3 Common Reasons Why Anyone Would Choose To Stay In A Toxic Relationship

It might be hard to escape a toxic relationship. But for your own sake, you need to find the strength to do so.

Love alone is never enough to sustain a relationship. Love alone isn’t going to be enough to fix all the problems that two people have in a relationship. Love alone won’t be enough to ensure a happy ending. And that’s just the sad truth of life. When we fall in love, we aren’t always guaranteed a fairytale ending. Love can go wrong. Love can fail. Love can betray and break you. And if you’re not careful, love can really destroy you. That’s why we must always be careful to fall in love in the right way.

We can’t afford to be reckless or careless about it. We can’t afford to be falling in love without taking necessary precautions. You find yourself in a relationship that started off fine. You didn’t know that things would end up the way that they did. You fell in love and you were happy. You thought that this was a person who was worth taking a risk on. You though that this was a person who was worthy of a chance. But then, the chance didn’t pay off. The relationship isn’t making you happy.

The relationship isn’t making you feel fulfilled. In fact, the relationship is slowly eating away at your insides and you’re afraid of the negative effects that are taking a toll on how you live your life. Why do you stay in toxic relationships? Why is it so hard for you to escape them? It’s not like you’re unaware of the sadness and torment that you’re feeling in that situation. It’s not like you’re being kept in the dark about how bad things have gotten. You know perfectly well that things aren’t the way that they should be.

You are very much aware that you aren’t happy and that you want things to change. But still, you choose to remain in this relationship. You still choose to stay despite the toxicity and the despair. Why is that so? Are you being illogical? Or are there reasonable excuses as to why you’re still trying to see things through?Well, the truth is that a lot of people can just be really stubborn about love. Now, it’s hard to generalize. All of us are unique in our own ways and we all have our own unique experiences.

However, when it comes to toxic relationships, it would be pretty safe to assume that these romances aren’t beneficial to anyone – especially not the victim. So don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Don’t let your strong feelings cloud your judgement. Don’t try to reason your way into staying in this relationship even though you know just how bad it is for you.Sure, you might have your reasons.

But it’s highly likely that there is a more logical rebuttal to your reasons. And you’re just being too stubborn. You’re just being too hard-headed. For your own sake, open up your mind. Stop clinging on to this dead relationship. Your excuses are invalid and you know it.

1. “He isn’t really all that bad. He’s just going through a lot of things right now which are stressing him out.”

Okay. He might be going through a lot of things, but he doesn’t have the right to be taking his frustrations and stresses out on you. He doesn’t have the right to be tormenting you just because his life is less than ideal. He shouldn’t get to treat you like a punching bag just because life isn’t turning out the way that he wanted.

2. “I don’t know where else I would go if I just leave him.”

Anywhere is much better than where you are right now. You have to stop believing that you are worthless without your man. You have to stop thinking that you have no place in this world outside of your relationship. You have to stop being so dependent and reliant on this relationship. It’s far too toxic – and you don’t want to be attaching yourself to an environment that is only detrimental to your standards of living.

3. “I don’t want to end up alone for the rest of my life.”

You aren’t assured of a life of loneliness and solitude just because you choose to end things with your toxic partner. You don’t have to worry about that. And even if you do end up being alone, it’s not going to be worse than you being in a relationship that is slowly killing you every day. It’s much better to be alone than to be in a relationship that makes you feel lonely. You don’t need a relationship to make you happy. You don’t need a relationship to give yourself a sense of fulfillment.

You are perfectly capable of finding a sense of meaning and completion in your life on your own. You don’t need a toxic man to make you feel complete – most especially not a toxic man who only makes you feel worse and worse every day that you’re together.

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