3 Things Women Notice In A Man Before He Opens His Mouth

If you’re under the impression that women don’t take notice of the little things, the smaller details that you think don’t make any difference then you couldn’t be more wrong.! because A) women notice EVERYTHING. There’s nothing that will escape their observation. B) the small things make a BIG difference. It’s all the little details. Don’t underestimate the massive influence of these teeny tiny things. Women certainly see everything; what you’re wearing, your body language, your gestures, your way of talking, walking, laughing, the kind of things you say, they will observe the type of humor you have, they will notice how much of a gentleman you are. Within the first few days women will see the kind of personality you possess; whether you’re shy and detached, sweet and chirpy, hilarious and super fun, whatever you are, a woman will always notice it and grasp it. So if you ever decide to jump out of bed and land straight to the venue you both picked for the date, don’t! She’ll observe everything about you, and you will not be able to hide any of it. She can tell how interested you are in the date. Since she will notice and she will more than likely, judge! Or on the other hand, possibly, she won’t give it a second thought, BUT she will not notice, she will always see.

While ladies see every little thing about you when they look at you, there are a couple of things they look at first, either deliberately or subliminally and these couple of things decide how they will take it forward with you from thereon. The physical perspectives clearly get noticed first before some other personality attributes. So here are the initial five things ladies see about men, and now that you know these things top the often-noticed stuff, don’t ever screw it up when it comes to these things.

1. Dirty fingernail

A man with fingernails that have been neglected and badly kept for is a major no-no! I mean, who even like dirty, black fingernails?! Trust me, no lady needs to enjoy chitchat with somebody who can’t keep his nails clean! If you happen to have dirty and long fingernails, she’s going to notice, and even though she may not make it obvious, so she doesn’t come off as impolite, she’s going to freak out quite a bit. It’s very disappointing to see a grown man have the nails like that of a child playing in dirt and mud. Truly, we know ladies have long nails as well, and it may appear as though they have double standards when it comes to physical appearance, beauty, and hygiene but sill it doesn’t change the fact that, ladies typically like men with clean, short nails. A woman and basically anyone else will take a look at your hands at some point or the other during a conversation and take a glance whether your hands look well-kept and clean or not. A woman will also notice the sort of signals you make with your hands. Keep them clean folks, and don’t use more hand gestures that are needed, keep a loud body language at a minimum because it can get very distracting!

2. Body Odor

Yes, that may not be considered as something that is recognizable straight away, but eventually, the way you smell becomes super obvious. What ladies really see is the way you smell, and in case you’re for any reason at all, smelling like a junk stack kept for weeks in a backyard, then be prepared to watch all your chances go down the drain just like that! Consider getting yourself an excellent cologne, or an antiperspirant, that will deal with your body odor and have you covered in that department. On the occasion that you’ve recently worked out, freshen up with a quick bath before you take off mate. It’s going to be so helpful. You don’t want her to move 5 feet from you when you move closer to give her a hug.

3. Posture

Ladies certainly look at your posture since the way you walk, stand, sit, etc. etc., tells a great deal about you. It will help her in determining whether lousy and uninterested, or you’re super active, alert, protective and confident. On the off chance that a man stands tall and upright yet comfortably, he appears to be certain yet courageous, and responsible for the circumstance, which most ladies anticipate. It gives them a conviction that all is good and secure. Yet, if you’re slumping or inclining forward with your shoulders hanging down, it’s an indication that you’re apprehensive, on edge, questionable with low confidence, which is a major kill. So certainly hold your stance within proper limits.

  1. If he’s a mechanic, he’s going to have grease under his nails, and that’s fine with me! It means he’s a hard worker.

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