30 Subtle Ways That Women Are Flirting With Men

Ladies, how do you flirt?

Flirtatious advances can get lost on some people especially men. Sometimes, men just don’t pay much attention to detail and so they miss out on the opportunities to pick up some signals from women they would typically be interested in. Women try their best to put themselves out there without being overly forward but their efforts often go unnoticed. If you’re a guy and you’re completely oblivious, then perhaps love is just never going to work out in your favor. You need to gain a certain sense of self-awareness and understanding of human emotions. You need to be able to tell when a girl is interested in you or not.

So many potential relationships go up in flames even before they start just because one person doesn’t really pick up on the fact that the other person is interested. Ignorance should never be an excuse especially when it comes to love. That’s why you can’t afford to be passive and complacent. Sure, some people can get away with being aloof, but a vast majority of men just don’t. You need to be able to read the signs. If you are completely hopeless in that field, then you need to read on until the end of this piece. Here are a few subtle ways that women flirt with men.

1. She hits you and punches you in a very playful and innocent manner. She wants to establish some kind of comfort with you.

2. She compares the sizes of your hands. She really just wants to be in physical contact with you.

3. She asks you to lock the door in the room so that the both of you can have a little privacy and get busy.

4. She automatically texts or calls you whenever she has free time or when she’s feeling particularly bored.

5. She is always trying to find ways to come into physical contact with you. She holds your hand. She puts her arm around yours.

6. She makes genuine eye contact with you whenever you’re talking. It’s also a big sign when she smiles at you often. She’s letting you know that you happen to make her happy.

7. She spends lots and lots of time with you. Remember that time is a valuable thing and if she’s choosing to share a lot of her time with you, then she’s probably interested.

8. She keeps on dropping hints about how she’s tired of living the single life and that she’s ready to be in a relationship with someone. Newsflash: that someone is you.

9. She laughs at your jokes even though you’re the least funny guy on the face of this earth. She doesn’t want to make you think that your humorous efforts have gone to waste.

10. She asks your advice on her clothing choices. Your opinion matters to her because she always wants to look good enough for you. Get a clue!

11. She takes the initiative to actually ask you out for dates or hangouts because she really likes spending time with you and she hopes that the feeling is mutual.

12. She isn’t afraid to talk or hang out with you even really late at night. She’s comfortable with you and she always trusts you.

13. She sends you cute pictures of herself in an effort to attract you to her. It’s also her way of showing her vulnerability towards you. She wants to let you know that can feel comfortable being herself with you.

14. She cooks for you. She knows that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and she is not letting this knowledge going to waste. She is going to make an effort to cook for you in an effort to win you over.

15. She takes lots of pictures when you’re together at parties, events, or little dates. She wants to document every moment she has with you because of how much joy you give her.

16. She asks to cuddle with you. She feels safe in your arms and she wants you to be her protector.

17. She tells you that you are physically attractive. It can’t get any more obvious than that. She finds you physically appealing and she’s actually letting you know about it.

18. She only has eyes on you even though you’re in a big room full of different people. It doesn’t matter that you’re surrounded. She is always looking for your eyes.

19. She asks you about your life especially the romantic aspects of it. She wants to know more about what you’re looking for in love and romance.

20. She texts you first thing in the morning just to let you know that you’re her first thought whenever she wakes up.

So those are just a few ways in which girls can let you know that they’re interested in you in a subtle way. Of course, there are other ways they can flirt, and you just have to be willing to pay attention. Whatever you choose to do next is entirely up to you.

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