Breaking up with a person is never really going to be easy no matter who you are or what kind of relationship you might have. And it should be a no-brainer that jumping into a new relationship right after you’ve just gotten out of one might not be the best idea. In fact, it’s a really bad idea. You might be in a relationship where you believe that your partner is rebounding on you; and when that’s the case, it’s very important that you really pay attention to how your partner conducts themselves in your relationship. You always want to make sure that your partner is being sincere and genuine with you. Because whether you believe it or not, the fact of the matter is that rebound relationships are very real – and they are always going to be a bad idea.

If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe you should hear from the true experiences of these real-life people about what their rebound relationships were like and how terribly they suffered. Maybe if you get a chance to hear their take on things, you would be given more perspective about your situation so you can better figure things out for yourself. We are all human beings after all; we are all going to make a few mistakes here and there. We are all going to be placed in compromising situations. And it always helps to know that there are other people who are like you’ who have been where you are right now.

It’s very important to emphasize the fact that a rebound relationship doesn’t necessarily ALWAYS end in some kind of heartbreak. It’s very much possible for people to find true and everlasting love in a rebound relationship. This is because no two relationships are ever going to be the same. And just because it didn’t work out for others in the past doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the same for you. However, you still have to be careful. Love has a tendency to make you blind to all the bad things in your relationship.

Love has a way of making you see the things that you only want to see, and you become blind to all the parts that you need to be seeing. When you’re dating after a breakup, you might think that you are validating the fact that you’ve moved on in life. You might think that being in a new relationship is a sign that you’ve truly gotten over your ex. However, it’s important for you to know that there is a substantial difference between rebounding and actually developing real feelings for a person. And developing feelings can take some substantial time. You can’t rush the process. If you are forcing it, then you know that you are being insincere.

Whatever the case, no matter what kind of situation that you find yourself in, things always have a chance of getting complicated. And ideally, you would never want to find yourself in a rebound situation; and hopefully, these real stories from real people might make you rethink the whole thing.

1. This lady got ghosted by her rebounder.

I was just dating this guy who had just gotten out of a 5-year long relationship. It had only been a month since he had broken up with his ex. Actually, he never really CONFIRMED that the two of us were in a relationship. He just implied it. He was giving me all the signals, and he was pulling all of the moves. But then suddenly, he just stopped. And he completely vanished from my life. He wasn’t there anymore. And it was as if he never existed – Kate, 29

2. This woman said her man was hot and cold with her.

I dated a guy who was just going through a proper divorce. He was so scared because his wife of 9 years had cheated on him. And I really didn’t think much of it at first. After all, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was the victim. So I didn’t think that he would end up victimizing me – which he did. He was really hot and cold with me; he never gave me any kind of consistency. And in the end, he cheated on me and so that’s why I ended up breaking things off with him too.– Linda, 38

3. This woman’s ex ended up rebounding after her and divorcing immediately.

I wasn’t the victim here. I pity the girl that my ex ended up dating and eventually MARRYING too. My ex was sweet to me at first. He really put in a lot of effort into trying to get me to fall for him, and I did fall for him. I fell madly in love, in fact. But then suddenly, he grew more distant. Then one day, he just told me that he wanted to see other people – and less than a year later, I find out he’s already married to someone else. But then that marriage failed after only a couple of years.– Dana, 32

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