3 reasons you deserve someone who values you for who you really are

There are so many people around us that are in a relationship they just do not deserve to be in because of how ignorant the person they’re in a relationship chooses to be their value. We’ve all seen things in such relationships really go down. A bond where both or either of the people is not recognizing, realizing and appreciating each other’s worth, where they are not cherishing what they have found in one another like they really should, it’s going to end before things can go too far ahead. When the going gets tough in a relationship, the one thing that keeps a couple together and the reason they come back to each other if they ever find themselves drifting away from it is the genuine appreciation they have for who you really are.

They love you for the kind of a human being you are, for the spirit you have, for the soul you are gifted with. The people who never leave us are the ones who consider themselves lucky and blessed, they know they cannot let go of you because they will never find another person like you. They are very aware of the fact that you are unique, you are precious, and you are very precious. The only person who will really stick with you through the very end will be the one who has already come to these realizations. You will know they’re this person when they never stop believing in you, who have immense faith in you. Who will say “you can do it” “I know you’ve got this” and remind you of your capabilities every time your belief in yourself falters.

They will never once doubt your thoughts, or your actions; they will make you realize you are a trustworthy and reliable person. They will love you at your worst because they know what you’re worth at you’re best. The truth is, this is the only kind of person you deserve to be in a relationship with. If you’re not dating someone who doesn’t treasure the most real, purest version f you, you’re going to feel unappreciated, unwanted and undervalued and that is the last thing you should be settling for in a relationship. Here are a couple of reasons why you deserve to be with someone who will set you free, encourage you to be whoever you want to be and most importantly, who will love you truly and madly for who you really as a person.

1. You are special:

The person who deserves your love, your trust, your energy, and your company is the one who will never stop liking you any less for the things you’ve been through in life. Everyone’s life is a roller-coaster ride, it is an uphill race where people go through a ton of experiences; some are good, but some make up for the darkest days of our lives. People don’t always have a say in the kind of experiences they go through. People experience all sorts of things, and if someone you get in a relationship with gets critical about your life, if they love you any less for who you are, or what you’ve been through, you shouldn’t be giving your all to them. Someone who truly loves you will accept every bit of you, and they’ll never complain, and despite everything, they will still see you as their blessing.

2. You are enough for more people than you realize:

You must never, ever settle for a person who will not accept you as you are and believe that you are enough for them. There are people in the world who will appreciate you to death, for whom you are enough and even way more than enough. Go for a man/woman who doesn’t ask for more because to them, you’re already their best option, and that should be reason enough for you only to date someone the one you are dear to for who you really are.

3. You deserve someone who is the best for you:

You need to think of spending your life with someone who is enough for you, who you believe is the best for you. If you wholeheartedly recognize that the person you’re with is the one you really deserve, the one who will never have you make a “compromise” on your needs and wants, you will be pleased and very content in your relationship.

Life is too short, too unpredictable and too rough to be spent with someone who doesn’t love every side of you. Who loves you when you’re easy, when you’re difficult, when you’re your best self, and even when you’re not? Happiness lies in never making a compromise on the kind of life partner you want and in a bond where you never feel unwanted or less than good enough.


You deserve someone who sees you for who you are and loves you for it. Someone who values your quirks and understands that they make up a big part of who you are. You don’t need someone who tries to change you or who doesn’t appreciate the person you are. You deserve someone who loves you for exactly who you are.

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