3 Reasons Why Being In a Relationship with Your Best Friend Can Be Awesome

When Your Best Friend Is In A Relationship

Let’s start off by defining a best friend. Like, why do you hold them in such high regard that you’re willing to call them, without a doubt, the best person amongst all of your friends? A best friend doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you’ve known since childhood. It can be someone you met last year or just a few months ago. The reason why they get a special place in your heart is the fact that they understand you perfectly. You don’t hold anything back from them and they don’t keep secrets from you. They’ve seen you at your best and at your worst, yet they love you unconditionally.

The keyword here is: love. You love them and they love you. Your best friend doesn’t have to be your partner; however, when looking for a partner, you need to find someone who can understand you. Dating your best friend can be awesome for quite a number of reasons and this article will highlight some of the best ones.

So, let’s get right to it:

1- Your relationship will be comfortable and filled with trust:

The fact that you picked one person from amongst everyone you knew and said to yourself that this one person; is someone you’ll never get tired of talking to, listening to and someone you’ll never doubt, is an amazing thing in itself. You admire your best friend and trust everything which comes out of their mouth. Imagine this love for a best friend multiplied with the love for a partner. You’ll find yourself in an amazing relationship filled with joy. The reason why you two will be happier together is the fact that you trust them.

Trust plays a key part in every relationship. If you find yourself second guessing everything he says and if you find it hard to believe that they’re telling the truth at all times, then you lack an essential element. Without trust, the relationship is doomed. However, here you are in a relationship with someone whom you completely trust and someone whom you can absolutely be sure of that they won’t lie to you or not want what’s best for you. – Continue reading on next page

Let’s all admit that at some parts of a relationship, we hold ourselves back from letting them know absolutely everything about us. It’s not like we have a tortureВ chamber in our basement, however, if we did then that’s the exact sort of thing we’d hold back on telling. Seriously, it takes a while to reach complete comfort with someone. See, here’s where I think they’re going about it wrong: they’re swoon by something for the time being and think that it’s enough to form a relationship.

When in fact, the first thing to do is to make the guy your friend! The point when you realise that you’re 100% compatible with the other person, that’s when you should enter a relationship with them. That is also the point where they’re officially you’re best friends.

When you know the person you’re in love with right down to every last detail, it all gets easier.

2- You won’t wonder how their opinion of you might change:

You want your partner to always look at your good side, to always see you at your best but not your worst and you’ll always want them to think of you as perfection. Truth be told, this doesn’t mean that you’re an insecure person who has to be reminded of how much someone loves them, it means that you want them to continue on loving you. In a relationship, you never want the love to die out.

See, a relationship is a collective term. It includes; the way you are with your family, friends or partner. In a relationship with your partner, you’d sometimes think of how they’d want you to be.

However, same relationship but with someone you consider as your best friend, will mean that you’ll almost never think twice. You’ll know that they won’t think any less of you or make a fuss. They’ve seen you at times you didn’t want to be seen and loved you nonetheless.В  – Continue reading on next page

3- You’ll never feel lonely:

I feel like I should clarify something here, not being in a relationship with your best friend doesn’t undermine the relationship. However, there are certain aspects of every relationship which could’ve been more suited for a partner you considered your best friend.

Why do couples fight? They feel like the other person isn’t listening to them or understanding their point of view. I can go on and on about how a best friend would have never even fought with you, but that’s not true.

Best friends fight and so do couples. However, at least with a best friend you know that the relationship you two have can get through it. You two have been through worse and you keep telling yourself that.

Couples say things to one another which they can probably never take back. Things that ruin the relationship for good. A genuine friendship isn’t lost because of words. It’s something both of you hold so close that you’ll never think of ruining. The feeling you get of never letting them go, is why you don’t feel lonely.

Do you agree with these reasons? What are your experiences of being in love with a best friend?

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