemed to like it > thanks great read .

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