30 Things He Does To Confuse You About His Feelings Because He’s A F*ckboy

Say no to f*ckboys 

1. He suddenly starts liking and commenting on all of your social media posts after being absent for your life for weeks.

2. He deliberately waits 3 whole days before he responds to your text message with a lame excuse that is obviously a lie.

3. He cancels on plans with you even though he’s the one who originally initiated them in the first place.

4. He only ever texts you during odd hours because he wants to see if you’re actually hooked on him enough to reply at an inconvenient time.

5. He will try to win your sympathy and attention by concocting some weird story about himself that will make him seem more human and interesting.

6. He will only ever message you first if he wants a booty call or if he knows that he might already be losing you because of his inconsistency.

7. He does something kind and grand for you just because he’s guilty about treating you terribly.

8. He will not come into contact with you for a few weeks or even a few months and he will text you How are you? out of nowhere just to put you back under his spell.

9. He will see that you’re starting to get over him and he’s going to go into overdrive; he will try to keep you hooked on him for as long as possible.

10. He will tag you on random FB and Instagram posts just to make it seem like he’s still maintain a kind of connection with you.

11. He will still keep his dating app on his phone and he will tell you that he just forgot to delete it after you called him out on it.

12. He will deliberately not like some of your posts and photos just to make you think that you have to work harder for his approval.

13. He will try to eliminate all threats by suddenly treating you the way that you deserve to be treated whenever he sees that he has to compete with someone else for your attention.

14. He will send you a text message just to check up on you and when you reply all too quickly, he won’t reply anymore. He just wanted to see if he still had you hooked on a leash.

15. He tells you that he’s happy for you even though what he really means is that he’s happy that you’re still falling for his antics.

16. He will start to outmaneuver you whenever he sees that his moves aren’t working on you anymore and you are slowly starting to grow disinterested in him.

17. He will send you random DM’s whenever he’s feeling horny and when you act uninterested, he will pressure you into it. And when you try to change the topic, he will just stop talking to you altogether.

18. He rarely ever shows up for date nights, but he’s always so quick to get alcohol into your system just to impair your senses.

19. He will try to get serious with you in an effort to win your trust and weaken your defenses; but whenever you start becoming a little too comfortable, he will tell you that he really isn’t looking for anything too serious at the moment. 

20. He will tell you that he just wants to be friends but he will also try like hell to have consistent hookups with you.

21. He will immediately change the topic or divert your attention whenever you try to bring up the topic of commitment or defining the relationship.

22. He will compliment you just to flatter you and keep you at his side, but he won’t really treat you the way that you deserve to be treated.

23. He quickly deflects any hatred that you might have for him unto you; he will make you think that it’s your fault that he treats you so terribly.

24. He deliberately does things that he knows will make you jealous, and then he will blow up at you whenever you try to call him out on it.

25. He will tell you that you’re starting to change and that’s why he isn’t treating you well even though you’ve always been the same person to him.

26. He will look to pick fights with you and he will make it seem like you’re the one who is always provoking him.

27. He only ever really opens up to you whenever he gets alcohol into his system.

28. He makes all of the promises in the world just to get your hopes up but he never ends up delivering on them.

29. He will hide you away from the outside world just to make sure that you don’t feel like you have him locked down.

30. He will make it seem like he’s too busy to spend time with you. 

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