3 Terrible Signs That Your Long-Distance Partner Is Being Unfaithful

Long-distance relationships are NEVER going to be a walk in the park. They are incredibly difficult. Of course, relationships in themselves are difficult. As human beings, we are all immensely complicated and complex creatures as we are. And when we get into relationships with other complex creatures; it can create a whole new world of complication that we have to navigate through. But we all go through it because we know that that is what it takes to experience love in this world.

However, even though relationships in themselves are already difficult, being in long-distance relationships are a whole different ball game. You are really required to trust your partner to the best of your abilities. You always trust that your partner is going to remain loyal and faithful to you. And you’re going to trust them to trust you as well. If you are having worries about whether your partner is cheating on you or not, you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

That’s a very normal kind of anxiety to have especially when you take into consideration that you’re not physically there to confirm your suspicions or not. You have to take into consideration the factors like distance, conflicting schedules, and time differences that really make it difficult for you to stay on top of things with each other’s lives. Yes, technology has somewhat made communication easier for the two of you. But nothing is going to be able to replace being able to have a real conversation with someone face-to-face. And that does absolutely nothing to curb your anxiety whatsoever.

Of course, it’s important that you never jump to any conclusions when you don’t have any evidence. You shouldn’t really be worrying just yet until there is something for you to worry about. When you try to talk to your partner about your worries, you want to make sure that you don’t automatically make any assumptions; that’s a quick way to make them feel attacked. More likely than not, your partner will not come right out to tell you that they are cheating on you. And that’s why you need to be paying attention to the signs. Studies have shown that there are some subtle red flags that your partner is really lying to you and being shady about something in your long-distance relationship.

You might have a partner who is acting in a weird and questionable manner. Your instincts might be telling you that something is just off in your relationship. You want to be able to approach this topic with your partner in a very casual and calm manner. You can’t be going into this conversation with a combative and confrontational attitude. You ALWAYS want to be avoiding accusations as much as possible when you’re talking about infidelity with your partner. You should try to use more peaceful and calming language without being so accusatory. Make your partner feel safe about opening up, and they might just tell you what’s really going on.

However, you first need to determine whether there is sufficient cause for you to have suspicions or not; and that all boils down to the signs. Here are a few signs that your partner in your long-distance relationship probably is cheating on you.

1. You get the feeling like they’re avoiding you.

The very first sign that you need to be looking out for is whether your partner is avoiding you or not. When you’re in a typically stable long-distance relationship, it’s likely that the two of you have some kind of routine that the both of you still follow to make sure that you get to interact with one another. However, when you feel like they are somewhat straying away from your routine, then you might be right in your suspicions.

The logical reason that they’re avoiding you is this: they might be spending more time with someone else or they just don’t want to slip up when they’re interacting with you. They might think that the more time they spend interacting with you, the higher the chances that they’re going to get caught.

2. They don’t really open up about details or information about their lives as much.

They don’t really want to tell you so much about the details of their life anymore. They don’t want to tell you where they might be going for the weekend. They don’t want to be telling you who they’re with. they don’t want to be telling you what they’ve been up to. You know that there’s something that they’re desperately trying to hide. And you know that something weird is going on.

3. They don’t really communicate with you in the same manner.

And finally, the last red flag is when your communication dynamics change dramatically. If your partner just doesn’t make an effort to communicate with you as much anymore, then you know that your relationship is in peril.

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