3 Subtle Text Messages To Send To Your Ex To Make Him Regret Losing You

Okay. So you’ve had a recent breakup and you’re not exactly coping with it all too well. You don’t know what you’re going to do without this guy. You can’t imagine what life would be like without him because you’ve just grown so accustomed to having him around all of the time. You don’t want to have to face a world where you don’t have him at your side and that’s why this breakup is really killing you on the inside. You’re fighting every fiber of your being; every ounce of you that is telling you to run to his doorstep and beg him to take you back.

But you should most definitely NOT do that. That would be the quickest way to drive him away further from you. You need to be more subtle and more reserved in your approach to winning him back. You need to know how to play the game if you’re going to find success. You might be tempted to text him and tell him that you miss him. You just want to get into contact with him; to make sure that you’re still somehow connected to him. You have the right idea but the wrong execution in mind. You don’t want to come off as desperate. You don’t want to be pathetic in his eyes. Remember that men don’t respect weakness.

You know that you really want him back; and it’s possible that he might know it as well. But you can’t be so willing to admit that to him through a text. You have to keep your sense of pride and dignity – at least, whatever is left of it. You’re going to have to shut off ALL communications from him for at LEAST THREE WEEKS. It’s absolutely integral that the both of you are able to stew with your feelings on your own before you take action. You never know. In that period, you might find the strength to get over him. You might realize that he’s not that great of a guy after all and you might grow to embrace single life.

Or perhaps, he’s the one who’s going to come around on his own. Maybe he will realize that letting you go was a mistake and he will be the one to reach out to you instead – and you won’t even have to lift a finger. There are plenty of things that can go on in three weeks. So it’s important that you let that period play out on its own without much intervention. Once those three weeks are up and you know in your heart that you still want to get back together with him, then it’s time to send the first text message.

And it’s very important that you craft your messages in a very meticulous and well-thought out manner. You don’t want to be blabbering on about what’s in your heart. Don’t be a victim to word vomit. Be methodical. Keep these 3 key things in mind before you send that text message.

1. Reminisce about the good times that you used to share with one another.

Nostalgia can be a powerful tool if you know how to wield it well. Just make sure that you are very casual about it. Don’t make it seem like you are forcing it into conversations. Be natural about it.

2. Show him that you have a really great life going on for yourself after your breakup.

Let him know that you are thriving without him; that you are great and that you aren’t as pathetic as you really are. Men respond to strength and confidence.

3. Ask him for random advice on your career/hobbies.

This is a really great way to break the ice without coming off as desperate. You are reconnecting with him, but it has nothing to do about your relationship at all. Instead, you are just showing him that there are other facets to your life; but you still trust his opinion on various matters.


It’s important to note that even if you send these texts to him, you’re not always going to be guaranteed of winning him back. He might still not show interest after your breakup, and when that’s the case, you’re going to need to move on. You just have to let him go and accept the fact that he’s not going to play an important role in your future anymore. However, if you are lucky enough that he actually responds to your advances and hints, then that’s good for you. He’s going to want to make an effort with you and it all started because you sent him the right text messages. The important thing for the both of you to do when that happens is to make sure that you are different people going into a new relationship. You can’t be your old selves or else you’re going to end up reaping the same results. Be open to trying new things and making sacrifices for the sake of your relationship.

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