33 Signs He’s More Than Just Your Boyfriend

He isn’t just my boyfriend, he is my world, it started like any other relationship. I had my insecurities, he had his setbacks, but we soon realized that we were meant for one another. We fit together like Lego blocks and no matter how tough life got, it only made us stronger. I have realized when you are truly in love, tough situations only make you stronger.

He is my lover but more than that, he is my friend but more than that, a soul mate perhaps? I don’t know what I would ever do without him. Okay, here are a few signs that scream, ˜He is more than a Boyfriend’. I hope you guys can relate.

1. You send him silly pictures of yourself


You send him the most ridiculous pictures and you don’t feel insecure at all. Early morning pictures; you probably think that you look like a monkey and you are probably right (Oh yeah, I mean pictures with no makeup on, completely bare-skinned), pictures of your sweaty self in after the gym and, oh yeah, late-night selfies when you look like a distraught owl.

But that’s fine, who cares? Just last night, I sent my partner the ugliest pictures of myself, to which he graciously replied saying, ˜Aw baby you look so cute’. Someone else would have dumped my ugly self right there. Double chin in the air, I don’t care!

2. You end up laughing your butt off each time you have an argument

You have trouble taking him seriously, which might be a matter of concern in the long run; because every time he tries to impress the importance of something, you can’t help but laugh. He has such a cute angry face, plus you know he wouldn’t mind if you laugh your butt off. You know you will get through it. 

3. He loves the way you roll

Have you watched Kung Fu Panda? If you have, you know what I am talking about here. You often text him about how you handle certain, everyday situations and he is freaking proud of you. Just the other day, I told him how there was so much food left after the party; I had no place to store it so I decided to have an eating competition with my younger brother. Needless to say, I won. He thinks that I am bloody brilliant to come up with such an idea!

4. You love for Netflix is too good to be true

You plan all-nighters to watch Netflix and keep it that way. Five hours of your favorite movies and late-night food deliveries. You decide to call it a night when you cannot stuff yourself with any more food. Too good to be true, right?

5. You are an absolute garbage truck in his presence

You gorge yourself with food when he is around, your belly might hang out from all the eating but you don’t break a sweat. Everything that comes at you goes down the drain. The amazing thing is he falls deeper in love with you every time he watches you stuffing a hamburger in your mouth. You aren’t afraid to eat half of the fries.

6. You can be a baby around them

You can be an absolute baby in their presence, and they love every bit of it. I literally punch him and make a run for it; he eventually catches up to me, because I am a fat cow and he tickles the hell out of me. The first time our parents saw us handing out, they couldn’t believe that we were dating. This is exactly what my mother said, ˜I seriously cannot believe that you guys are dating’.

7. You sing songs to one another

He has a horrible voice, I mean zero talent, but I absolutely love it when he sings for me. He often sings to me at night, my sisters often make fun of me but I think it’s so romantic.

Oh, did I mention I sing for him too? The only problem is that I am worse than he is and whenever we sing together, it sounds so awful but we sing out hearts out anyway. It’s amazing to see how much we have grown as a couple because when our relationship began, I couldn’t even cough in front of him.

8. You guys are brutally honest

I mean ‘they will rip your skin off of your flesh’ kind of honest. You say things the way they are, you aren’t afraid to sugarcoat them because you know your partner will never bring you harm. Your level of trust has class.

9. You practically share homes

You have walked into each other’s houses so many times that formalities don’t exist anymore. l walk in and ask his mother what’s for dinner if it’s something good, I definitely leave after dinner, food is love, food is life! He walked in over to my place with his report card a few days back and my mother had a look at his grades before his mother did.

10. They make you smile

You don’t have force yourself to smile when you are around them, happiness comes naturally when you both are together.

11. You both have a secret handshake

You both have tried to have a secret handshake of some sort and succeeded to some extent. But you both didn’t probably make it a thing because you were embarrassed by what people would think of it.

12. Life with them is an adventure

Even a trip to the doctor feels like an adventure when you are with them, they give life a new meaning. Just the other day, I had to go to the doctor to get tetanus shots, needless to say, he made fun of me all the way. I don’t like to have needles in my skin, so he tried to get me calm by telling me how bad childbirth would be, and this was just a needle.

13. He isn’t afraid to wait for you

Your relationship is so much more than intimacy and physicalities, he doesn’t pressure you for it, he doesn’t manipulate you into doing anything and he respects your opinion. I know so many girls how don’t want to have sex, but they end up having it anyway because their boyfriends talk them into having it. Which is ridiculous, no matter what they do girls don’t let anyone have their way with you.

Just so you know he waited three years for me before I was finally ready. He didn’t pressure me even once. So I know when a guy tells a girl that he cannot keep it in his pants on, he is probably lying.

14. He is your number one

Doesn’t matter if it’s good news or bad news, whatever happens, he is the first person you call. You share every detail of your life with each other and trust one another with life. I’m gonna be your number one, number one, oh. Remember that song?

15. You crave for his presence the moment he walks out the door

You start missing him the moment he leaves the house. Your idea of a perfect day would probably be staring at him. I know I cannot get enough of him. As soon as he leaves, a feeling of emptiness sets in my heart, it’s not about intimacy, it’s just that no amount of time spent together is sufficient enough. I honestly feel like groping his face and staring in his huge deep, brown eyes. Man, I miss that man right now!

16. You don’t care if you look like an absolute piece of crap

No matter how pathetic you look, he thinks you look amazing! Did I mention looks don’t matter at all when you are in love? People say love is blind, I say it’s deaf and dumb as well. You know how cute he looks when he has flu and he is all red, with bodily fluids dripping out of his eyes and nose? He feels the same way when you look like someone who has had a fight with a pack of raccoons!

17. Silence is a cherished moment

In my case, it’s rare as well, mostly because I talk way too much. Apart from that, I wouldn’t mind looking at the stars while holding his hand. Moments of silence carry so much more than just space, they speak of all the memories you both have created and every dream your future holds for you. Some things don’t need to be said; they can be read in your partner’s eyes.

18. You don’t gross each other out

You know that he has constipation and bid him well with, ˜I know you can push through this situation, you are stronger than you anticipate’. He also probably knows that you haven’t taken a bath in three days, and you know he forgets to flush the toilet, (every time) so you run in after him, to flush the toilet before anyone else finds out. Yeah, love is a messy business and sometimes it means having each other back no matter how stinky it gets.

19. You are pretty competitive

We both are in love with Dota and play it whenever we get time. Losing to your partner feels like a real embarrassment, so you both secretly practice it and would do anything to win. I brought in a huge Coke and Pizza last Friday night. It was the perfect distraction, I won!

20. You somehow end up embracing each other all the time

It’s so crazy even though I don’t want to do weird stuff in public; I end up doing it anyway. He promises he would behave the next time he meets any of my male friends, but he turns in to this obnoxious stuck-up brat whenever he is around them. I get so angry sometimes but he makes this innocent face and says that no matter how hard he tries he gets jealous in their presence. I feel the exact same way about his female friends.

21. He knows exactly what to buy you for on your birthday

This guy knows my style and he gives me exactly what I want for each birthday. I am not the kind of girl who would like expensive gifts but, man, do I love food! He makes sure he gets about 10kgs of candy for me each time. I am falling harder for him!

22. He makes you a better person

There are a few people in the world who bring out the best in you and he is definitely one of them. I believe no one impacts you or changes you more than your partner. The right partner will not only make you a better human being, but they will also take away all your insecurities and fight away all your fears, they will make you feel like the most confident person on earth. Sometimes, one person (the right person) can make all the difference, they can change everything!

23. You will hear anything that comes out of their mouth

You probably hate sports, guns, and cars and you want to have nothing to do with them. But you love listening to what he has to say, even though half of the time you don’t even understand what he is talking about but you smile and nod in approval anyway. There is something about the way he talks about his favorite football player and the engine of his favorite car, oh the enthusiasm! You will do anything to see his eyes light up like that.

24. You both hardly have any decent pictures

Because every time he is about to snap a picture, you go crazy. It’s a disappointment that you guys don’t have a single decent picture to show people but looking back in time, I would say that you both have managed to make some pretty sweet memories.

25. You guys literally have no secrets

You know one another like a book and have zero secrets. It’s amazing how one person knows so much about you. They know about your most embarrassing moments and you know your secret is safe with them. You tell them everything, my partner has a female friend who told me that my partner’s ex is dating one of his close friends, she told me not to tell him but I absolutely had to.

He told me that she always seemed interested in that guy and he suspected that something was going on between them but he trusted her. I told him to forget about it and we never talked about it again.

A month later, some of his friends came over to tell him what was going on, my boyfriend put on his best (I had no idea what was going on between them) face and thanked them for being there for him. Wink.

26. You decide each other’s outfits

You have this little five minutes session each night when you send each other pictures of what you plan to wear the next day. He is your personal fashion consultant. Needless to say, it’s the best trust exercise!

27. He gives the best advice in the world

No matter what situation you are in, he is there to guide you. He isn’t selfish and has your best interest in mind while giving you advice. Even if it means going to study in the college across the state. He is your backbone and offers help and guidance whenever you need it. HE absolutely has your best interest in mind. This might also mean that he may stop you from doing a few things.

28. Acceptance is the best thing he gives you

You accept one another wholeheartedly with your rocky past, unstable present and unpredictable future. He sees your imperfections but thinks that they make you perfect. Your presence gives him life and no matter how you look or what your insecurities you harbor, he accepts you for better and for worse.

29. You love to annoy one another

Just for the fun of it. You like scaring them and playing silly pranks on them. It’s so much fun to have someone you can fool around with. Just the other day, I told my spouse that I burnt his favorite shirt while ironing it. I know he was so disappointed, but all he muttered was, ˜It’s alright baby, it was just a shirt’.

When I told him that I was just kidding he ran towards me and kissed me like he really meant it. Later on, he told me he got really upset but didn’t show any signs of it because he didn’t want to upset me. I am a clumsy mess so, I went to the store today and bought two identical ones just in case.

30. You both have silly nicknames for one another

I call him a super dork and he calls me a smelly nerd, all good fun.

31. He constantly reminds you about how much he cares

His behavior is a constant reminder of how he feels for you. He doesn’t just say that he loves you. He proves it through his conduct. He sticks up for you and looks out for you. Nothing will stop how he feels for you. He holds you close every other day and makes sure that you know how much he loves you and how much he cares for you. Sounds quixotic? It is.

32. So everything isn’t great

Relationships aren’t smooth sailing boats but he is able to look past all of that. Life isn’t all fun and games and he knows that. Yes, you have your little arguments and disputes, but that doesn’t stop him from acknowledging that what you both share is unique and beautiful and that he there is no one he would rather be with, except you. HE knows the difference between love and affection, and when he says he loves you, he means it no matter what happens.

33. They realize that love should be a one-time thing

They know the importance of love and realize that people who manage to find it are very lucky human beings; they know that they don’t share perfection with you. But they are willing to work on it they want to grow old with you and love you more than they ever did before. They wouldn’t give up what you both share for all the gems in the world.


  1. Almost every single one describes my current relationship. I think only 2 or 3 of them were still kind of on the fences.

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