3 Types Of Men Have Affairs: Here’s Why Men Cheat

Cheating can seriously harm a committed relationship. It often leads to breakups and causes various problems for the person who was cheated on, including feeling bad about themselves and dealing with practical issues. After cheating, the relationship changes, even before it’s discovered. Some people can forgive, but it still affects all relationships.

Among men and women, men are more likely to cheat on their long-term partners. Here are reasons why different types of men cheat and advice on spotting the signs of cheating.

Which 3 Types Of Men Have Affairs?

Does every single man cheat? Or would they all cheat if they had the chance? Based on a survey about cheating in the USA, more married men than married women cheat, but the difference isn’t huge: 20% of men and 13% of women admitted to having affairs. Even if some men don’t admit it, not all men cheat.

Only three kinds of men have affairs: those who feel unloved and fear leaving their wives, self-absorbed people, and guys who aren’t mature and want to be with others too. It’s more complex, though, so let’s look closer at these three types of men who cheat.

1. The Neglected Coward

This usually happens when he’s married but feels distant from his wife. He cheats instead of trying to make things better or ending the relationship.

Life isn’t always simple, and problems in a relationship aren’t just one person’s fault. But he makes a hurtful choice by cheating instead of finding better solutions.

Here’s what happens: Sometimes, things change in a marriage, and the husband and wife become distant. The husband might feel his wife isn’t as caring as before and might think she doesn’t care about his feelings. This makes him unhappy, and he might think about being with someone else. He looks for attention and wants to feel important, so he cheats instead of talking to his wife or ending the relationship. If he’s caught, the relationship often ends, and even if they stay together, things might not be the same.

This really hurts his wife and breaks her trust. It’s like giving up on the marriage without talking to her, and that’s not fair. The husband’s actions can make the relationship and trust between them suffer.

2. The Opportunistic Narcissist

Narcissists are people who care only about themselves and don’t think others matter. They want attention and things, and they get mad when they don’t get what they want. They hurt others without caring and don’t see the problem.

For them, love and sex are separate. They can have sex without feelings and don’t see why cheating hurts their partner. Cheating is easy for them because they don’t care about others’ feelings. They cheat with many people and use them for attention.

They know cheating is wrong but enjoy the thrill of it. They like the risk of getting caught. They don’t care about the consequences.

3. The Immature Mama’s Boy

This type of cheater thinks of his partner as a mom, and he’s not good at solving problems. He wants two things: a comfortable relationship at home and an exciting affair outside. He acts like a teenager who wants freedom but still wants help at home.

He might say he loves his partner but really likes what he gets from them. Cheating feels exciting because he’s breaking the rules. He doesn’t like his normal life, especially if his partner doesn’t understand him.

If his partner doesn’t want sex as much, he might cheat instead of talking about it. He separates love and sex, thinking his partner is for love and the affair partner is for sex. He’s not happy with his sex life at home and finds the affair partner more interesting.

He sees the affair partner as exciting and glamorous, while he sees his partner at home as less attractive and interesting. He likes the excitement of the affair.

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  1. Well as for my relationship my partner is all of those but the Mama’s boy but I don’t understand why and how they can do it to the person they say they love and won’t leave them ?

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